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Getting bad advice! Need input!

This is a discussion on Getting bad advice! Need input! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I too will recommend you hold/shoot a Glock 26 and a Glock 19...Both are excellent conceal carry weapons...The 19 is only one half inch bigger ...

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Thread: Getting bad advice! Need input!

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    I too will recommend you hold/shoot a Glock 26 and a Glock 19...Both are excellent conceal carry weapons...The 19 is only one half inch bigger than the 26...Both 9mm...Also, one that hasn't been mentioned very much, because several folks have had bad experiences with the earlier models, is the Taurus PT709 Slim...It is a single stack 9mm...My wife carries this weapon, I have shot it on a regular basis, and have full faith in it's performance...Good luck in your search..

    Just for fun is a three part video of an 11 year old girl shooting/training in a Fighting Pistol class, with a Glock 19, with Tactical Response out of Camden, TN...

    McKenzie - 11yo Girl at Shooting Range #1 of #3 - YouTube

    McKenzie - 11yo Girl at Shooting Range #2 of #3 - YouTube

    McKenzie - 11yo Girl at Shooting Range #3 of #3 - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by catt101 View Post
    ( he actually told me (in reference to the Ruger .380) that I didn't need a gun with a safety. Excuse me?? I have a 11 yr old son and a 4 yr old niece and a 5 yr old nephew.)
    I don't know if anyone has touched on this yet, but I just have to put it out there that this is horrid line of thinking. A manual safety is not a child lock. Please for the benefit of all that is good, stop pretending like a manual safety is there in any fashion to protect your child.

    You guns need to be kept inaccessible to kids- your kids, your neighbors' kids, your visitors kids. If there is the possibility that a child has access to your handgun, you need to rethink your storage options. Your gun should either be in a holster on your person or in a locked container that a child can't access.

    If you were to come into the store where I work and tell me that, I'd tell you the same. Then after you would leave the boss would ask "why didn't you just sell her an LC9?"
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    I dont have any other good recommendations that have not allready been posted.... but i just wanted to say good luck with your educated decision, and congrats on wanting to protect the lives of both you and your children. Was there something that happened recently that has pushed you toward a concealed carry permit? Not saying you need to have a specific reason other than protecting your family... it interesting to hear each persons reason for why they want to carry. Bunker
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    Quote Originally Posted by catt101 View Post
    I am enrolled for my CCW class (state of Kansas) this weekend. I am not going to run out and buy the first gun I see because it is pretty.. I have more sense than that.
    However, I am in the market for a nice quality small frame concelament gun.
    Here are the facts. I am a female. I have large hands for a woman and small hands for a man - size wise.
    I currently own a S&W 915. This is a great gun, and has never given me any problems.
    However, it is too big for my body size to carry concealed.

    I was looking at the S&W Bodyguard .380.
    I have also thought about the Glock 26, but have not laid my hands on one yet.
    The ruger .380 is an option.

    I have been told by a person, who "knows better" than I do that the S&W and the Glock ( although he owns 4 Glocks) are both "junk" only, that was not the word he used.
    This man is VERY knowledgeable about guns. But, his blowhard ego and attitude get in the way of me being able to sort through the information.
    ( he actually told me (in reference to the Ruger .380) that I didn't need a gun with a safety. Excuse me?? I have a 11 yr old son and a 4 yr old niece and a 5 yr old nephew.)

    The gun stores around here do not treat me with much respect because I am female.
    I have told 3 gun shops that I do not want a revolver, and that is the first thing they will pull out of the case! I told my friend, I don't want a revolver. that was the first thing he pulls out of his safes.
    I don't get it... What is so hard... I DO NOT WANT A REVOLVER!!!

    And getting the gun stores to actually TALK to me and answer my questions is like pulling teeth..They will actually walk away and talk on the phone while "helping" me.. Or the will walk over to a male customer and help him. Leaving me standing there like a fool.

    So, now I am stuck..
    I don"t know who to trust or who to believe. Or who to turn to.

    I have read the forums here and gotten some ideas, but am asking you for help.

    I like the feel of the S&W Bodyguard, but don't like the laser. I would rather have a automatic on instead of having to push a button. I like the Ruger, but it feels a little dinky to me.
    Have not handled the Glock, but, The reason I purchased the S&W 915 instead of a Glock years ago was the grip was a little large to be comfortable for a new shooter. I am more exoerienced now, and that may not be an issue. But I believe that the Glock 26 is a single stack and may thin the grip a little.

    SO... Now what???

    Any suggestions?? Either about the guns listed above, or even a model I have not mentioned??
    This seems like a good group of people in these forums, so I am coming to you.
    I am so tired of blowhards just mucking up every idea I have and not listening to me.

    My knowledge about weaponry is not the greatest. I know what I like. I take my time to make sure i am buying the right gun. It took me 2 years to settle on a Savage 7mm-.08 deer rifle!
    I also own a Hi-Power, a Mossburg 500 A, and a Winchester 74.
    So, No, I am not a gun nut. Don't want to be. I just want a reliable product at the right price, that is going to suit my needs.


    (sorry this post was so long. I just wanted to give a good bit of info! forgive me!)

    THANK YOU!!!
    LOL! And a big welcome to you in KC! I've carried openly in KC with an AR permit! I have friends and family in KC, Lawrence, Olathe, and Wichita! I grew up in Kansas.

    Advice? If you're new to carry or "weaponry", how do you know you're getting bad advice? You must have some knowledge of what you want/need. It's not always a sure thing. We grow through the process. Some of us are wise to the ways before we get into paying the government for our right to carry. Others are awed with the process and wondering what to do next. All they know is they want a permit in case permits go away. What this really does is feed the mill and government process. All the end user needs to know is how much it cost them in dollars to get permit, and what's gonna save their life. If the end user is not concerned with saving their life, then they have no business spending x- amount of dollars getting a permit. You take everything with a grain of salt especially when starting out. It's a process. Some get through faster, and some slower....only thing that matters is that you get there. Every time I go to work on a machine, the operator will tell me what's wrong with it. I rarely ever take the operator's word on the malfunction....all I know is that I need to get the machine working as soon as possible. 70% of the time, the machine operator is wrong. Want to know why? Because they just operate the machine, and never want to know the machine they operate. Lesson in life. Funny thing is....I listen to the operator 10% of the time and end up spending more time than needed to fix a problem when I should have know better. Still happens top this day. LOL! Some days I'll go in and think I know the problem from past history...many times I am surprised that I need to work harder to find a solution. Either's how we attack the challenge that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockymtnnut View Post
    A Smith and wesson air weight..38 spec would be hard to beat as would the body guard. Smith and wesson are about the best mass produced revolvers out there. Glocks have a well deserved reputation for reliability.
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    @Catt101, what size woman's glove do you wear? That information will help us guess at a pistol that will approximately fit your hand.

    As to the pistol having a safety or not, that won't be an issue for your kids as while you are not carrying it you will have it stored securely in a small safe. A safety takes time disengage while you are being physically attacked; thus most people who carry a gun for self-defense look for a model that does *not* have a mechanical safety that you must manipulate (using small motor muscle skills) while you are under attack. You assure safety (of the gun) by keeping your trigger finger off the trigger until you intend to shoot, by keeping the handgun in a holster that covers the trigger against accidental activation, and by keeping the gun secured in a small safe impervious to invasion by small children's fingers.
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    You don't need to know
    My Mrs is 5' 120lb and wears a woman's size 5 shoe, she's petite. She settled on the M&P 9c.

    It can also be had with a thumb safety

    ........... and it's been my experience that many gals prefer appendix carry
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    If he says Glocks and S&W are junk just ignore his advise. He is not as knowledgeable as he pretends to be.

    Best choices are the Glock 26 (what I have), or the S&W M&P 9c.
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    Something no one has mentioned, the Ruger SR9c. Even though it's a double stack mag, it's one of the thinnest grips, I've ever seen, handled or shot. If I had seen one of these before I bought the LC9, I would've bought it. I have the Glock 26 & 19 and Ruger LCP & LC9. For me the G26 is easy to carry, but it's bulky and I can carry the G19 just as easily.

    If it was me, I'd take a hard look at the Ruger SR9c & LC9, along with some other single stack guns like the Kahr CW9 & CM9 or the Walther PPS or PPQ. I'm not much on the Walther model names, but I've handled and shot a few and I was impressed with the fit, finish and handling characteristics.
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    I love my LC 9 for the width. I am looking to change to a 1911 platform, but the lc9 may be perfect for your hand size and is very concealable. I only mention this gun as it is the one I carry (that fits your qualifications). The trigger takes some practice but that is pretty standard. Any gun you carry should get lots of range time. I love mine, have gotten used to the trigger and it has eaten anything I feed it. I know some do not have such luck with this gun. The mag extension for my pinky makes it comfy to shoot and you may not even need it.

    As others have said, you should try to shoot any you intend to buy before you buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    the OP should visit Cornered Cat
    which is an excellent website for women interested in guns
    it covers many issues and should be a good resource
    Awesome advice, also I believe it is Talia photography on you tube is also a great resource for women interested in guns. Good luck! You got some great advice. Also I have a Walther PPS, love it, think it would fit your needs.

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    My wife packs a Ruger Sp101 and I carry a Beretta Nano.kel-tec looks like a nice little gun.I owned a Glock and didn't care for it.But I know it's a better than average gun.Guns are a personal choice.Look at all your choices.Touch and hold them.Fire them if you can.You will know when it's right.
    P.S. Stop listening to your friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksholder View Post
    You have figured out your friend is - shall we say, biased. Of the three weapons you mentioned, the G26 is the only one I would recommend because it is the easiest to shoot, repeatedly and get in good practice with. I have a LCP and I carry it daily as a BUG. I do not, however, enjoy taking it to the range or shooting it at all. I have done so to prove it works and to get familiar with it, but it is not a range gun. If I am in a SHTF scenario and need it, I am good to go with it, but I really dislike shooting it. This is primarily due to its size and weight. The S&W .380 would be about the same.

    You have gotten good advice from many here with other weapons to try. I too, suggest going to a good gun store, or preferably a range that rents guns, and handle/shoot as many as you can. You will find a gun that is controllable by you, fits your hands and that you just plain like.

    You mentioned the G26 you tried years ago was not a good fit. Glock has come out with the Generation 4 weapons that have adjustable backstraps (the back part of the grip where the heel of your hand goes). If you go with the smallest backstrap (which I believe, is to remove the medium or large and just have the fixed smaller backstrap), the newer guns may fit you well. While you are looking at the G26, you may also want to just take a look at the G19, also in gen 4 trim. It is slightly larger, but still pretty concealable. Both the G26 and G19 are double stack mags.

    My suggestion is that you find a weapon that you enjoy shooting and can still conceal easily. If you enjoy shooting your weapon you will be more likely to practice with it, which will make you more proficient with it... Good luck in your search.

    ETA - FWIW, a good holster and gun belt will make a major difference in what you can conceal. You won't believe it til you try it. With a quality belt and holster, you can conceal a firearm much larger than you think possible (or is possible with a poor belt and/or holster). I like the A&G belts and Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro holsters. Together, these allow me to conceal relatively large weapons without a hitch (g21 and S&W Model 15 4" k-frame revolver).

    NOTE - good quality holsters and belts are not cheap, but if you start there, they are cheaper than getting there with a box of unused gear that was initially cheaper.
    My wife is not a "tiny little one" at 5'10"/180 with bigger hands and she didn't like the feel of the G26 gen4 even though she'd hoped she would. She settled on a G19 gen4. Not sure how concealable it will be for her (taking CCW course soon), but she's very comfortable shooting with it. We'll have to check out the holsters you mentioned when the time comes.

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    Ok so my two wife shoots and carries the Glock 27 40cal. She is 5'4" with average sized hands. If you are wanting a safety check out the Baretta px4 storm compact.

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    My wife has small hands. She tried my SR9c but it is too big (I on the other hand love this 9mm!). She tried the LC9 and didn't care for it. The range officer suggested a Sig P238 - perfect. She loves it. 6 or 7 round mags; feeds quality ammo very well; easy to handle.

    I'd recommend the Sig or my SR9c Ruger - they have been great.

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