Need help deciding which caliber for Sig P239

Need help deciding which caliber for Sig P239

This is a discussion on Need help deciding which caliber for Sig P239 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok kids, I have narrowed down my decision for my new top quality concealed carry gun. I am going to buy a Sig Sauer P239. ...

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Thread: Need help deciding which caliber for Sig P239

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    Need help deciding which caliber for Sig P239

    Ok kids, I have narrowed down my decision for my new top quality concealed carry gun. I am going to buy a Sig Sauer P239. Here comes the hard decision. I am not sure which caliber I want to go with. I have owned both 9mm and .40 S&W and like both. I would prefer the stopping power of the larger .40 S&W round, however, I have found the smaller framed guns have much more recoil than their bigger brothers. I am really speaking to those who have fired both the Sig Sauer P239 and either the P229 or P226. How much more noticeable recoil is there with the smaller framed P239?

    I am leaning more toward the 9mm due to the fact that there would be lower recoil. Before I make such an expensive decision, I want to know what others think. And please, let's not get into a caliber war. I simply want to know how the recoil is on the P239.

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    You're asking a "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" question. Perceived recoil is highly subjective, so if I tell you the 239 in .40 cal is a pussycat, that might not be your experience. Clearly, the .40 will have greater recoil than the 9mm, but whether or not it's objectionable is something you can only assess for yourself.

    However, I can give you an anecdotal data point. My Sig 220 at 30 oz empty is a good 9 oz lighter than my full-size 1911s, yet due to its broad backstrap the recoil which I perceive seems less than that on the 1911s. The 239 you're contemplating buying is a 29 oz gun, so realistically it's barely lighter than the 229 and just 4 oz lighter than the 226.
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    I carry and shoot both a P229 and a P239 both chambered in 357Sig. There is a difference in percieved recoil between the two that I attribute to size and weight differences. Both are pleasant to shoot,the P229 a little more so.

    In my opinion 357Sig is the way to go in either pistol. All of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of 9mm or 40S&W.

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    I had a Sig 239 in 40. Bought a BarSto conversion barrel in 9mm. Liked it better as a 9mm. I now have a Walther PPS in its place. Only .91 " wide and weighs 19 oz. as opposed to 1.3" wide for the 239 and 29oz. Both carry the same amount of ammo.
    Honestly, the 239 was the one gun I wanted to love but never could.

    Keep in mind that this only represents my opinion and experience. The 239 is a great gun and many love it. You might too.

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    I picked 9mm...

    I went through a similar decision point before I got my 9mm P239. I opted for the 9 over the 40 because I already had a P229 in .40 and wanted some variety. I also liked the greater capacity of the P239 in 9mm (8+1 rounds) compared to the 7+1 rounds of the .40 caliber version.

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