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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy60 View Post
    The P3AT is a smell their breath gun. It's going to be used with in 10' most of the time. It has to work every time right out of your pocket and forget about aiming it. This a point shoot type weapon.
    Just FWIW, I shot a 1G P3AT last weekend for the first time...and I was impressed! First magazine was hitting the bullseye consistently from 7 yards...much better than I was doing with my Smith and Wesson .38. My father in law (whose gun it was) and I did not expect it to be able to perform very well, but if you can keep those tiny sights aligned through that long trigger pull...well, it shoots where you aim it. Or I got lucky!

    Oh and I use the term "sights" loosely...more like a groove in the slide!

    I really like a PLR-16 which is hardly a cc weapon, but its a lot of fun...and the new PF-9 is on order. They are kind of like a race car...very high performance (in this case, extremely light weight and size) but require careful maintenance and attention to run smoothly, otherwise they can be finicky. I wouldn't advise someone who isn't "into guns" (and thus, would likely neglect maintenance) to get a Kel-Tec. But with some TLC they are great guns from what I've seen and heard.

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    i have the p11 and the p3at. both are great guns!!!!! i carry the p3at as a "bug". yes i had to do some work on both to make them 100%. BUT I WAS LOOKING TO SHOOT THEM 200 ROUNDS PLUS WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS (at one time). i never got to this point with my p3at. i can only get 50 to 75 rounds before it does the FTE. but????, come to think about it a gun fight is only two to three rounds fired (i know this). so do i need to get more than one mag before i get a FTE??? bottem line is -- there is nothing wrong with the kel tec guns. just take them to the range and shoot them, get to know your gun and you will not have any problems.

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    mine still runnin at 700-800 rounds. Two malf. both within first 50 rounds, LIFETIME WARRANTY
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