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Colt 1911 not working as expected. Neither is Glock

This is a discussion on Colt 1911 not working as expected. Neither is Glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think I know what the problem might be. To rectify it you need to purchase some Affliction tee shirts , grow a sweet goattee ...

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Thread: Colt 1911 not working as expected. Neither is Glock

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    I think I know what the problem might be. To rectify it you need to purchase some Affliction tee shirts, grow a sweet goattee and moustache, possibly get a couple of tats, and curse a lot more.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    After reading all the bad stuff about 1911s in the " 1911s suck" thread, I thought I would run mine this morning in my local IDPA competition. Well something went terribly wrong; I won. Even with my cobbled up reloads, using the dirtiest powder since, well, dirt, it went thru 200 rounds without a hiccup. Despite numerous speed draws from the holster, some without the fireing grip I desired, I could not even get the damn grip safety to fail to engage! Surely something is dramatically wrong here, as mine is a plain jane Colt Goverment Model, with all original parts, with 2 factory 8 round mags and Wilson 47Ds. It is not feasible that all the people so much against this platform could be so full of it?

    So, not wanting to leave well enough alone, I took my remaining reloads to an indoor range, and now with an absolute filthy gun, hoped to get at least a bobble of some kind.

    Surly you Jest. This must be some type of internet Commando hype. That like trying to have us believe that bumble bees can fly.

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    That is just terribly sad, Gman.

    Just to be a good bud to you, I'll swap you a Gen4 Glock for that absolutely junk Colt Government Model ... no really ... I would do that for you.
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    Very nice work Glockman. I took my new Para LTC (commander) for it's first workout today. At the magic 21 foot mark I removed the face from my silhoette target. I wish it were a colt but I'm quite pleased with the platform. I'm sure it has more accuracy than I could ever ring from it.

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    This is an obvious troll post. A 1911 cannot function in that manner. I heard it on the interwebz.
    The 1911 is an antiquated weapons system but then again, so am I.
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    You Colt must not have gotten the memo. Sit your Colt down and read the entire thread "1911's Suck" to it out loud and see if that fixes the problem.

    Congrat's on your win!

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    as the owner of 3 gov1911s... Ithaca, Reminton-Rand, Argentine... 2 early Colt CommanderLW's...a series 70 Gold Cup... and one so-called off brand Randall, I must admit that the only trouble I've ever had was with the Argentine. Seems at the time their quality control left a little to be desired. I picked up my Argentine still wrapped in the wax paper smelling of cosmoline. Upon stripping for cleaning I noticed the pin at the bottom of the frame was a roofing nail and the main spring was broke, but cleverly held in place by lots of cosmoline. After about a gazillion rounds through these 7 1911's there isn't a doubt in my mind about carrying for self defense. Mine love to be dirty and oily and with a quick spray and lube they're back in business. I've carried mine so long, I think my spine has formed to
    Now, don't get me started on my Colt Ace. That is one finicky animal, but it does come in handy for cheap practice rnds.
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    After that terrible showing with both guns shooting left of poa, as a fellow DC man, I will help you out and take them off your hands for, say, $600 for both? I know, it's alot considering, but hey, we're all in it together here right?
    p.s. congratulations
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    Nice shooting congrats on the win.

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    Got to watch those pesky old Colt Gov't Models....they WORK. Old Guns and Old Guys Rule!
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    Good shooting Gman inspite of having to use a totally reliable firearm.

    I traded off my G-19 for a S&W Model 10 and some cash.

    Boy did I stick it to that guy.

    Now he has a Glock that works first time every time. Is he going to be sorry.

    Of course I now have to find ways to get rid of my totally reliable G-21,23 and 36.

    Maybe I will keep them so that I have something to complain about like their total reliability.


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    congrats on the win. I honestly dont know what is wrong with some people to tink that a 1911 sucks they have been proven to be a great combat tested pistol 100 years of proven service. the 1911 is what I trained with and what I learned to completely dissasemble and reassemble and for old military guys like me there is nothing better. Proven time after time to put the bad guys down for good. I have owned my share of plastic guns and always return to the 1911 platform of guns for EDC. I am dissabled now but have ovr 10 years in the army 11B and later 19D and after ta 9 years as a LEO and have carried many differant pistols and many revolvers and the 1911 for me is hands down the best.
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    Good job Glockman, I take it you are all healed up from your little adventure you had a while back.

    I like to shoot more like you, if you put them all through the same hole you don't get the full use of your target. When I really look at it you didn't use a whole lot of your target.

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    I have owned 4 Model 1911s.
    The two Colts, a Gold Cup series 80 and an Officer's Model series 80, were both prone to problems. The two Remington Rand refurbished GI issues were totally reliable. I have heard old timers in the Corps say that the Remington Rand was actually the better piece compared to a Colt.
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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