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How many rounds before you are confident your pistol/ammo combo is reliable?

This is a discussion on How many rounds before you are confident your pistol/ammo combo is reliable? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I and my friends shot more than 2000 rounds thru my Springfield 1911 before I would carry it (in the early 1990's), and I shot ...

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Thread: How many rounds before you are confident your pistol/ammo combo is reliable?

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    I and my friends shot more than 2000 rounds thru my Springfield 1911 before I would carry it (in the early 1990's), and I shot more than 3000 rounds thru my G-21 Glock (in the early 1990's with an XL serial number) before I would carry it. So much for gun tests. All other guns I own have already had more than 3000 rounds thru them including "Gun Fighting Courses" I have taken in the last 2 years that added more than 2000 rounds thru them. There is no way around testing a gun out on the range and in trials before trusting your life with it, the more the better. The next "Gun Fighting Review Course" I am taking in March I will be using 400 rounds of "Social Ammo" which will include Cor-Bon DPX, and Winchester Talon ammo.
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    For break in, do it with standard ball ammo. For carry ammo, I would buy a box of several different makes, to see what gives you the best results.
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    At least 200 rounds of FMJ without any issues.

    For JHPs, it is going to depend on the mag capacity. I'd like to run each mag at least 5-6 times through the gun, with the JHPs I'm evaluating for carry use. So, for a PM9 with a 6-rd mag, I need a lot fewer rounds than with a Glock with a 15-rd mag. Or not - I probably trust larger pistols more than smaller ones, from an ammo feeding perspective.
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    I generally put a couple hundred FMJ down range to get the feel for the gun then a couple of mags of carry ammo - Golden Saber. Assuming no issues show up, I holster up and am good to go. I do the same routine for my wheel guns. At least it is a good excuse to go to the range and put some rounds down range.
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    For me, it depends on several things. It helps that I am familiar with and keep or carry mainly one type of pistol (Glock). My reasons for doing so are because Glocks work extremely well for me, and they have always been reliable with any ammo I've chosen. It's sort of a know your tools deal for me. Other makes and models.....I'd end up putting them through more stringent tests than I would a Glock. This is not a plug for Glock, I'm just merely explaining how it goes for me and testing or depending on my pistol/ammo combo. FMJ ammo is more readily available and less costly than PD ammo. 300 rounds of FMJ seems to work well for me. Also.....I contemplate what I would like to carry in PD ammo or what works in my pistol for POI, accuracy, and functionality. For instance......I like to carry the Speer 124gr+P GDHPs for my 9mms. Before coming to that conclusion, I tried 100-200 rounds through the pistols, and settled on the 147gr FMJ as practice rounds since the recoil and feel is about the same. 40 S&W is a bit different story, and my likes in 45ACP seem to change more with what's available and changing my recoil spring rating. Thing to remember all mechanical things........dependability is limited, and there are many factors that will either help or hinder reliability no matter what you choose to employ (or deploy) as your sidearm. Nothing mechanical will ever be ultimately reliable. Care, cleaning, and maintenance (PM). Quality and reliability of your magazines (in semi-autos), the way you handle your pistol consistently (there shall be no bad days at the range lest ye be wasting ammo), etc...... Reliability is in the eye and in the hands of the beholder. No hard and fast rules here. As far as semi-autos are concerned, I maintain a minimum of five magazines for any of my pistols. Not only to rotate usage or carry, but to rule out problems found at the range. Iffy magazines need to be set aside and fixed or replaced. Questionable ammo should also be replaced or tested in an alternative firearm for functionality. One should be frugal in their ammo buying, especially these days. There are those who buy a case of ammo the first day they get their pistol.....sometimes it works out, but many times they regret their decisions. Money better spent on several boxes of different ammo and range time. Also.....don't rule out the good experiences that come from bad the stove-pipe you talked use these times to practice your clearing exercises and get back into action. It's taken me many years and hundreds of thousands or rounds to figure out what works best for me, and every once in a while there will be a fluke even on my best of days. That sort of thing will happen no matter how well prepared we are. We just try to limit those times as best we can. Ultimate reliability doesn't exist on this earth since we mix the science with humanity. Accept this simple fact and a weight will be lifted from your shoulders when you walk in gravity.

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