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Thread: Cleaning a gun

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    the same as T...J...
    I would stay away from the grease...

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    Hummm... maybe I'm a "yuppie" gun cleaner but I like to use the compressor to blow out all that #9 before I start wiping and lubing!
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    Cleaning after shooting

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkM View Post
    1) Shoot gun repeatedly at the range
    2) Go home
    3) Remove magazine, ensure chamber empty
    4) Spray CLP on boresnake and run through barrel
    5) Insert loaded magazine
    6) Place gun on hip
    You don't field strip it and clean the slide, rails, etc.?

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    I clean my GLOCK 19 IAW the owners manual, with Hoppe's #9 and Hoppe's Gun oil. I put an additional small dab of oil on the connector, where it contacts the firing pin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lomahy View Post
    You don't field strip it and clean the slide, rails, etc.?
    Occasionally (maybe every 500rds) but like Kastiron guessed - it's a glock

    Now if I go shooting my AR or fire some corrosive ammo in my mauser I have to do a proper cleaning.

    Edit: By the way, welcome to the site
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    (of course checking the chamber for ammo first)
    I field strip the weapon (auto) take a nylon brush to the underside of the slide (using CLP), making sure to include the grooves that connect the slide and reciever, if you brush the slide, dont forget those "guides" on the reciever (bottom part of the gun that includes the trigger) which the slides connects to and slides on. Wipe off the reciever and slide thoroughly. CLP the barrel, and either bore brush or bore snake. i snake it. Then use patches in the bore until they come out clean.
    (NOTE- I would put CLP or whatever your solvent choice is, in the barrel first and allow it to sit while you clean the rest of the gun, helps with effectiveness)

    With the oil, generally i have observed that less is more. If your gun "bleeds" oil hours after you clean it, or even the next day or two, then you have applied TOO MUCH oil. To apply the oil, i use Militec 1, on a Qtip, that i douse lightly with oil, and run the QTIP down the slide guides and slide grooves. In the end i generally run a patch, LIGHTLY covered with oil down the inside of the barrel prior to putting it all together, because MIlitec-1 directions say "re-fire to operating temperature", I usually put the barrel in the oven for 10 -15 mins at around 200 degrees. Militec directions state this will help the oil stick to the metal and bond with it.

    Here are three additional links to threads i have started regarding cleaning, these may not apply totally to you, but they might be helpful to you. Happy cleaning!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkM View Post
    By the way, welcome to the site
    Thanks MarkM. I have enjoyed being here. This is a great forum.

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    Militec is good stuff as well...
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    I just did a basic cleaning on my Mil-Spec this morning, hadn't shot it in a while but since I carry it everday it was due for a clean, inspect and relube.

    I only went as far as field stripping, didn't pull the firing pin or extractor this time (but did inspect the extractor hook).
    - Light cleaning of the frame and slide with #9, wipe dry with an old T-shirt. Same with slide stop and other small parts.
    - Clean/scrub the barrel bore with #9, dry patch and light patch w/ Militec-1.
    - Wipe down slide and frame w/ Militec-1 (generally warming with hair dryer). Similar with recoil assembly parts.
    - Grease locking lugs and reseat barrel in slide.
    - Lightly (very lightly) grease slide/frame rails.
    - Reassemble and dry cycle slide until wife yells at me to stop .
    - Wipe down excess lube and any handling marks.
    - Insert mag and chamber round.
    - Top off mag and reinsert.

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