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New gun break do you do yours?

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Thread: New gun break do you do yours?

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    1) I clean it per the manual.
    2) Shoot it....A LOT!!
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    Tear down, Clean, reassemble, Fondle, work the slide repeatedly, dry fire, fondle, work the slide some more, then take it out and put some rounds through it. Then just tear down and clean and oil again, Read it a bed time story every night and tuck it away in the safe. When your wife complains that you show your new firearm more attention than you show her, you know your doing it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberpackn View Post
    Just curious to see how my fellow enthusiasts prep a brand new gun prior to putting first rounds down range.

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    Depends on what kind of brand new gun. Some of them might need some prep, but most of them shouldn't. Shoot them is what I mainly do as far as prep for carry. I also try my best to prep for possible malfunctions. Make sure the bore is clean and free of obstructions.....know your firearm and how to operate it and break it down. An out-of-the-box tool shouldn't require as much prep as the user who's employing the tool. Sometimes we over-think things.

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    It's a glock i shoot fmj then i shoot jhp that i intend on carrying then i clean it.

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    Rip, strip, clean, lube, shoot. That's it.

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    Clean it, put 100 rounds through it, clean it again, put another 100 rounds down range and good to go.

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    Shoot it, clean it, repeat it.
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    Fill all new magazines (to help set the springs).

    Rack the slide fully a few hundred times without a magazine in it so the slide doesn't lock back each time. (Helps smooth out slide and set recoil springs)

    Dry fire with a snap a few hundred times (only rack the slide enough to reset the trigger, this requires only one snap cap and no reloading). (Helps smooth out trigger action and helps get used to trigger break, reset, and grip).

    Clean and lube before actual shooting.

    Run about 50 rounds of range fodder ammo through it to test function, relative accuracy, and sight alignment.

    Shoot five round groups of the different types of ammo considering for carry to select the best for that particular gun (I alternate ammo types until all the ammo is used), this results in about 150 - 200 rounds through it the first session if all goes well.

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    I clean, oil, then goto the range and shoot cheap FMJ, repeat weekly or till buy another gun, then repeat monthly
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    I don't do anything, just load it and shoot it. I expect them to work out of the box. After that first time at the range then I clean then. I want to see how they perform out of the box. My expectations have been met so far by all the guns I have bought except a SIG P239, which I had to stop shooting, and go back and clean it, because I could not get more than 3 rounds through it without some kind of failure. It worked perfectly after that 1st cleaning though.

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    I follow the manufacturer's advice then go to the range.
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