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40s&w vs 9mm which do you carry

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Thread: 40s&w vs 9mm which do you carry

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    My Personal choice - First .45 acp , then .40 - don't own a 9mm
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    I have both. Which one I carry varies on where I am going and what I have to wear. When it absolutely has to be concealed I have my 9mm in a shoulder holster. When I can though, I prefer to open carry the .40 cal.

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    Please excuse my ignorance as I may have been too young remember, but in the 1986 shootout, were any of the BG's wearing body armor ??? If so not even a 10mm would penetrate that. Please correct me if I am wrong. God Bless

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    I own and carry both. Mostly Glocks and a couple of HKs. The gun I carry the most is the Glock 26, although I shoot the Glock 27 very well. I find the capacity issue compelling. I throw a Glock +2 magazine on my 26 and it's a 13-shot 9mm with a 3.62 inch polygonal barrel. That's a powerful little package, nearly rivaling a service-type pistol. I can carry a 17 or 19 round Glock 17 magazine in a coat pocket or glove box. It comes down to personal preference. Both calibers work if you can hit with them.
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    My EDC is a glock 19 9mm because it's reliable, cheaper to shoot and high mag capacity
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    My EDC is a .40, but on many occasions I do carry a 9mm. Sometimes both...

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    Shot placement is probably the most important factor in a defensive gun use. I carry 9mm so I have a couple extra shots if it is really needed. I can also shoot a little bit more quickly with 9mm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacman605 View Post
    The 9mm will do everything needed to do in my world.

    I have owned dozens of .40 cals and there is no real advantage to me. Hits on target are what count.

    Let the debate begin. LOL
    What debate? Both are recognized effective rounds. The only advantage my .40's have is they fit my hand better, I shoot them better, and they hold more, but I also own several 9's too.

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    9mm for me. It's cheaper, more plentiful, and the 40 really doesn't offer that much of a bigger size or power.
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    I carry a 9mm. The chances of me needing it for self-defense are pretty slim. The chance of me needing to actually shoot someone with it in self-defense are even more slim. I shoot it at the range a ton though, so the cost of ammo plays a huge role. This was also one of my first pistols. If I had bought a 40, I wouldn't have had nearly as much practice and wouldn't be nearly as good of a shot as I am with my 9mm.
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    Lightbulb 9mm vs .40 S&W

    This sums it up for me.

    124 gr. Gold Dots in 9mm and 165 gr. Gold Dots in .40 S&W.


    One of the guys in my camp, Rick Simes of Memphis P.D., did some extensive testing a few years back based around the FBI protocol. He concluded that the 9mm 124 Gold Dot Standard Load’s performance rivaled that of the .40 S&W.

    As I recall, they both penetrated 13” in ballistic gelatin. The .40 mushroomed out to around .67” to .68” in expansion. The 9mm opened up to around .65” to .66” on average. You’d need a digital caliper to tell the difference.

    We find it’s accurate, soft shooting and my students have much better hit rates with it over the .40 S&W.

    Is bigger better? Hell, yeah. But when it comes to qualification scores, many people struggle with the bigger calibers.
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    How come no poll?

    I go with the 9MM if I wanted to go bigger I would use my 45.
    I am not a big 40 fan. However I have 2 of them. I have a relative in LE and they just got rid of all the 40s and changed to 45.

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    VBVAGUY no body armor worn that I am aware of.

    Just two guys with the will to fight.
    "A first rate man with a third rate gun is far better than the other way around". The gun is a tool, you are the craftsman that makes it work. There are those who say "if I had to do it, I could" yet they never go out and train to do it. Don't let stupid be your mindset. Harryball 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by denver View Post
    If I lived in Detroit or Chicago I would find a Supertuck for the MAK 90 or the SKS!
    If you lived in Chicago, you wouldn't be (legally) carrying. And if you lived in Detroit, why would you carry anything differently than what you carry in TX? Seems to me that you should carry whatever you're most comfortable carrying and shoot the best with, whether you're in a ghetto/neighborhood in Detroit or in the exclusive suburb of Houston where Kwame Kilpatrick lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VBVAGUY View Post
    Please excuse my ignorance as I may have been too young remember, but in the 1986 shootout, were any of the BG's wearing body armor ??? If so not even a 10mm would penetrate that. Please correct me if I am wrong. God Bless
    The reason that 9mm didn't work was because of their shot placement. .40 S&W or 10mm would not have done any better.
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