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sorta off topic but relates...where do I live...Gotta get outta NY

This is a discussion on sorta off topic but relates...where do I live...Gotta get outta NY within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've lived in a lot of different states, and as much as I love Upstate NY it is a real pain living there between the ...

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Thread: sorta off topic but relates...where do I live...Gotta get outta NY

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    I've lived in a lot of different states, and as much as I love Upstate NY it is a real pain living there between the crazy amount of laws and the wicked high taxes they have up there. I visit up there because all of my family is still there, but I wouldn't want to live there anymore. I confess that I do miss the snow, though.

    I currently live around Bowling Green, KY. The metro area has a population of around 80K people so it's not a sprawling metropolis and the economy here is largely healthcare and of course WKU (the university). There are a few manufacturing places and the joke is we have more restaurants and drug stores per capita than any other smaller city in Kentucky which is probably true based on what I have seen. Bowling Green is kind of generic and does not have a lot of night life, but it's also relatively quiet as far as crime goes. It is not expensive at all to live here, and my family lives a LOT better on my salary here than we did up North...much lower property taxes. The gun laws are pretty lax here, too. We have open carry, and no limit on the number of guns you can purchase in a given time period or clip capacity, etc. There are also more rural locations nearby to live in if you aren't interested in living in the city of Bowling Green. The main disadvantages (gun wise) is that we don't have a lot of places nearby to purchase pistols (except Gander Mountain). We do have a nice shooting range nearby in Horse Cave, KY. Bowling Green isn't known for gorgeous scenery; that would be the far Eastern part of Kentucky...

    This was already mentioned, but Tennessee is also a great state to live in. Low costs, and middle Tennessee has a decent economy (better than most of Kentucky's). The Nashville area has a lot to do, and it is much easier to find things to do. Housing costs are a little higher than Bowling Green, but are still very reasonable plus you get the bonus of living near a larger city. Knoxville, TN is also a very nice area of the state; the area surrounding Knoxville is around the Smoky Mountains and is just beautiful.

    As far as climate, Bowling Green and Nashville do get some hot weather in the summer but it is nowhere near as humid as the more eastern states. Yes, you are going to get those nasty 90+ degree days...but it isn't that way year-round. Both states do have a Spring and Autumn, and both states do get cold in the Winter months. It isn't every year, and not much when it does happen but both states have been known to get a little bit of snow some years in the Winter.

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    I am a New Yorker also I recently got out of New York and I absolutely love where I move to. I relocated to South Carolina South Carolina has great second amendment rights and it is so affordable to live here and we still have four seasons only wintertime is a lot more milder. I live in Lake Wylie South Carolina you can buy brand-new house here starting at just over $100,000. and the house taxes here compared to New York they are less than one quarter of what I paid in New York. And I live right on the border of North Carolina North Carolina is a little more expensive to live but there are more job opportunities so living on the border I have the best of both worlds cheaper to live in South Carolina more money to make in North Carolina. You either have to have good job skills when you come looking for a job or come with enough cash to buy your house clear. Only somebody coming from New York would understand this comparison in South Carolina you can purchase a custom house from $350 to 450,000. Example my house is 3100 ft. the entire house is red brick air conditioning all granite countertops kitchen and bathrooms three call garage a acre and a half of property the house was 450,000 and my house taxes are less than 2000 a year

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    Give this a try..........

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    I absolutely love Texas

    I live about 40 miles north of Dallas, in Frisco.

    Moved from Ohio.

    Love the weather, much better economy than most of the USA.

    You do get used to the weather in the summer.

    I love the fact that in January you always have a few days in the 70s.

    People are MUCH friendlier than in the north. There is actually traffic on
    Sundays for people going to church.

    Great schools. Housing is VERY affordable.

    MANY gun owners

    If you like to hunt.... the Texas boar is an awesome target.

    Its amazing that so many people object to hunting "bambi" but nobody cares to
    defend the nasty pig!

    Good luck on you choice.
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    Virginia is another option for you.
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