SR9c vs PT111

SR9c vs PT111

This is a discussion on SR9c vs PT111 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have the SR9c for EDC and really like the trigger and accuracy. It shoots like a high end gun compard to my Taurus, which ...

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Thread: SR9c vs PT111

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    SR9c vs PT111

    I have the SR9c for EDC and really like the trigger and accuracy. It shoots like a high end gun compard to my Taurus, which is a Chevy by comparision. However the dimensions and weight are just a little too big for my taste, carrying IWB. I find myself opting for my PT709 slim more than not due to difference in dimensions (.85" length) and weight (6 oz).

    So I am interested in hearing from those who have owned or shot both SR9c and PT111 Millenium PRO (preferably the Ti model) as to the difference in the two guns in terms of

    - trigger
    - accuracy/shootability
    - carriability

    I am NOT interested in a Taurus/Ruger quality debate/flame.

    Thanks for your input in advance.
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    Its not our life we will be defending, its yours. Pic the weapon you shoot and run the best. Everything else is just an opinion. Mine. Make the ruger work for you, some way or another....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    While I can't comment on the P111, I do have the SR9c and found that it's a bit large for my EDC needs. The Mitch Rosen holster I got from Ruger, with a gun belt, does make the SR9c about as comfortable and well concealed as you're going to get it. I may add a shoulder rig to give me another option as well.

    So I got the LC9 and have found that it's a much easier EDC. You might consider trying one out and see what you think.

    Now, for light duty (trips to the market, neighborhood business), the LC9 has me covered. Going downtown, dodgy parts of town at night, the SC9c comes along.
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    I can tell you this. I have a friend that has a PT-111 Mellineum Pro in titanium and has been a total lemon. Back to the factory for fail to fire issues. Returned both times the same way it was sent - Will not fire. Tryed several different ammo types but nothing worked. This particular pistol was shot less than 100 times before failure. Based on my experence (from seeing his) I would not touch one with a 10-foot pole. I am sure however that others had had a more positive experence.
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