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What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning?

This is a discussion on What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own many from 22 to 45 long colt in hand guns The 45 Long Colt was just one of those deals it is really ...

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Thread: What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning?

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    I own many from 22 to 45 long colt in hand guns
    The 45 Long Colt was just one of those deals it is really of no use. I would not for myself buy any over a 45 ACP or any 25 or 32's again of not real use to me.
    The ones I like 38,9mm,357, 45. Seem to be of the most use to me. I plan to add a couple more 357's and always up for another 45.

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    .25 acp, 357 mag/sig, 41 mag, 500 S&W, 5.7, ___ Colt

    I could see a justification for the 45 GAP, until Glock makes a 21 with interchangeable backstraps - a small diff in size can make a big difference in feel. Not knocking any of those except the 25 and 5.7, just other cartridges I think handle things better, especially if you reload and not really into reblobers. I'd get a .32 or 380 long before the .25 in about the same size gun. ICE realized their mistake with the 5.7, no sense in repeating it. I'd get a 10mm before I got another 357 mag or sig or a 41 mag and then would step up to a 460 S&W if I wanted bigger (yeah, I know it's a revolver) and so no 500. Not into history that much, so no interest in the __ Colt cartridges.

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    I'm not interested in any calibers i don't already have.

    I don't want to start stocking any more brass and bullets than I have right now, and I don't want to have to re-organize my ammo cabinet AGAIN!
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    Im not much for discrimination ;)

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    Short answer. I am only shooting .45 ACP and .40 S&W

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    no interest in the oddballs like .45GAP, .32, .357sig, etc. Of the more popular calibers, I really can't get into .40 at all. I just prefer 9mm and .45acp.

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    I really can't say. I like guns in all calibers,even the crappy ones.
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    Of the main stream rounds; .40 S&W.... useless
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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    I don't like to put limits on my options.
    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    I'm interested in most anything.
    Ditto. I'll shoot anything that I don't think is gonna blow up in my hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeFriday View Post
    I don't really have any thing against the main handgun calibers. I suppose all will do the job with proper shot placement, so this is not intended to be a debate on ballistics or stopping power. Things can change when it comes time to put money down on the table and take one home to add to the stable, so what would you not put your money down for?

    As far as calibers that are of no interest now:
    38 special - 357 mag, etc. Just have never been a revolver guy.
    357 Sig
    45 acp

    All have their merits and are not bad rounds, but all three of the semi-auto rounds are on the higher end of the ammo price scale, and I like to shoot. There's just not enough of a following on the 10mm and 357 Sig to have decent ammo prices. 45 acp is a maybe in the future, but I don't have an immediate need. 10mm is a maybe in the future if the ammo availability and prices came down. If I want 357 Sig, I can just drop a 357 Sig barrel in my G23 and use the 40 mags, so adding one wouldn't be too expensive, but it would just cost more to shoot.

    As far as calibers that are of no interest ever:
    45 gap

    Still haven't understood what it brings to the table over the other calibers.
    Over the years, I've been intrigued, bewildered, and amazed at some of the calibers that have come about. I've had first hand experience with many. I also like to stick with the basics overall. There has never been a caliber that didn't interest me at first (before weighing the options, benefits, and costs).
    The 45GAP was created mainly as a 45ACP round that would fit a standard frame Glock pistol. Standard meaning the average frame associated with 9mm, 357SIG, 40S&W, etc.... Standard, compact and sub-compact models. To me...this one actually made sense for the cause, but for the cost and availability of ammo to the public...it didn't pursue it. I also took great interest in the 10mm and the science behind it. However.......any of my choices to change or adopt a new cartridge for carry pretty much went back to the basics. 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP. If there was a do it all caliber I would have saved a lot of money over the years on pistols and ammo. You also must realize I've been down many roads that others have not. When questioned specifically as to which calibers I would never consider owning..............a lot depends on where and who I am. Consider pepper spray or a small caliber handgun for self protection.......which would you rather have? Truth be known, I'd be more than happy with most calibers available these days if that's all I had. I'm getting up in years and the hand to hand combat is waning with my will. Anything is better than nothing when a dirt bag wants to take your life for little or nothing. At this point in life, I won't rule anything out as a good means of survival. So long as your "interests" include living, there's not much that should be ruled out.

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    I have no interest in:

    - .17HMR
    - 7.62 Nagant
    - .357 SIG
    - .45 GAP
    - .40 S&W
    - .50AE
    - . 44 Magnum, but I do want to get a .44 Special
    - .327
    - .454
    - .500 S&W

    I'm sure I missed a few exotic calibers.

    I used to think there would be no way I would have a .25 but then I got handle a Colt 1908 and that opinion changed. I used to think .32 was out, but the Seecamp .32 and Colt 1903 interest me. .380 was a no-go but I do think there is a place for the LCP. In short, I used to think mouse guns were a bunch of hooey, but now I see that they have a purpose or at least a historical role that's intriguing.
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    I'm more interested in defensive calibers and the .22 for cheap volume, but I'll shoot anything. I guess if I had to eliminate any it would be .25 auto and .45 GAP.

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    Always thought 45/70 was just a bit much for a handgun. BFR: Magnum Research

    Other than that it would be the 45GAP sort of the answer to the queation that was never asked.
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    40 s&w

    I've owned and shot several and never did like the way they shot.

    Another is 41 magnum aka "just get a damn 44"

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