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Was your PF9 reliable out of the box?

This is a discussion on Was your PF9 reliable out of the box? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mine has a perfect performance record, right out of the box, and is very accurate. It's also prone to rust and requires extra care to ...

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Thread: Was your PF9 reliable out of the box?

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    Mine has a perfect performance record, right out of the box, and is very accurate.

    It's also prone to rust and requires extra care to insure that it doesn't. In hindsite, I would have got a PM9 (which I ended up doing anyway).
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    nope,not even close...........had to order a few new parts and install em myself
    to get it to run right,,,,good idea by keltec executed too and I mean too cheap
    taking the gun apart clearly shows where its lacking - the king of bad MIM and plastic

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    Took about 4 months to find a hard chrome version. I'm glad I waited. Mine has been flawless through many hundreds of rounds.
    Great little pistol.
    If quality is a concern, try to find one in hard chrome. I've heard these get the better slides.
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    Had an issue with light striking of the firing pin. Cleaned both sides of the channel (haven't removed the pin yet), and now it fires only Federal 100%.

    Will I get rid of it? NO. Past 500 rounds through it have been Federal, and as of yet, firing every one.

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    You gotta look at the price for such a gun. Affordable. With that price you can expect some hiccups. However, it is my understanding, if you have problems with yours, Kel-Tec will make sure it ends up running right.

    It's not a $600+ pistol, so don't expect it to be one. Some run great right out of the box, others need a little bit of work that Kel-Tec will make happen for you.

    I know it's one of Nutnfancy's favorite EDC guns. If you've checked out his videos you'll see him put it through some pretty rough run-n-guns. Just google Nutnfancy, PF9. He's got several reviews on that gun in particular.
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    my PF9 didnt like reloaded ammo. Shot speer gold dots 100% though. i carry it with 115 gr SGD
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    I got one because I wanted something thin, it's very thin. I put around 100 rounds through it no problems, then started having light strikes as well. I thought maybe it's me or something needs polished. I still have it, but would never trust it. I went with the Kahr cm9 and love it. You will find people that had problems with the kahr as well. Seems like most people get good one and well ...some don't. I will probably send the pf9 back, but would never trust my life to it.

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    I will buy a problem gun from someone in a heart beat. Most time the problems are the owners fault. To many people buy firearms and don't take them apart to look them over, clean them well smooth any sharp points or edges even detail the mags and then wonder way they have trouble. Even to use it a while ,have a issue and not deal with it and find out what is wrong. I have had a pf-9 that fired right around 2000 rounds trouble free and only sold it to carry a cw9 kahr that was some ones troubled pistol. Not for me. 600 rounds fired with out any more clean and lube tell the rounds were fired then ordered a cm9, it to was fine but i still do my clean same clean, learn,smooth and lube routine. Unkile some cm9's mine run great with the 7 and 8 shot mags too. Many times a mag needs to be clean and follower smoothed and lightly lubed or if never completely stipped to be detailed well those things can come back to cause problems.
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    Mine has been running great with no problems.

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    Yes and no. I bought two. One a chrome slide, the other one blued.
    Chrome slide gun was a POS, never worked right. Tried all kinds of things, replaced parts, fluff & buff, etc. Got rid of it.
    Blued slide gun worked perfect out of the box, no fluff & buff, nothing. I still have it and carry it.

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    Mine has been 100% right out of the box
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    I was considering one until a student bought one off gunbroker and had it shipped to me for the transfer. It felt fine, looked fine, and will probably work fine. My only reservation was the tight space in front of the trigger. I found it awkward trying to get my finger on the trigger properly. It wouldn't be an issue for smaller fingers.
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    Bought one of the first chrome slide models and Nary a problem since 2007.
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    Though this is by no means a scientific poll, at this time when 37% of the respondents report having troubles with this particular pistol, it doesnot bode well for the quality of manufacture.

    I wish mine had worked well but as stated in an earlier post, mine was a POS. Kel Tecs look and feel like they were built in a dimly lit Chinese garage.

    And this poll is showing they probably were.

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    I love mine. Got the Parker one and a crimson trace with the pocket clip and carry it a LOT in the front pocket. It's a great gun and if (God forbid) it gets stolen from my truck while I'm doing work were I can't carry then it's $280 instead of $5-800!!

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