What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning?

What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning?

This is a discussion on What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't really have any thing against the main handgun calibers. I suppose all will do the job with proper shot placement, so this is ...

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Thread: What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning?

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    What handgun calibers do you not have an interest in owning?

    I don't really have any thing against the main handgun calibers. I suppose all will do the job with proper shot placement, so this is not intended to be a debate on ballistics or stopping power. Things can change when it comes time to put money down on the table and take one home to add to the stable, so what would you not put your money down for?

    As far as calibers that are of no interest now:
    38 special - 357 mag, etc. Just have never been a revolver guy.
    357 Sig
    45 acp

    All have their merits and are not bad rounds, but all three of the semi-auto rounds are on the higher end of the ammo price scale, and I like to shoot. There's just not enough of a following on the 10mm and 357 Sig to have decent ammo prices. 45 acp is a maybe in the future, but I don't have an immediate need. 10mm is a maybe in the future if the ammo availability and prices came down. If I want 357 Sig, I can just drop a 357 Sig barrel in my G23 and use the 40 mags, so adding one wouldn't be too expensive, but it would just cost more to shoot.

    As far as calibers that are of no interest ever:
    45 gap

    Still haven't understood what it brings to the table over the other calibers.

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    .357 sig
    .45 GAP
    .38 SUPER

    ETA: .50AE, .500, .41 long colt, .44 magnum, etc.

    I am interested in 10mm but probably will never own one unless I start reloading.
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    I am interested in about every other caliber for collectibles.

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    All the others intrigue me, including .454 Casull, but for which I have no immediate need.
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    Timely.. I have been sort of changing, trading and selling to narrow my hurd. I've started narrowing my collection so as to keep ammo in check. Right now I have .380 (1 piece) 38/357 (5 pieces) 9mm (1piece).40 (2 pieces) .45 (1 piece) .44 (1 piece) and .223/5.56 (2 pieces) and lastly one 7.62x54r.

    I intend to change the 9mm (G26) to a .40 G27. I'll probaly change the .380 to a 9mm or .40. (Or move that to .357)

    If I can keep my down ammo to, .9mm, .40, .45, .223/5.56 and 12ga. I would be happy. Replacing the .380 [LCP] with a Kahr in 9mm or .40 would be a good option for me. The 7.62x54r is for a M9130 that I don't really intend to shoot so that is moot. All of .38s witht he exception of 2 will do .357 so in the long run, I could replace the .380 ammo for .357.

    In the long term I'd like to have, .223, .38, .357, .40, .45, and 12ga. As for the .44S&W / 44 Mag. I guess it will be a safe piece or maybe something to take into the woods of eastern Kentucky.

    To each his own though...
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    Hard to say based on handguns on hand. I love guns and it's huge fun to play with cartridges at the loading bench.

    There's at least one handgun in the menagerie chambered for each of the following cartridges.

    .22 Short
    .22 Long Rifle
    .25 ACP
    7.62 Nagant
    .32 ACP
    .32 Long Colt
    .32 S&W Long
    .380 ACP
    .38 S&W
    .38 Long Colt
    .38 Special
    .357 Magnum
    .41 Long Colt
    .41 Magnum
    .44 Special
    .44 Magnum
    .45 ACP
    .45 Auto Rim
    .45 Colt
    .455 Webley

    Though it's used more often than many of the others from the above list, the single least interesting cartridge to me is the 9mm. It and the .32 ACP are more interesting because of some of the pistols that featured them than they are from a ballistics standpoint.

    Other cartridges I'd really like to play with.

    .327 Magnum Looks like a handloaders dream for tinkering.
    .38 Super (9X23 and .357 SIG would be a good substitute). Everything the 9mm is cracked up to be but really isn't.
    .40 S&W What a useful ideal for a gap in the semi-auto pistol cartridge line-up!
    10mm The .40 S&W on steroids. Would have been given the sobriquet "Magnum" if it'd been developed in the 1935-1965 time period.
    .44-40 Would be entertaining in a Colt Single Action revolver or in an original 19th century Smith & Wesson top-break revolver.

    Cartridges for which I have no interest.

    5.7X28 An overrated tossing of bullets weighing as much as mosquito legs.
    9X18 Falling between .380 and 9mm, a niche that didn't need to be filled.
    .410 shot shell chambered revolvers. Not even a good intellectual exercise to attempt to justify!
    .45 GAP A silly and unnecessary round.
    .454 Casull Unnecessarily exceeds .44 Magnum.
    .460 S&W Too much of a good thing.
    .50AE The artillery's too unwieldy to shoot this big boy.
    .500 S&W Way too much of a good thing. I'm not interested in any handgun more powerful than .44 Magnum nor do I care for outright rifle rounds adapted to specialty handguns like Thompson Center's Contender or goofy bolt action "handguns."
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    If its not listed below I'm not interested in it...yet perhaps. I do have a .22 for cans and kids.


    So many loads just for these cals that if I really tried my little office would look like an ammo depot! (at least for me) I'm sniffing around looking for a used reloading set-up as this is now becoming interesting and maybe will help with the costs of shooting. I say maybe as I think I will have to shoot a lot to take advantage of any cost savings. This aside, its another skill set to learn.
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    the 45 gap exists cause M. Glock wanted a cartrage named after him and justified it for that one person in 10,000 (or more...) who HAD to have that gun and the 2mm less front strap to back grip size has the gun to fit their hand. LFD

    i like and re-load pret near everything bmc does and feel the same. 9mm cause it brought the H&K P7 and 32's in vaarious forms cause they are darn fun to shoot--and accurate!!

    my Colt 32 Long 6" Target D.A. is pure joy to shoot. it will be 93 next month
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    I don't like to put limits on my options.
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    I'm interested in most anything.
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    sgb is online now
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    You don't need to know
    I've whittled things down to .22lr, 9x19mm & .45acp. They do everything I want.
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    10 mm
    44 mag

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    I've whittled things down to .22lr, 9x19mm & .45acp. They do everything I want.
    That's exactly what I've done.

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    never was a fan of .40 and I don't own one.
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    Wants change all the time. For now not interested in:

    .357 SIG
    .45 GAP
    anything above .45 caliber
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