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Do you carry a low budget handgun?

This is a discussion on Do you carry a low budget handgun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I voted no, But I would carry a Hi-Point or a Cobra if thats all I had. With that I hope that day never happens...

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Thread: Do you carry a low budget handgun?

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    I voted no, But I would carry a Hi-Point or a Cobra if thats all I had.

    With that I hope that day never happens
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    I would carry either one as long as I had no problems with it,
    Define "budget"

    After all a glock 17 can be had for well under $450 used and can be argued to be the equal to any other combat/defense handgun at ANY price.
    To some people $450.00 is a lot of money,and if you wanta get real,used Glocks can be had for around $300.00,still a lot of money for some people.EAA makes revolvers for a little over $200.00 that work well. In all reality I would carry the best gun I could afford until I could afford something better
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I would carry either one as long as I had no problems with it,

    To some people $450.00 is a lot of money,and if you wanta get real,used Glocks can be had for around $300.00,still a lot of money for some people.EAA makes revolvers for a little over $200.00 that work well. In all reality I would carry the best gun I could afford until I could afford something better
    I am currently going through that save until you can buy a decent gun phase right now. I'm planning to pick up my Glock 26 on Friday. There have been a lot of times when I have almost broken down and bought something cheaper, but I'm very happy I held out.

    That being said, if I actually liked a cheaper handgun I would have bought one. I have a friend that bought a Thunder 380 on his 21st birthday, because it was all he could afford. He's been carrying it for four years, and loves it. Low cost guns can be quality guns, the key is to put in the research to know the difference.

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    Fort Worth, TX
    If had no no guns and needed to buy one, and my limitation was $150... I've seen some Phoenix arms and Jennings priced less than that at gun shows. I would buy one and carry it. Fortnuately, I am not that restricted. I might also mention that here in Texas it will wind up costing a person over $300 just to get a concealed handgun permit.. So generally I think of somebody can afford the permit, they can afford a better gun.
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    Do you use a cheap climbing rope?? Or a cheap brain surgeon how about a cheap heart surgeon??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockymtnnut View Post
    Do you use a cheap climbing rope?? Or a cheap brain surgeon how about a cheap heart surgeon??
    Not even close to the same thing. In your examples, cheap is referring to inferior. The people that currently own or have owned the Hi-Points have already stated that they are reliable. Not comfortable, but reliable. This means they go bang when the trigger is pulled. Is a 9mm more powerful if its shot from a Glock vs being shot from a Hi-Point? Is the 45 thats shot from my 1911 magically more deadly than the same round fired from a Hi-Point? The answer is no. If a firearm is reliable, why is it a bad choice for self defense?

    If we want to talk reliability, my very first handgun was a Smith & Wesson .357. I forget the model number, 686 or 636 or 66 something like that. That gun was a piece of junk that didnt fire half the time, even with top shelf ammo. I havent owned a Smith since, and wouldnt give ya a dollar for one today. Based on the logic of some people here, I would be better off carrying that S&W because it cost more and is a better brand than a Hi-Point, which is just a ridiculous way of thinking.

    Like I said in earlier posts, I dont own, nor have I ever owned a Hi-Point, but I have shot them, and I have yet to have one fail. I personally would feel more comfortable with a gun I know is going to go bang every time I pull the trigger vs carrying a gun everyone thinks is much better, but in the end, may or may not fire if I really need it.

    In the end, most people dont want to carry a Hi-point, and I am in that same group. I do not want to own or carry a Hi-Point, but if it came down to leaving the house with no firearm on my side or leaving the house with a Hi-Point on my side, the Hi-Point wins....every time.
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    over at a few guys have been getting hipoints and putting them through some pretty rigorous tests. they usually come out surprisingly well. I have a coworker that bought one with the sole purpose of destroying it. he's thrown it off cliffs, glock tested it, run over it with a full sized SUV, it's been to hipoint about a dozen times and he has a whole shoebox full of extra mags for his trouble but they mean it when they say lifetime warranty. it's not in the same boat as a ruger or springfield but it'll get the job done.
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    Okay, here's my deal with this thread...

    I'm going to start at the beginning..

    I worked at a gun store/range for about a year and another gun store for another year. In that time we had a lot of Hi-Points come and go and come and go. I shot plenty of them. Had police officers coming in looking for the paperwork on the individuals who bought them. Kept at least two straw purchases from happening with them. Shot them in the range. Saw them shot in the range. Saw them jam in the range. Sent them back to Hi-Point for repair. Got them back from Hi-Point after repair. And here's the bottom line....

    I don't trust low end guns.

    Now, in that time I HAVE seen hi-points and jennings and cobras, etc, that shot just fine. But I also saw plenty of those firearms that did not shoot just fine. I saw some that were very reliable but for some reason could not make a group to save their life despite being shot from a rest by some of our best shooters. I saw some piece fall apart or break and while, yes, it was covered under warranty it meant having to take the time to send it back.

    So, let's say I'm in dire straights. I buy this $100 gun and $40 worth of ammo (which isn't a lot these days) to go with it. I take it to the range and I find out I happened to get a lemon. I take it back to the store and they send it to Hi-Point. In x amount of weeks of having no gun again (and while I could be saving up for something better) I'm waiting for my gun to come back from repairs. When it gets back I spend another $40 to take it back to the range. It works fine this time but one of the grips is cracked. I can live with that and take it back out shooting (another $20-$40 that could have been saved). After x amount of rounds I find the slide under the ejection port has cracked (a common problem with these firearms). I take it back to be sent back again. And, again, I'm stuck waiting a couple of weeks with no gun.

    Finally, this time it comes back, I take it shooting and I FINALLY have a working gun that seems okay but my trust is just not there and when I do the math I have just spent around $300 for a gun I have only had in my possession for a few short days out of the months I've "owened" it. The money I have put into it has been to prove it's reliability and if I were to go into a gun store and try to trade it in on something better they would laugh at me.

    (IF (and that is a HUGE IF) the gunstore will even allow a trade in on a hi-point, the most I have EVER seen a hi-point trade in for is $40. I have seen Glocks/Springfields usually get around $200 + for trade in value (low end) and even Bersa can get you $100).

    So, now I don't trust the gun, but I can't even trade it in for a fraction of what I put into it.

    Don't think a gun can go back to a manufacturer again and again right in a row? HA! You haven't seen what I've seen. Granted, I've seen it with all sorts of firearms. I've sent the same Taurus, Kimber, and even Glock or Sig back two, three even four times until it came back right BUT the best thing is that if someone were to lose confidence in their Kimber, Glock or Sig they could probably even do an even exchange for a similar used gun or if going from a Kimber to a Glock or Springfield, not even have to pay an addition penny as trade-in value would be good. You might even come away with a few bucks in your pocket.

    You WILL NOT get that with a Hi-Point. (Not to mention it's far less likely that you are going to have initial problems with guns like Glocks, Springfields, etc.. not impossible, but not likely. I've send back far more Hi-Points and Taurus's than Glocks, that's for sure)

    Bottom line. You are rolling the dice on a gun like a hi-point because it retains almost ZERO value to any legal gun seller. That is not the case with other firearms that lose only a small fraction of their value and can be traded in or exchanged for something else or sold back altogether for some extra, much needed cash.

    Sure, you could try to sell your hi-point privately but, again, you aren't going to get a lot back.

    The smarter course of action, ESPECIALLY for someone on a tight budget, would be to buy something of an investment that has some value to trade and sell with.

    I have seen people "on a budget" who have done what is being suggested and when they got hit with an unexpected bill they come in and try to sell back their gun and are shocked to find they aren't going to get more than $25 on a Hi-Point. That's not helpful to someone who has a $250 medical deductible or $100 vehicle registration.

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    Hi Limatunes;

    That narrative offers a very complete picture of realism.
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    Lima makes some very valid points.

    However, I think it goes against the premise of the OP's question. None of us want to carry a Hi point or cobra. My understanding of the OP's question is would you if that is the only thing you could carry. If the question was, would you settle for the HP or Cobra or save up for something better, then no one can argue for the former. Well at least not honestly.

    Just to play devils advocate though, if you save money to purchase a glock or springfield for example, and if it will bring 200 bucks if you have to sell it because you get into a serious financial bind. You would be more willing to go without a gun when it could get you 200 bucks to pay the doctor bill or whatever than you would if your gun only gets you 25 or 40 bucks, or possibly nothing at all. At some point when you're not going to get much of anything for something it becomes less attractive to get rid of it, and you simply keep it.
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    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    "Low Budget".....NO. skip a few lunches, buy cheap beer, whatever it takes, but I refuse to buy a "cheap" firearm. A quality surplus S&W Model 10 can be had for about $125
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    I would have no qualms about carrying a Bersa .380. Dandy little pistols. Not the lightest or the smallest .380 out there but they work!

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    Since I can buy a smith and wesson Bodyguard .38 or 380, an SD9 or SD40, or even a used M&P for under $400, I see no reason to buy anything "cheap". But in a zombie apocalypse, I'll take what I can find.

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    At the risk of sounding snobbish, which I'm not, I honestly despise cheap anything. I've always made my living with my hands and cheap tools and instruments really irk me. Quality tools, which include my carry guns, say alot about the individual, in my opinion. I'll save for a long time to buy quality. There are many of my co-workers who do not share my opinion, and that is fine. I don't use their tools.
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    whats low budget?

    if you end up in court, the attourny's bill will dwarf the cost of the gun.
    but i would not carry a heirloom. lots of dependable between refurbished glock
    and a $1000
    and remember that a second gun borders on necessary. besides that many carry a secondary--
    a back-up, there is downtime from failour of some sort possible with guns of all prices
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