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Getting bad advice! Need input!

This is a discussion on Getting bad advice! Need input! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's been mentioned a couple of times, but I'll mention it again. The SIG P238 (a .380ACP) may be almost perfect. It is very pleasant ...

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Thread: Getting bad advice! Need input!

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    It's been mentioned a couple of times, but I'll mention it again. The SIG P238 (a .380ACP) may be almost perfect. It is very pleasant to shoot, very accurate, comes standard with excellent night sights, has the easiest slide to rack on the planet, good single action trigger, and it has a safety which you want. Even better, it can be loaded, unloaded, and cleared with the safety on which significantly reduces the risk of an accidental discharge. My wife has this one:

    She loves it. Likes to shoot it with her 70 year old hands. Has no problem with the manual of arms or clearing jams (practice jams only, it's never doen anything wrong on the range). It eats everything we feed it including reloads and comes back for more. She traded her Ruger LCR "revolver" in on it. For my wife, it's perfect. I reload .380, 9mm, etc. so I make her all the practice ammo she wants.

    So why did I say "almost" perfect? You want a 9mm. It's a .380. Maybe the best one on the planet but since the Colt Mustang is identical to it, it almost has to be a tie.

    If you can wait, SIG is coming out with a new model, the P938 which is a 9mm version of the P238 but dimensionally the same other than the slide being about half an inch longer (which doesn't matter). The P938 as advertised meets all your requirements.

    P938 Blackwood

    You still have to like the feel of it, but on paper it was designed for you.

    Between now and then, you may like the Gen 4 Glock 26. You will just have to try it to find out.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Great advice from everyone, so far.

    You have a great firearms company right there in KC, have you thought of a CZ? After all, CZ-USA is right there in KC.

    I don't care for Glock either, but I would never say they were junk. I think your friend must have spilled out some of his brain matter.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I have large hands for a woman and small hands for a man - size wise.
    I currently own a S&W 915. This is a great gun, and has never given me any problems.
    However, it is too big for my body size to carry concealed.
    You really have to get your hands on a number of handguns to see what fits (i.e., trigger reach) and what feels good in your hand.

    I was looking at the S&W Bodyguard .380.
    I have also thought about the Glock 26, but have not laid my hands on one yet.
    The ruger .380 is an option.
    All decent weapons, but since you can handle a full-size 9mm already, you might be able to handle a compact 9 as well.

    I have been told by a person, who "knows better" than I do that the S&W and the Glock ( although he owns 4 Glocks) are both "junk" only, that was not the word he used.
    This man is VERY knowledgeable about guns. But, his blowhard ego and attitude get in the way of me being able to sort through the information.
    Lots of blowhards surround us. S&W and Glock are not junk guns by a long shot. Seek additional opinions.

    ( he actually told me (in reference to the Ruger .380) that I didn't need a gun with a safety. Excuse me?? I have a 11 yr old son and a 4 yr old niece and a 5 yr old nephew.)
    OK, he has a point here, he just didn't explain it well. A safety on the weapon is not intended to keep the weapon from being handled by unauthorized users, which your kid and the other kids clearly are. To keep them safe, you keep the weapon on your person or securely stored. But my guess is that your blowhard friend meant is that a manual safety on the weapon is something that requires getting used to, and without a lot of exposure to that safety, getting it off when you need the gun badly might just cost you additional time when you can least afford it. Thus a Glock or an XD or a revolver (the former with passive safeties) fits what he's talking about.

    The gun stores around here do not treat me with much respect because I am female.
    I have told 3 gun shops that I do not want a revolver, and that is the first thing they will pull out of the case! I told my friend, I don't want a revolver. that was the first thing he pulls out of his safes.
    I don't get it... What is so hard... I DO NOT WANT A REVOLVER!!!

    And getting the gun stores to actually TALK to me and answer my questions is like pulling teeth..They will actually walk away and talk on the phone while "helping" me.. Or the will walk over to a male customer and help him. Leaving me standing there like a fool.
    What you need is a gun store with a competent female behind the counter. Where's Limatunes when you need her? If you were in the Phoenix area, I could steer you to a couple of great places.

    You've narrowed the field down by stating you don't want a revolver. Next question - how and where will you carry this gun? If you need a small gun to fit into a pocket, then you really are looking at the LCP or Baby Glock and similar. But if you can step up just a tad larger - compact, but not pocket-sized - then you could be looking at the Smith M&P compacts, the XD compact, the H&K USP and 2000 compacts, and the Ruger SR9. Another brand to consider is Kahr. I'm a big fan of the P9/CW9 (CW9 is the econo-model) - it's flat and light and you get 7+1 capacity in 9mm, and the polymer frame makes recoil easy on your hands. The grip is long enough to get a full grip with my medium-sized male hands- no curling the pinky finger under the grip, as so many of the pocket guns require. There's also the PM9, even smaller, which will qualify for pocket carry.

    Just some random thoughts... hope this helps!
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    Lots of good advice on here, but I will add this. You do not have to choose the gun you want to carry to go to the class with. If you already own or can borrow a gun you're familiar with, use it to take the class, then take your time to find the right carry gun for you.

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    My wife is a sall woman with bigger hands and she has no problems with my m&p 9 full size, she even nailed 25/25 on the ccw class with it, try out m&p9c and the other guns like it

    If i were you get a gun with no safety, and a proper holster and proper firearm handling skills, keep it chambered(after you get used to it and if you know the proper handling skills) and on you at all times and you will never worry about it(is it chambered, is the safety on, where is my gun?)

    Good luck and find a gun store without ********, if you say no revolver and they show you one first just walk out
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    My wife is a pretty small lady. She can handle my M&P .40c OK, but much prefers her Kahr CW9. It fits her hands nicely and she can manage the recoil pretty well. She's not shooting competition groups, but she can keep them center mass at 10 yards. For me it's an extremely controllable gun. Just my $.02
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    shoot, shoot, and then shoot some more. try out several guns. most guns these days are very good quality, so it is hard to go wrong. go to shops and pick them up, handle them and if possible shoot them then settle on which one you like. then stick to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by STLRampage View Post
    Walther PPS = Best CC gun I've ever owned. (Doesn't seem to get much love around here.) VERY slim and comes in 9mm or .40.
    I agree, however many guns may fit you needs as well. Many good suggestions for you to check out. Find something that fits you comfortably and small enough you will actually carry it daily. Good luck on your search.
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    That's a shame your local shop doesn't treat women as equal to male customers. One of my favorite shops is owned and run by a woman so that's not an issue I've heard from my female friends.

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    My wife is tiny at 5'1" she claims 5' 1 3/4" though :)

    She opted for the Ruger LC9, it fit her hand, she test fired it and liked it. A lot of great advice of checking out the guns at a shop that treats you great. There are enough out there that you will find a good one or two. We've had no issues with local dealers and often will go back to a local smaller dealer.

    I picked up an LC9 for my summer carry for IWB. I like how it shoots and feels even in my larger hands.

    Good Luck,

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    First off, Let me say this...


    Thank you all sooo much for all your advice! It is well and truly appreciated!
    What a great group of people I have come across!

    Now.. Let me respond personally to a few of y9ou, and then I will tell you what I have found in the last couple of days!

    Bunker - I do have a few reasons for wanting a CCW. I travel a lot, usually by myself or with my 11 yr old son. these travels are usually in rural areas and a lot of driving at night. I have been lucky thus far to be able to fend off a few creeps by wits alone. I have had 2 break in attempts on my home. One while I was at home. I also was the victim of an attempted carjacking between Houston and Galveston, Texas. I am also wary of what the future holds for us, as HONEST citizens, if we do not exercise out rights as gun owners. I am tired of being placed in the position of having to be a victim. I have been lucky in this life thus far.

    Ram Rod - I have some knowledge about guns. more in the area of hunting rifles, but I am not a stranger to handguns. Therefore, I did have a starting point in mind where it comes to a new handgun. However, I do look for advice from others. I like to learn from others experience as well as my own.

    Sgb - Thanks for the pictures!
    I also am partial to appendix carry. As I said before, I am fairly well endowed up top, so cross/under shoulder carry is not an option. I am primarily left-handed, but am also ambidextrous. I eat, use scissors, golf and shoot right-handed. I am most comfortable with a draw from the right appendix side.

    HighPockets - I have considered the CZ. I would be able to purchase one for quite a large discount. The reason for this is that Mr. Know-it-all/igmo/jerk has a relative that is very well placed at the company. I just am not sure that I want in that can of worms! I have shot his Czs, and was not very comfortable with them. Not sure they are the "right" fit for me.

    Ok.. On to what I found....

    I went to Cabelas yesterday. What a fantastic experience that was! If you ever go that way, make sure you talk to a gentleman names Lawrence! This man has the patience of Job and was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with!!!! He was not at all like that other men I have had to deal with!!! Thanks for steering me there!!!

    Lawrence spent almost 2 hours with me!

    In that time, I handled 20+ guns...
    GLock26, Ruger LC9, S&W M&P Compact, Kahr PM9, Kahr CM9, Kahr CW9, Baretta Nano, Sig P238, Bersa Thunder, Ruger SR9C, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCP "Zombie Killer", S&W 380, Kahr, CW40,Walther PPS, and Ruger SR9C...
    Whew!!! Those were just the ones I took notes on!!!! There were more that weren't a good match for me, like the Sig.

    I hate to say it, but I was like a kid in a candy store!!!

    Lawrence listened to my concerns, needs, and desires, and came through like a charm...
    (You can be assured that I am going to make sure that Cabelas knows what a gem that have in that guy! I have already done the store survey, and am going to sit down and write a letter that can go in his personnel file!)

    By the time I was done, I have narrowed my search down to a few.

    I liked the Glock 26. It did fit my hands well, but was still a little on the large side. However, I could see me owning it someday.

    The Ruger LCP was nice, good fit, good size. But, Since I am used to a 9mm, why not look at the LC9?

    That was when I fell in LOVE. Ok.. Maybe I just fell in lust!!!

    I think that the Ruger LC9 may just be the right gun at the the right price. Great fit, right size, availiable with a LaserMax, thin, reliable, and safe (and I am not referring to the thumb safety on it).

    I am going to see if either the guy who is running my CCW class, or the local shooting range has one that I could shoot. But, at them moment, I am really interested in this one!

    I will update you all after I get my hand on it.

    Thank you for all those who have wished me luck! I think I got lucky just finding you guys here on this site! I wish you all nothing but the best!

    Thank you sooo much for all you have done for me!!!

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    Whew! Glad that experience went well; I'd have felt awful if it hadn't! I think the LC9 would be a great choice, assuming you like the way it shoots (and I think you will).

    All I want to add is, ummm, can you hook me up with that CZ discount? I'd love to add a P-01 to my collection and I won't even mind listening to dufus tell me about how Glocks suck if I can get a new CZ outta the deal!

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    Catt, glad to see you found a sales person who believes in customer service and not boosting his own ego by showing how important and knowledgeable he thinks he is. I would definitely find somewhere with a LC9 to shoot before you buy it, or at least someplace that will let you dry fire it. My wife liked it for the size and the way it felt in her hand, but she found the trigger pull to be excessive once we got it to the range with her. While I had no problems shooting it, she had a very difficult time with it. After about 50 rounds she handed it back to me and told me the search was on again. She is not a novice shooter, she owns 2 revolvers, a CZ RAMI 9mm and a CZ 75 Compact 9mm and shoots them all well. Good luck in your search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catt101 View Post
    ...It is sad. This guy has a lot of good knowledge in his brain. But, his "I know better than you" attitude, gets in the way. He has an opinion on EVERYTHING. And, it is usually the opposite of whatever your opinion is...
    Well, if he's slamming Glocks, S&W's, and Walthers, you might be overestimating how much knowledge (and how good) he "has in his brain". They're all top notch firearms. Sounds like his brain is lacking in handgun knowledge. (JMHO)

    Just what does he recommend? A Jennings? Jimenez? ...or is he more of a $2500 custom 1911 kinda guy?


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    I hope you find what you are after. Now for the bad news: you will not stop at one.

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