gun looking/handling/buying question

gun looking/handling/buying question

This is a discussion on gun looking/handling/buying question within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've read alot of posts here about going to the LGS for something else, then seeing/handling and buying a new gun. What do you people ...

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Thread: gun looking/handling/buying question

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    gun looking/handling/buying question

    I've read alot of posts here about going to the LGS for something else, then seeing/handling and buying a new gun. What do you people do that don't have that LGS, or the ones you do have carry very little. Example: Within a 50 mile radius from where I live, I have the option of two Gun Shops. The pistol/revolver selection totals at any given time about twenty guns between the two shops. And those are new. These two places don't sell used. If it wasn't for a pawn shop at the outer edge of the radius, there'd be little to find around here. Two gunshows a year.
    My questions are: Do you have to handle the gun before you buy?
    How far do you travel to find the right gun?
    Do you buy online? It is safe?
    Have you done it? And did it turn out okay?

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    Yes buying online is safe I do it all the time, however you must know what you are looking for and review the feedback of the seller. I buy off gunbroker and forums like this all the time.

    LGS can sometimes be a little short on inventory. Every once in awhile go to a superstore and fondle, check prices and then go to your LGS and order if the price is better.
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    I do prefer to handle prior to buying. I do quite a bit of travel and always look for gun shops and pawnshops when out of town or even out of state. I always carry the business cards of my LGS when out of state in case I find something I want I can call and set up a legal transfer.
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    Depending on what we are looking for and want we will often call around or just look online. If it's a reputable company with a good warranty you should be able to buy online without having to worry about losing too much in the investment. Of course, sometimes, when you are looking for something specific you can order it and have it shipped to an FFL more local that may or may not have an actual gun store, per se.

    There are options for people who are lacking a good local store to visit.

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    Yes I really like to get a gun in my hands and, if at all possible, shoot one before I buy one. That is tough without a good selection in your area. Other than lucking out and finding what you want to check out at your LGS and pawn shop, I'd recommend making a few friends at your shooting range. Between your new friends and their friends, you're likely be able to check out what you're looking for with the bonus of having some new friends!
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    Road trip, I like to handle a gun before buying unless I already know how it feels even how it looks. You can see pictures, but you have no perspective of how big or small it really is until you can see it in your hand. Take a road trip to the nearest LGS fondle as many as you can, remember to take notes and pictures. Buying on line works well, you can check the list of FFL holders in your area on gunbroker and then go meet a few, you should be able to find someone you feel good about doing business with. Cost you 10-30 bucks. I have a guy near me that will order from his distributer and not jack the price way up. On the other hand I am spoiled to have a LGS that has all the major brands and multiple models. I try to support them even though I have to pay a little more, over the last two years I bought a handgun for my wife and son, between the two of them they handled just about every gun in the store

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    Do you buy online?
    Several times a week.

    It is safe?
    Havent been burned yet.

    Have you done it?
    Yes,several times a week.

    And did it turn out okay?
    Havent been burned yet.
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    #1. Put your American "gotta have it now" mentality on the back burner...
    #2. Be open minded, that the "good looking" gun you saw in the mag, the glass case , whatever, may not actually be that great in function, durability, or reliability...
    #3. Research, research, research ( I am talking months, not minutes or hours) "real" person usage reviews (not mag reviews), not LGS salesperson talk (8 out of 10 are selling you), talk to friends, family, known aquaintences...
    #4 Handle it....cause if it doesnt feel good to you, you wont be motivated to practice/train with it...and then you might as well not buy it....
    #5 Shoot it if possible....sometimes very difficult to do...and I have had great success without shooting first, because of all the #4 I did....

    There are probably a lot of other #'s and such I could have put in here but trying to keep this simple....
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