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Help Choosing First CC Gun for Wife

This is a discussion on Help Choosing First CC Gun for Wife within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just got back from busy day gun shopping. Stopped at a local dealer first thing this morning and looked at a number of 38SPL revolvers ...

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Thread: Help Choosing First CC Gun for Wife

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    Just got back from busy day gun shopping. Stopped at a local dealer first thing this morning and looked at a number of 38SPL revolvers mostly from S&W and Taurus. The wife fell in love with the S&W BODYGUARD. I can't complain a bit about that choice. I think it had the smoothest trigger pull of all the guns we looked at today. Weight is a little less than I would have liked, but that is the trend in CCW.

    Left there and headed for the range. Again they showed us an array of guns including the Ruger 101. When they handed her the Bodyguard once again she immediately decided that was the gun. I wasn't excited with the location of the laser switch, but after a few times picking it up and turning the laser on my wife made it look very natural. I'm sure with a little practice it will quickly become second nature.

    We then headed out to the firing range with my Browning 22 and a rented S&W 642. I spent about 20 minutes going over gun safety with her. The range officer was a really nice guy and he chipped in with a few helpful comments.I started her off with five rounds in the Browning. She put all five in the 9 ring. A little scattered but all still good center mass shots. She loaded up ten more rounds and put them all in the nine ring again with a much tighter grouping.I thought about calling off the whole thing before she got enough practice to out shoot me.

    Then she wanted to shoot the 38 . After I ran her through the handling of a revolver she loaded up five rounds of wad cutters the range reloads and sells. She fired five shots and put four in a group of about 5 or 6 inches. The group was high and left in the shoulder area of the target. I told her to aim a little lower and to the right. She over compensated and dropped one low right but still on the target. She fired five more and had a kind of scattered group around the center of the target with the last shot dead center of the red aiming point.She was getting tired so we quit and went to Olive Garden to celebrate her becoming armed and dangerous.For her fist time out I was really proud of how she shot and I let her know it!! She also did a great job handling the weapon safely. Another big plus.

    Tonight I'm ordering her the Bodyguard that she wants.

    Thanks again to all of you that posted on this thread. Without all your help I think I may have ended up buying her the wrong gun.

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    Congrats to her on finding one she likes, and to you for training her how to safely handle a firearm. Get her some more training, maybe even professional training, and some more range time. She'll be good to go. BTW, good choice with the Bodyguard.
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    Kentucky windage - not

    Congratulations on your progress with your wife. You did well as did she. Keep the range sessions short and fun - she may beome addicted.

    The intrinsic accuracy of the gun will shoot the X ring out of the target at reasonable self defense distances. "Straying" rounds/groups are caused by improper technique, and mastering the gun will take a little time. High left groups usually means some combination of the shooter pushing, anticipating recoil, or not following through. Correcting consistant off center groups by changing the point of aim to offset the shooter errors is not really a good idea. Under pressure the shooter is not likely to remember, plus as distance varies the amount of Kentucky windage needed will also vary. It is better to work with the student to master the correct technique which will take some time, especially with a lightweight snubby. The student will improve once they learn that little things make a big difference.

    A qualified experienced instructor can be worth their weight in gold. Try to find one before bad habits are ingrained, as bad habits are difficult to unlearn. Unfortunately certified and qualified are not synomous terms. Like doctors and lawyers, their expertise can vary a lot. Vet your local instructors and spend some time with one, or perhaps more than one.

    Sounds like you have a good shooting buddy in the making. Keep up the good work!

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