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Looking for some .45 Help Please

This is a discussion on Looking for some .45 Help Please within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own a G30SF and highly recomend it. It and me G23 see equal carry time now. I had a real hard time deciding between ...

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Thread: Looking for some .45 Help Please

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    I own a G30SF and highly recomend it. It and me G23 see equal carry time now. I had a real hard time deciding between it or the G36. The only reason I chose the 30 was it holds 4 more rounds and can accept the 13 round mags for the G21. Which gives me 10+1 in the gun and a 13 round reload if needed. I chose round count over the difference in thickness and I'm glad that I did.
    To me, carrying the G30 compared to the G23 in crossbreed supertucks is neglidgeable.
    I will end up with that G36 someday anyway!

    Good luck in your search!
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    Another vote for the M&P 45 compact.

    I carry it the most of any of my guns.
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    Either the Glock-30 or the 36 would work very well.
    Be sure to pick up the Glock-36, the single stack grip may surprise you.
    The 6 + 1 ammo is plenty for SD...IMHO
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    I am picking up my G30 from the funman later today. I have been a 1911 guy, I have been seduced by the dark side.......

    It is hard to go wrong with any 45.
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    I have the G23 and 30. If I had to keep just one, it would be the G30. It is very accurate, is fine to carry with a decent belt-holster combo (I like OWB better for this weapon, currently a Hume 721 OT), and I just like that big old 45 acp round. The down side is that it is a little thicker than the 23, and when fully loaded quite a bit heavier.
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    My wife bought me two boxes of 45 ACP ammo for Christmas and I dont even own one. (She dont know much about guns) So it must be destined for me to have one, so Im looking for one also. You just gotta love them big ol boolits. I like the Glock 30, but I cant find a SF model to hold. Does the SF feel substantially different? I have girly small hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc1103 View Post
    Hello All.

    It's been a while since i last posted. I am in the market for a new gun with my tax return that should be coming in any day now. Right now I only have the Gen 4 Glock 23. Don't get me wrong I love this gun and it's been my EDC since i bought it. But I do want to add another to the arsenal. I don't wanna go down in caliber since i already have .40 so i was thinking of getting a .45. The 1st gun I looked at was a Glock 30. Just wondering if anyone has/had a Glock 30 and can give me some insight. I'm also open to other ideas.....Let me have it.. Thanks guys!!!
    Now that the 30SF has come about, might give it a good look. Other than that, I like my SIG full size for the 45acp. I spent years with the G30 and to me it was front heavy. No matter how much I tried, couldn't get with it. The SF model may have been the ticket. I'll never know. I love the 40cal Glocks...all of 'em. I bought a G27 when it wasn't cool. LOL!

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    I love my XD45 my next purchase is a Kahr CW45....there is 2 to consider

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    Quote Originally Posted by genauwiedu View Post
    I'm in the market for a non-1911 .45 myself, and being a lefty i'm leaning towards the FNP-45. Its full ambi which is very nice. Was originally set on the CZ97bd but its mag release is non reversable. I do own and love glocks, but i just want something different.
    The Kahr CW45 has worked well for me as a lefty.

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    I have a G-30 and FN FNP 45. the Fn is kinda large but has all of the features. depends what you like. The H& K USP is nice in 45 but again kinda large and pricey.

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    You need to experience a 1911

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    Buy that gun that fits best. As a result, you will practice. If it fits poorly, recoil gets problematical on most guns bigger than .25. Ergo-

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    Another vote for the Kahr CW45, I picked one up a few weeks ago and it is one of the most comfortable gun that I have carried, Even though its small the recoil isnt bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpdtom View Post
    You need to experience a 1911
    +1. Just switched my EDC to a kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II in .45acp. I carry @3:00 in an OWB holster.
    Best regards,
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    I have had Glocks in the past but they are like bricks in my hand with a lousy trigger pull. I have narrowed my concealed carry guns to just three and my favorite is the Commander size 1911.

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