list top 40 guns a store should carry

list top 40 guns a store should carry

This is a discussion on list top 40 guns a store should carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need some help here guys. A friend of mine opened a gun store that now sells pistols. He is looking for a list of ...

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Thread: list top 40 guns a store should carry

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    list top 40 guns a store should carry

    I need some help here guys. A friend of mine opened a gun store that now sells pistols. He is looking for a list of the top 40 guns he should stock up his shelves with.

    glock 19
    glock 23
    kimber ?
    One more step and it's on!

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    Variety of 1911s, Glock 36, 26, 27, 17, revolvers like LCR, S&W I think there should be way more than 40 handguns in stock
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    you stock what sells. and that is dependent on many factors...your location; much hunting going on, what animals?
    seasonal--cowboy stuff is hot now, in another month--not so much.
    bullseye hot in the late fall cause its thought of by many as an indoor, winter sport. not true but presentation and
    perception sells. add whats being written about in the gun mags--many want whats new.

    check out area stores for what they carry and if you find a hole that is profitable--fill it.

    older tend to the revolvers, younger to the plastic; again--who comprises your potential client base is what you want to
    have in the store to sell them. and try to stock holsters for the guns you sell. a generic, adjustable unkle mikes type and some nice leather.
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    I wish my LGS would stock a Ruger GSR, I would love to have one. Maybe it's a sign, they don't have one, I don't need one.......NAWW!!

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    Very sound, thoughtful advice above. As mentioned, way too many considerations to factor in, but here's a crack at a pool of well-regarded firearms at varying price points that could form the foundation of a store's inventory:

    -Glock 17
    -Glock 19
    -Glock 26
    -Glock 22
    -Glock 23
    -Glock 27
    -Some .45 1911's (I know little of 1911's, but the Dan Wessons and Springfields seem to be well-liked)
    -Beretta 92fs
    -Ruger LCP
    -Ruger LC9
    -H&K P30 .40
    -H&K P30 9
    -H&K 45
    -H&K 45c
    -H&K P2000sk 9
    -H&K P2000sk .40
    -Kahr PM9
    -Kahr CM9
    -Sig P226 9
    -Sig P226 .40
    -Sig P229 9
    -Sig P229 .40
    -Walther PPS 9
    -Walther PPS .40
    -S&W .38 J-Frames
    -S&W .357 K-Frames
    -S&W .44 N-Frames
    -Ruger LCR
    -Ruger SP-101
    -Ruger GP-100
    -Ruger Redhawk

    That's about 40 right there, and that's just scratching the surface really. The above is just a list of handguns that are generally considered to be quality, reliable sidearms. Based on my admittedly limited experience compared to many around here, I think most customers could pick at least one handgun that fits their wants/needs from the above list and be happy with their purchase.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention any .22LR pistols, so you can add items like the Ruger MKIII, CZ Kadet conversion kit, Walther P22. Also forgot the .45ACP Glock family.
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    Your friend needs to go around to other local and area gun shops, or send you. Look at what others carry and price out. talk to shop owners off the cuff about what sells more..... in a social rather than info gathering manner. Quiz people at the local range on what they wish the local shops carried. Really research it. Then come out with what people want and are buying for better prices. Create a business model and plan.... expand slowly. Good luck.

    Research things like this:

    Top Selling Handguns | The Shooter's Log

    and this:

    Bud’s Top Selling Guns for 2011 | The Truth About Guns

    I personally hate taurus and hi-point but if they sell.... it's business.

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    Here are some semi-auto guns that I would expect a gun store to have in stock (and would potentially buy). I think that some other users that have wheel guns could propose some revolvers

    Glock 19, 23, 27
    S&W M&P (various models)
    Kimber 1911s (ultra cdp, crimson carry)
    Sig 238
    Sig 938
    Ruger LCP
    Ruger LC9
    Springfield XD Compact (.45, .40, 9mm)
    Springfield XD Subcompact (.40, 9mm)
    Walther P22
    Walther PPS
    Walther PPK
    Bersa Thunder
    Kel Tec PF9
    Kel Tec P3AT
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    It may not be that easy. Some manufacturers and distributors require a minimum stock level across a product line in order to receive decent pricing, etc.
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    The life of a businessman. Plan your business before you go into business.... or you may not be in business long.

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    If he wants to stay in business, he needs to consider cash flow. He needs to mostly stock the guns that move off the shelves.

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    There are to many qualified selections. I'd like to see Colt reintroduce the python and detectives special.
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    Those stated above will do.

    Also, stock up on a ton of ammo as well as a few selection of holsters for each pistol you carry.

    What I've noticed for my local gun shop is they sell a crap ton of firearms as well as ammo, but their holster selection is very limited. Try to stock up on holsters that are rare like the CBST. I know people hate the turn around times for them.

    Good Luck!

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    Don't forget the Springfield line, their 1911's are a good low to mid price range gun, the XD/XDms are excellent and they will be really hot once the XDs hits stores....Springfield Armory would be my first call so I could get in line for that XDs cause Brother, there IS going to be a wait...
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    Any Glock model, any Sig, CZ, Beretta, FNH, S&W. Some Colt, Kimber, and Springfield 1911's. Springfield XD's, Ruger.
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    The best advice Ive seen here is look around and see what's selling in your part of the country. Are you in an major urban area where self-defense is a prime concern or a rural location where hunting is the main use for firearms. Are rifles and shotguns the hot item or pistols and revolvers? are high end SIG's and Kimbers or less expensive Kel-Tec and Ruger handguns the big item. There are folks who only buy S&W's, Kinbers, Glocks or Colt products and others that are happy with economical but reliable guns like the Kel-Tec or Bersa pistols. Actually, maybe a mix of both is the way go.
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