What do you think about the Bersa Thunder Pro and UC Pro Series?

This is a discussion on What do you think about the Bersa Thunder Pro and UC Pro Series? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've recently been doing a bit of research on the Bersa Thunder Pro and UC Pro Series. There is something about the Bersa that I ...

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Thread: What do you think about the Bersa Thunder Pro and UC Pro Series?

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    What do you think about the Bersa Thunder Pro and UC Pro Series?

    I've recently been doing a bit of research on the Bersa Thunder Pro and UC Pro Series. There is something about the Bersa that I really like, I don't think I would use it for EDC because I'm very comfortable with the Glock, however I wouldn't mind picking up Bersa for a truck gun.

    So what are your thoughts? Have you guys had much experience with them?

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    I have an older Bersa Tunder 9 Ultra Compact, and based on my experience with it and my buddies Bersas (Thunder 380 and Thunder UC Pro) I've been thoroughly impressed with Bersa products. They are VERY well made. Long slide rails, thick steel components, great features. They're not the smallest or lightest, but reliability and durability in a feature packed weapon in which the weight dampens recoil and makes follow-up shots on target a breeze is not a bad trade-off. The slide finish leaves a little to be desired, but for a workhorse of a gun who really cares. I think Bersa firearms are severely under-rated and they are coming out with newer designs (BP9cc and variants) that are closing the gap on weight and size. They are a great gun at a great price...not a cheap gun at a cheap price. I'm confident that if you try it, you'll really like it.
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    I had an .45 UC Thunder Pro and we nicknamed it the jam-o-matic. Could not get it to run reliably on any ammo. Loved the platform and it was quite accurate. Hated the trigger though. A lot of take up even in single action. Factory replaced the recoil springs once and magazines once to try to fix the jamming issue and I had a mag catch break. From what I hear if you get a good one they are nice. I didn't get one and couldn't make mine into one.

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    I have a good friend who owns a very beat up Bersa Thunder in .380 and he swears by it.

    He shoots in about once a month ever since he and I started shooting years ago.

    And all I can say is its still running and to my knowledge its not giving him any trouble what so ever.

    I've shot it several times and its a nice, accurate little gun.

    He carriers it IWB most of the time.

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    Wife likes 9 UC and I like my 40 UC Pro. Great guns and no issues at all.

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    I've have a Thunder 380 and used to have the Bersa Firestorm Mini40. Both were reliable and trouble free. The only drawback I see to Bersa, is limited availability of magazines and premium price for the magazines when you find them.
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    Cool Just bought a thunder 9 pro today

    I just bought the thunder 9 pro today and was really impressed by the weight and solid feel. It seems like a really solid gun. I am taking it to th range next week, so we will see how it performs.

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    I carry the Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro and have never had a failure of any kind with it.
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    Carry Pistol. Bersa Thunder 9 HC Pro Duotone 17+1.
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    I have both the 380 CC and the 9mm Thunder High Capacity and really like them both. I have found that for really light weight carry the Bersa 380 is not the best but it is much nicer to shoot than many other .380s.

    I have been carrying the 9mm daily lately with no problems using a Kholster made for a Beretta 92FS. You will find that most 92FS holsters will work with the HC Bersa. It has been very comfortable. I only carry larger if I can conceal well, otherwise I go for smaller firearms.

    Bersa's are great firearms and have lifetime warranties. With the lower price you don't get a sub standard pistol but you won't get a finely finished firearm either.

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    I usually carry a 9UC is a Tagua holster that looks like a Galco summer comfort. I have found this pistol to be utterly reliable so far. Very good gun for the money and very comfortable to shoot. There is one thing i would change, I wish Bersa would make a "delete kit" for the side of the safety and slide release you don't need as it would make the gun narrower/lighter by a bit and a bit more holster friendly. Generally, leather holsters for a G19 or G26 can be found that fit well, but due the the ambi-safety, I found that some of the more snug holsters I tried tended to flip the safety off when holstering. I do like the nice large safety lever though. Wife has a Firestorm 380 that she really likes. Well made and good value for the $$. I'm happy with my 9UC and would buy it again.

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    Bersa's are in that catagory of guns that work well and are inexpensive. They are working pistols, not finely made pieces of art. They make a good car gun because if one is stolen it can be easilly replaced. (I never leave a gun in a car anymore unless i absolutely have to.)


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