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dress to carry or carry to dress ?

This is a discussion on dress to carry or carry to dress ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I will carry my G30 year round. I haven't found any of my clothes to be an issue. It conceals well in my Don Hume ...

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Thread: dress to carry or carry to dress ?

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    I will carry my G30 year round. I haven't found any of my clothes to be an issue. It conceals well in my Don Hume J.I.T. Slide with just a t-shirt. If I wore anything less I'd go to jail. If anyone has noticed it I've never heard a word.

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    I'm business casual most every day. Right now its a little cool in North Texas, so I have on a light jacket with my shirt completely tucked in behind my G19 in a C-Tac CompTac IWB. When it is warmer, I go without the jacket and tuck the shirt around the butt of the gun to conceal it. On weekends, I use the same holster and gun with either a camp shirt or polo shirt untucked. Same gun, same position, all the time. I have smaller guns that fit a pocket, I just feel the most comfortable with what the G19 offers.
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    Shorts Year Round...

    I dress to carry...

    Kimber Ultra...open cover shirt...
    G-36...T-shirt only...
    KelTec .380...no shirt (not a pretty sight, but only in the yard)

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    Both. Sometimes I dress to carry, but sometimes certain clothes are required. That is one of the things that I like about my XD 45 compact. When I wear loose fitting clothes, I can carry it as a full size 14 round pistol. When less comfortable clothing is required, I can carry it with the 10 round compact magazine in place. I also have several holsters: Blackhawk kydex, Don Hume IWB, and Mitch Rosen high ride that provide various levels of concealability and comfort.
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    Here in Texas I have a new waistpack that conceals what ever I want. I also have a couple of shoulder rigs and IWBs so I can pretty much adapt. Back In Maryland what I did ( when I could carry there ) was carry based on what I expected the BG to wear. 9mm in the summer, but in the winter I would go .45 figuring if the winter clothing plugged up the hollow points and prevented expansion I was still making nice sized holes.

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    I have never been able to carry IWB comfortably without having to buy a whole new wardrobe with the waist size of my pants larger then normal. When I tried this, I found that the shorts, which I wear mostly in Florida, or the pants, were ill fitting, much too baggy, so I decided to pocket carry. I have a S&W 642 revolver which I carry in a Mika pocket holster. It is very comfortable, does not print and the draw is quick with the holster staying put in my pocket.

    When I decided to get a semi-automatic, I wanted to be able to also pocket carry. I bought a Walther P99c, and Bob Mika is making a pocket holster that will enable me to pocket carry the Walther with ease with a 10 round magazine.

    I should add that I wear cargo shorts or pants most of the time so the deeper pockets make pocket carry easy for me, but it also works well with regular dockers.

    I personally like pocket carry because I believe it gives me an advantage if I sense a potentially threating situation. I am able to casually put my hand in my pocket and be ready to immediately draw if it becomes necessary. Just my opinion. I recognize that not everyone agreees.

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    I'd say I carry to dress. I recently picked up my Taurus Millennium Pro because I couldn't conceal my Beretta 90-two now that I'm wearing t-shirts or collared shirts mostly. I have no problem with concealing the Taurus now. If I am wearing pants then I have my Beretta Tomcat on my ankle but if I have shorts on then I carry it in a pocket holster or just leave it at home.

    I didn't have my CCW or a good holster for my 90-two this past winter but I'd probably carry that more next winter.
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    I try to purchase my casual clothes around carrying.

    For those times I can not wear such things I have my 642 with Mika pocket holster to toss in my pocket.

    I guess you could say I do a bit of each?

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    I, too, try to be sure that any clothing I buy can conceal at least one of my guns.

    I think it's just a LITTLE harder for women to find concealable clothing and so sometimes I'm forced to carry a smaller gun because the outfit I need just will not conceal the gun I want to carry.

    I could spend $700 to have all of my suits and skirts and other business attire tailored to fit my carry lifestyle but I think that would be a bit foolish. I have two guns that one of which can almost always be concealed in any outfit I own (except for some of my dresses, but I'm getting a thigh holster for that).

    In a perfect world I would be Jane Smith and have enough money to have the perfect clothes and perfect holsters and perfect guns to look both devastatingly sexy, professional and sophisticated while concealing any manner of weapon I deemed necessary for carry.

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    I carry a Glock 21 in Florida where I live. I've tried other means of carry, but insist on strong side 3:00. So yep, I generally have to wear clothes that I hate!
    Above all else... Prioritize.

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    I guess I carry to fit the mode of dress for the day/place/event.

    When at work, or bumming around in shorts/t-shirt, I change out between a KelTec P3AT and a Rohrbaugh R9, pocket carry for most of the hot season in Florida.

    If I'm going to need to carry with a shirt/tie and dress pants, then I can choose between my pocket choices or a nice IWB with my Kahr CW9.

    When I'm in a place that I need to wear a jacket, I'll carry one of larger three choices, OWB, a Kimber 1911, a Glock 23 or my Sig 229.

    I have a couple full-sized guns, but don't carry them. They're pretty much relegated to the range, or as a side arm while hunting.

    Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not After You.

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    My K40 is with me in all seasons. I dress as I wish. The only time I have a problem is when I wear a Speedo!
    {Thunderwear / Smartcarry}
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    Has anyone tried the 511 tactical jeans with a built in CC pocket? I'm thinking of trying a pair...

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailblazer View Post
    Has anyone tried the 511 tactical jeans with a built in CC pocket? I'm thinking of trying a pair...
    I have three pairs of 5.11 jeans and wear them all the time.

    For more details: http://www.thehighroad.org/showthrea...=239555&page=5

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