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To pinky or not to pinky?

This is a discussion on To pinky or not to pinky? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have owned both the G27 and G26, and have tried several methods of extensions/no extensions. I love the GAP Enterprise "extension"...which is not an ...

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Thread: To pinky or not to pinky?

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    I have owned both the G27 and G26, and have tried several methods of extensions/no extensions.
    I love the GAP Enterprise "extension"...which is not an extension, but a rather clever method of allowing the user to get a better purchase on the weapon, while still not using the pinky for gripping.
    For me, it is NO EXTENSION.

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    I shoot well either way. When I want to go deep concealment, I use the flush fitting mag in my 26. When I want to carry more rounds, I use the +2 mag. Or I just carry my 19 or 17.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inspector71 View Post
    Hickok 45
    Yup, it's Hickok45 not Hickock 45 or hicock45. His first name is Greg, he's a former (reserve) LEO and now a school teacher. Yup, one cool dude.
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    I might be the odd man out with my little girly hands but I can actually get 2 and 1/6 finger on the grip which means I don't have to curl my pinky underneath. A portion of my pinky just BARELY fits on the handle but its enough that it never slips under.
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    While I do not own a Glock, I do have a subcompact XD. I shoot it best without the pinky extension. At one time I had a + extension installed and quickly took it off. I didn't feel that it improved the grip enough to compromise how easily it could be concealed. In the end however, I'm sure that if you went with whatever was most comfortable, with enough practice you could become proficient with both, if you aren't already.

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    I've been thinking about this "magazine blowout business" ever since first reading this thread yesterday and while it probably is good cautionary advice to keep the pinky out from under the magazine, I think that if I'm going to worry so much about handguns blowing out that I must to modify my grip to avoid it (as easy as such modification would be to accomplish), I'll instead concentrate on a safer hobby like coin collecting.

    A lot of handloads fired through various automatic pistols over many years including some handloads fairly "enthusiastically" assembled in the interest of experimentation, along with handloads put up in old, tired cases that have been reloaded many times has yet to introduce me to my first "blowout."

    Of course I may be on borrowed time. Actually, I don't spend much time at all shooting pistols so stunted that they leave the pinky dangling off into space. I had to go get the P3AT and a .25 automatic to find out what I did with my pinky finger. It's not tucked. I don't like extensions either. If the pistol is that small then it's primary purpose is deep concealment so I wouldn't want the extension. I also don't carry for shooting small pistols with added extensions.
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