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sorta off topic but relates...where do I live...Gotta get outta NY

This is a discussion on sorta off topic but relates...where do I live...Gotta get outta NY within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Arizona has its merits. Yes, the summers can be brutally hot but we hibernate to some extent in summer as snow belters hibernate in winter. ...

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Thread: sorta off topic but relates...where do I live...Gotta get outta NY

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    Arizona has its merits. Yes, the summers can be brutally hot but we hibernate to some extent in summer as snow belters hibernate in winter. Unlike in the sultry Southeast we don't swim in sweat walking out the door, and the bath towels do dry out over night. But you get 7-8 months of weather that runs from simply good to fantastic, you can drive to snow when you want, a pretty good business environment, and some of the best gun laws in the nation.

    We were clobbered with the collapse of the housing market because of misplaced priorities (retail and home construction come after establishing jobs in growth industries, not before), but we're about at the low ebb right now and poised to start growing again. I'd say this is about the right time to start planning to ride the next upward slope of the local economy. From the standpoint of getting in on the ground floor, both commercial and residential real estate prices have reached their bottom and have started to climb.

    I'm a transplanted New Englander, and while I may not die here I see a lot of growth and opportunity ahead for AZ. It's worth a look.
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    I really love living in Maine, although it doesn't fit the warm bill some months out of the year. In that case you can cross off New England from the list. Although anything South of VT, NH and ME isn't worth looking anyways in terms on New England.

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    I went with Texas. Moved here in 89 from Buffalo and been here since. Summers are hot but you get used to it. Winter time, we will have our week or so with brutally cold weather, snow and ice, then withing a day or two, back in the 50's.
    Gun laws pretty good, not perfect but where are they.
    Jobs, plentiful in most fileds. Lower unemployment rate than most states.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus222 View Post
    Georgia is great. Oh, you said you didn't want sweat laden blazing hot humid inferno summers... Nevermind.
    Now now. Just get him on the north end of Lake Lanier or around Hartwell and he'll be fine.
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    Moved down from NY(eastern LI)in August 2006 at age 43. I lived(and worked) my entire life(except for military service)in Manhattan,Brooklyn and Suffolk uprooting was NOT easy. Currently, I live about 30 miles SW of Atlanta near Peachtree City,GA. Beautiful area, but would NOT help you if you want to be near water. The South has alot to offer..mild winters,low taxes, gun-friendly people,realistic housing prices etc.The thing you must do(and I didn't do too well)was research the area as far as jobs go. You don't want to wind up working in a field you don't like,especially older. Having said that...look at coastal South Carolina,Georgia if the ocean is your thing. If you can boat on lakes and opens up your choices. TN is a getting popular with NY transplants(don't know if that's good-LOL)due in part to no state income tax. your homework,visit different times of the year etc and maybe buy a piece of land as soon as you make your decision. Good Luck and keep us posted!
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    The summers anywhere in the South will probably be as brutal to you as a NY winter is right now. Typically 95F+ for several weeks. It takes about 3 years or so and you will be fairly acclimated. Otherwise, the lower half of the 48 is probably what your looking for. Winters in the 50's-60's and they are short.

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    I always say the happiest day of my life was the day I moved out of NYC and south to Florida. Been living here almost 7 years and been carrying just as long. The only thing I miss is NY pizza!

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    Check out Middle Tennessee, particularlly south of Nashville. You can have a firearm at home but to carry or have in the car you'll need a Handgun Carry Permit (CC or OC is not specified in our law) Cost is reasonable, easy to qualify, and good for 4 years. Weather: we have enough of hot and cold to say we had a summer and a winter but if brutal, it only last a few days. Good scenery. Don't know about the job part--I'm retired so every day is a Saturday!
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    I am not going to list general reasons why, as I am assuming that you are dead serious and will actually research where you will live.

    As an accountant (you, not me), I recommend the Indianapolis area, specifically Hamilton county to the immediate north and most specifically the cities of Carmel, Fishers and Westfield.

    These above mentioned cities are where the major wealth of the state lives, and at one time, Hamilton, was the 6th richest county in the nation.

    Of course that translates into loads of clients, as you well know e.g. Lilly, Dow, GM, Chrysler are just a tiny, tiny percentage of the big business here, not to mention hanging up your own shingle for the truck loads of small business millionaires. Hamilton County, still to this day, has the largest number of millionaires in the nation per capita within a 20 mile radius of the county seat.

    But since you mention a 2A type of reason, know that Indiana was the 1st state to "shall issue" in 1980. You won't often find an LEO that doesn't know the fact they are quite comfortable with it...and they should be after dealing with it for the past 31 years.

    OH...and Morse Reservoir is just north of Noblesville (County seat) and Geist reservoir is between Fishers and Indy (for the boat!).

    Plus, Indiana offers a Lifetime carry permit for just $40 more than the 4-5 year permit.
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    Travel west of the Mississippi river my friend.... but stop short of the state of California.
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    Texas,Rio Grande Valley,bought a 2001 1200 sq ft 4 bedroom, 2 bath,attached garage/w fenced yard for $64,900.Gun laws and Self Defense laws favor the good guys.Large Business base with a lot of Imports Exports
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    I don't know about the OP, but ya'll have just about got me ready to move to Texas! Been there several times and I love it. We have pretty decent gun laws here in Mississippi, but the taxes can be kind of brutal, beginning with a 7% sales tax. It may get better as legislature has finally broken out of 150 years of Dem. control. CC is $132 good for 4 years with $85 renewal. Castle Doctrine, car same as house. Many nice lakes plus Gulf Coast. You can walk in any gun store and have your gun in 30 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2wheelGnnr View Post
    as state..gotta get outta ny. The city especially is dragging us down. it should be its own place like dc.

    anyways..gun laws are rediculous and need a warmer climate.

    where can I go in 5 yr after kids outta school that has a warmer climate for me and my boat, but not a butal sumer and I can take my pistols with me. Granted I may need a CC license to carry but atleast I can have them with me and dont have to start all over again. where can I atleast own them before I get my CCW??

    kentucky, tenessee. where can I go get a house and job and not give it all to the state and fed gov't!!

    Chime in if you from the southern area and can have your guns in possession in your safe atleast and you can make a liven! Im an accountant with a career in working with GC's and contructions process.

    I left NYC 10 years ago...I live in TN now........It has its pros and cons like any place but TN is 100% GUN FRIENDLY
    and NYC is 100% GUN PUSSIFIED ..Housing is 1/3rd the cost,the food sucks....I mean I have not had a slice of Pizza in 10 years LOL

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    Of course,,,,, I am biased ,,,,, but you CAN NOT BEAT SC,,,,, and
    ours carry laws are getting BETTER,,,, much better than NY.
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