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Glock Mags.............Whoa ?

This is a discussion on Glock Mags.............Whoa ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like most have said above, the mag springs will get better as you use them and the guide rod that came with the gun is ...

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Thread: Glock Mags.............Whoa ?

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    Like most have said above, the mag springs will get better as you use them and the guide rod that came with the gun is just fine and will likely last for as long as you have the gun. I wouldn't change it until it breaks.
    My opinion is to not fix it until its broken.

    Well Done on the G30!
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    I have a few Glocks...... The only thing I've changed out is the sights. My 26 came with Glock Tridium night sights, but my 30sf and 21 came with the polymer sights so I had to change those out. I don't see any real advantage to changing out the guide rod with steel or titanium. All you're doing is adding additional weight.

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    I like to use an Uplula loader for my Glock. Seems to work really well for me.
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    The plastic guide rod is really all you need. I did swap for a stainless but I really didn't see any benefit. I guess they make you think it's more durable but that's open to debate.
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    I purchased the loader on line and the gun came thru with Night Sights....guess we'll take her out to the range and see what she'll do..

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    Be glad you missed the days of the pre-metal lined Glock mags. I have a nice permanent scar running the length of my thumb from a feed lip while trying to fit in the last couple of rounds in an old G22 .40 S&W mag back in '92. I can still remember looking at the witness holes and wondering if there was some kind of mistake.

    As has been said load what you can get and let them set for a couple days, the springs will compress and you will be able to load to full capacity.

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    I loaded my mags and let them sit a few weeks. They're absolutely fine now.

    I wouldn't touch the guide rod. I'm on my 4th Glock, and I leave them bone stock (but wouldn't mind night sights). Zero issues, except my G36 (which I promptly dumped) was grip-sensitive.

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    I never had a problem with the plastic guide rod other than is looks like you could break it real easy.

    Other things I have had (non gun) that were plastic I upgraded to metal, but based on the above posts maybe swapping out the guide rod isn't as common as I thought.
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    I used to own a 30 and loved it! I sold it to my younger bro for a fantastic price. (Beer, I think?)

    Loading the last round? Put your thumb over the round in the magazine and thump it off your thigh leaving your thumb on top of the round. Insert the last round..

    That plastic guide rod is perfectly fine for pretty much anyone. I will likely last longer than your ownership of the said pistol. That stock guide rod, should it wear out.. Is ridiculously cheap.

    Enjoy the new addition!

    As a consolation, the full size magazines will work in that pistol as well.

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    I've only seen two Glock guide rods break (but then, I've only just recently started working on Glocks). One was on my wife's G19 the other on G17 with high mileage. I'm surprised they hold up as well as they do...

    Glock Mags.............Whoa ?-ah-club-100.gif
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