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Easiest 9mm to pocket carry

This is a discussion on Easiest 9mm to pocket carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; CM9. I know your specific question is pocket carry. I pockect carry my LCP, and use IWB for LC9. I'm good with that combo. Pocket ...

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Thread: Easiest 9mm to pocket carry

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    CM9. I know your specific question is pocket carry. I pockect carry my LCP, and use IWB for LC9. I'm good with that combo. Pocket carry...CM9.
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    I was an LEO for a very long time. Trust me, 99.99% of the people you shoot with an LCP will fall down dead or seek immediate medical attention. Once you empty the mag you should be running for the nearest cover, calling the police and reloading, in that order.
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    I've pocket carried my cm9 many times in all different types of pants - dress pants, truspec tac pants, carhartts, and normal jeans. I wouldn't recommend it in any pocket. I'm considering going to the db9 or bodyguard 380 instead.

    I am a bigger guy at 6'4 230lbs and I feel it is far too noticeable. I love this gun for a bit but these days I'm going back and forth with more negative than positive days.

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    In the pocket 9mm's I've owned and sold the Kel Tec PF9 and Diamondback DB9. I have now owned a Kahr CM9 for 3 week and have 400 flawless rounds through her and counting. In my experience it is more reliable, has a better trigger, and is much more comfortable to shoot. MUCH more comfortable to shoot means I will run it more often and become more proficient with it. While it isn't quite as small as the DB9 it still conceals well in the pocket and is small enough to be able to reliably draw the firearm out of the pocket without having to maneuver it a specific way to avoid snagging it on the draw.

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    I have a CM9 in the front pocket of my shorts rights now. Sold my LCP and bought it and couldn't be happier. More powerful, lower recoil, better trigger, cheaper ammo, and only slightly bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponchsox View Post
    Is there such a thing? Ruger LC9 is a little too heavy for pocket carry. I would like something I can carry in a pocket holster in cargo shorts that doesn't feel like I'm lugging a brick around.
    In the pocket, I've alternately carried the 7rd Kahr PM9, 7rd KelTec PF9, and the 5rd .38sp S&W 442. By far, the smallest and lightest of these was the Kahr PM9. The PM9 is pretty darned flat, and very light (for a 9mm).

    Rohrbaugh makes a well-regarded 9mm. Taurus makes the 709 9mm. About the only thing smaller in 9mm, that I can think of, would be the Boberg XR9-S 9mm, though it wouldn't be any lighter than the PM9.

    Is a revolver an option? If .357mag is on the table, then any of the ultra-light S&W scandium or titanium framed revolvers could be pocketed. Unloaded, they're lighter than the LCP.

    Of course, reliability is a crucial factor in any choice. Myself, I was unable to find a reliable PM9 across several years of trying, running through three of them, though many folks report success. The PF9 was more reliable, for me, though still not solid. I found the 442 revolver to be extremely reliable, though the width of the cylinder made it bulky in a pocket.

    Is there such a thing as "easiest 9mm to pocket carry"? If your primary issue with "easiest" is weight, given you're wanting to avoid "lugging a brick around," then there is really only the very short list of sub-17oz 9mm guns to consider. Easiest and lightest I've carried is the Kahr PM9, though I haven't tried all that exists in 9mm.
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    I wear cargo pants or shorts 80% of the time and my G26 conceals perfectly well. The other 20% I CCW my elsie-P or PF9. Which once I find a 9mm shield for about $380 I'll be CCW'ing one of those too.

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    I looked a a bunch of 9mm "pocket guns", and decided that the Kahr CM9 was the best option. I haven't regretted it yet.

    .380 wasn't really an option for me, I just couldn't take it seriously as it seems that if the BG doesn't stop when he sees a gun, he's probably on something... I would have stuck with 40S&W, but I hear that the CM40 kicks like a mule.

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    Rohrbaugh R-9
    Boberg (ugly)

    Realistically, I don't think 9mm. and pockets go together, but the two above are small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripley16 View Post
    Rohrbaugh is probably the smallest, light and easy and well made.
    Rohrbaugh may be the smallest but it's all metal and far from light. Kel-Tec's PF-9 is actually lighter and only marginally larger, plus it's one-third the price. Berretta's Nano is about the same size as the Kel-Tec but a tad thicker and heavier. My P3AT has been 100% and I expect the same from the PF-9. I like the feel of the Nano but I have yet to shoot either one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownsbacker View Post
    If price is no object then its going to be Sigs new P938.
    Once the new passes they should be about high $500 to mid $600 range


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