Range Report - Ruger LCP - How could I be so dumb?!

Range Report - Ruger LCP - How could I be so dumb?!

This is a discussion on Range Report - Ruger LCP - How could I be so dumb?! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Before you Ruger fans get your britches in a wad, I LOVE my new Ruger LCP. It performed flawlessly at the range. I shot several ...

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Thread: Range Report - Ruger LCP - How could I be so dumb?!

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    Range Report - Ruger LCP - How could I be so dumb?!

    Before you Ruger fans get your britches in a wad, I LOVE my new Ruger LCP. It performed flawlessly at the range. I shot several mags of .380 FMJs, one mag of .380 Winchester Ranger T Hollow Points, and one single round of, how do I say this, .32 auto.

    Yes that's right. I'll set up the story for you so you can all learn from my mistakes. I missed so many warning signs. It was so bad that frankly I thought about punishing myself by watching "The View." So here goes.

    The same day I took the LCP to the range, I also took my new Kahr CM9 (see thread: Range Report - Kahr CM9). I was alternating between guns, comparing the trigger pull, kick, etc. I had already shot several mags of .380 FMJs through the LCP with no problem. Then I decide that I should test the hollow points to make sure everything feeds correctly. I pull out my box of Winchest Ranger Ts, and printed right there on the box is .380 auto. So far so good. This was not a full box, as I had used some of these rounds in my Bersa Thunder .380 previously. I slide out the styrofoam insert.

    Here's my first warning sign. I immediately notice that all the empty holes are in the middle of the styrofoam, as opposed to being at one end. This meant that there were about 12 rounds in one end of the styrofoam block and 12 rounds on the other end with a bunch of empty slots in the middle. I think to myself, "Oh I just balanced the rounds on either end so one side of the box wouldn't be heavier than the other. I do the same thing with egg cartons." As you've probably guessed, the rounds on one end were .32s and the rounds on the other end were .380. As luck would have it, I grab from the end with the 32s and load the LCP's magazine.

    Here's my next warning sign. As I am taking the rounds out of the box, I notice that the styrofoam holes were too tall, and I have to use my finger nails to get the rounds out. The rounds were obviously too small to be .380s.

    Next warning sign? The 32s are Speer Gold Dots, which have a silver color casing, verses the Ranger Ts which have a gold color casing. Not to mention the engraved label around the primer (duh).

    I decide to put one round in the chamber and then refill the mag. I rack the slide just fine. I top off the mag and reinsert it into the LCP.

    Next warning sign - when I reinsert the magazine, it doesn't quite click into place like it had before. I pull the mag out, make sure the top round is seated well, and then slide the mag back in. It clicks in place like normal.

    I aim down range and squeeze the trigger. What happens when you shoot a .32 out of a .380? Well, there is no kick, the slide doesn't move, and it sounds about like a .22 rifle going off. After wiping the confused look off my face (bad primer, low powder, huh?), I eject the magazine and rack the slide. Out pops this swelled up casing. I pick it up and go to examine the primer. I read "Speer Gold Dot .32" and wish I could shrink down to the size of that .32 and go hide among the brass casings on the floor.

    The LCP was fine, no damage, and it shoots .380s quite well. Having not researched this, my guess is that the expanding gasses mostly went around the bullet, meaning there wasn't any undue stress on the gun or barrel. There was enough force to push the bullet down range a little bit, but not enough force to overcome the recoil spring.

    Anything else I should be worried about, besides my mental status on that day (and on the day I decided to put two different but similar-sized rounds in the same box)?
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    Don't be too hard on yourself; it can happen to anyone. Just make sure you carefully check out your ammo next time!
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    I have seen something similar on the sporting clays range, but with far worse results. A guy I at the club had been shooting his 20 ga and switched to 12 ga. He was using a pump and inadvertantly loaded a 20 ga shell in the mag. Well, a 20 ga shell will make it about half way down the barrel and then the flange on the base binds. He had a double and shot so he loaded 2 rounds into the gun. The first shot went click, so he pumped the second round into the chamber then BOOM. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, however, the same cannot be said for his gun.

    Fortunately, in your case the event was a non-event. My take-away would be to never store ammo in a box that is not marked for that caliber - ever.
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    lol... I just recently listened to an incident where the host of the Handgun World Podcast shot .380 in his 9mm by accident... it happens.
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    I thought about punishing myself by watching "The View."

    Take it easy there, no need to go overboard.
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    Shot a 40 in a 45,case came out looking like a pregnant chicken
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    i do that on purpose, 32's in a 380, 380's in a 9, 9 in a 40, 40 in a 45.
    other combinations but heres the why i do it--

    im teaching re-loading and i understand much of the why behind how things work.
    what i do is like calculus is to pre-algebra.

    don't sweat what you did other than to reaffirm that when your hands are in motion--your eyes should be watching what they are doing.
    after you have handled ammo for many years your fingers will know right from wrong by feel.
    till than, eyeball each tray cause even a manufacture makes mistakes...upside down primers, bullets or a misplaced caliber.
    ultimately, short of a badly charged cartrage at the factory, its your responsibility as to what goes in your gun.
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    I did a 44 in a 45C, thank goodness it was a Blackhawk. The case bulged and split, extraction dragged a little, but it was still minute of felon out of the 7 1/2" Ruger. I'll be lucky if that's the worst thing I ever do...definitely not "View" worthy.
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    Aww come on now.. we know you were just curious what would happen if you shot a .32 out of a .380. :)

    Double check your ammo next time. I never mix ammo and throw them in the same box for this reason.

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    Don't be too too hard on yourself. I don't know how it happened (em, haw) but I must have
    once put a 180 gr .40 into a mag backwards. Darn if it somehow didn't feed. I had no idea there
    was a problem till nothing happened when I fired. Then I racked the slide open and sure enough
    the dang cartridge was sitting in the receiver 180 backwards. Since I don't think it could do that all
    by itself, I'm taking the blame; though I can't believe the sucker actually fed right in. And here we all
    complain about perfectly good ammo that won't feed :-
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    You should be commended for your honesty and frankness.
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    I wouldn't admit to that to anybody.

    Now having said that when I first recieved my .270 for elk hunting years ago my father was handing me the shells and I was loading shooting loading shooting, etc. somehow he gave me a .243 round with two .270 rounds it shot but made a funny noise and was way of target. It happens

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