My first CC wheelgun n my thoughts.

My first CC wheelgun n my thoughts.

This is a discussion on My first CC wheelgun n my thoughts. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been contemplating for a while now on getting me a small revolver to cc. I am a big automatic fan and thought that ...

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Thread: My first CC wheelgun n my thoughts.

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    My first CC wheelgun n my thoughts.

    I have been contemplating for a while now on getting me a small revolver to cc. I am a big automatic fan and thought that a revolver would be to cumbersome, and not easy to carry or conceal. With summer coming, I decided to go out on a limb, step outside the box, and i think the deal is what made me do it. I found a like new S&W airweight, with box papers, and the assurance it was only shot by Mom, propably on easter sundays only, but the gun appeared to be new money, and for $250, I went for it.
    Only wish I would have tried one a lot earlier. I absolutely love this gun, and looks like I am going to have to buy another, as my Wife loves it as much as I do. For what it is, and for what I use it for, it is great.
    I am not concerned about 15 round capacity, and if I know I am going outside to investigate the dog barking, I have plenty of other options. but for comfort and concealability, a big thumbs up to Smith.
    After shooting it a couple of times, I am even more impressed. It is not a go to combat gun, it is a concealed carry gun, that functions and shoots great, and if 5 shots does not stop you, I can always give ya a knucklesammich !!!
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    Everybody should own one snubby! Enjoy.
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    You will want more! Sounds like you got a great deal, too!

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    Pics of it didnt happen. Snubbies are like crack cocaine, once you get one, you will want more. Bunker
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    I know the feelind just got my first 5 shot. I shot it for the first time today and I really like it. Unfortunately the wife doesnt so maybe ill just go buy another gun and try again. HAHA
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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    Pics of it didnt happen. Snubbies are like crack cocaine, once you get one, you will want more. Bunker
    So true! And you may start lusting after 'snubbies' that are bigger and kind of ridiculous too. Before I bought my SP101, I never would have thought that I would think a 'snubby' S&W 686,629,625 was cool, or even a logical purchase. Now I do. Beware...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    Everybody should own one snubby! Enjoy.
    ...and for $250, too!
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    OK we give up. Which model did you get and where are the pictures??!!
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    I carry my Ruger LCR frequently. It's a great little gun.
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    Congrats on the snubby. Everybody should own at least one. My LCR .38 is my favorite carry gun. Light weight and easy to hide under a loose t-shirt when carried OWB. Enjoy the snub. Go get another one for your wife. Never hurts to have an extra one on hand.
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    Revolvers for carry are very underrated by the whole hi-cap semi-auto, carry 50 rounds on you or you will die when attacked by multiple assailants or mubai style attacks crowd. They claim anything less than a hicap and a couple backup mags is unacceptable. Yet, nothing says get off me like a five or six shooter loaded with 158gr .38 lswchp +p, 135gr .38 jhp +p, or 125gr .357 jhp......

    I am not going into combat. I am not fighting zombie hordes. I am not wandering around in gangland USA. I am not enforcing the law and dealing with societies worst. My LCR .357 or Cobra do the job just fine for me. Lightweight, packs a punch, and always there when I need it.

    Last things I want to do is load out like I am going on a patrol in a war zone. I have friends that do this, they carry their semis with 2 or 3 backup hi-cap mags. I carry my 5 or 6 shooter with or without a speed strip and I come home just like they do, but a lot lighter and unencumbered.

    There is a time to carry hicap mags and semi's. But my day to day isn't one of those times. I have learned over the years to carry to my environment and not over encumber myself with unnecessary ammo and gear. It makes the day to day that much more enjoyable.

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    There is nothing faster into action than a S&W J-Frame in the Centennial or Bodyguard (not the new one) configuration. I prefer the all-steel older guns, but that's me.
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    I too am looking to add a good wheel gun to my stable. I was shooting a friends .38 recently and love the recoil characteristics.

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    Snubbies to me are the rock cocaine of handguns.

    Image.jpg 1977 S&W Model 10 with Creakote finish
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    Image.jpg 1977 Colt Detective Special
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    photo.jpg 1994 Ruger SP-101
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    photo.jpg 1993 S&W Model 649


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    Everybody should own one snubby! Enjoy.

    ...or two; or three...or...


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