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  • LCP in Pocket

    79 94.05%
  • Glock 23 off body in bag with holster

    5 5.95%
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Thread: Simple Poll

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    Simple Poll

    Work place- Lcp in pocket or Glock 23 in briefcase with built-in holster (off body).

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    Keep control of the gun

    While a Glock 23 in a holster in your briefcase is a nice thing if you can get to it fast, the problem is that you are often separated from your briefcase during the day. What if you are in a meeting, walking in the hall, in the cafeteria or elsewhere? The G23 might be a hundred yards away from you. And you don't know who might be going into your office and looking in the briefcase.

    I like to keep control of my gun, which means on body carry and the little LCP in the pocket. You know you can get to it quickly wherever you are.
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    voted for the LCP but would rather carry the G23 (on body) that's why the vote to easy to have gun taken or out of reach if needed always carry on th ebody even at home....
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    I would not be comfortable with either carry platform.
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    i always prefer to have a firearm on me. currently i am on my couch, and to be comfortable i took out my taurus 85, and it is lying next to me. if i get up, to go to the bathroom even, it comes too. NEVER outta arms reach.

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    Don't like off-body carry
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    "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

    I'd take the LCP in the pocket.
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    I always prefer to have it on body to off...
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    I want my gun on my person.
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    The Glock in a 'tuckable'...

    I would not want to have a firearm off the body unless I never had to leave the desk area my Glock was stored in...OMO
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    For me personally, there are only a few very rare occasions where off body carry is an acceptable and or appropriate mode of carry.

    Inside a briefcase or some other bag at work on a daily basis is not one of those occasions.

    pogo2 points out some very compelling reasons why not to carry that way at work.

    If you think you're going to pick up your briefcase or bag and carry it with you every time you leave the room you're in, it won't take long for that kind of activity to become very suspicious in and of itself.

    The locks on most any office desks or average filing cabinet are way too flimsy to provide any real security for it.

    And you can never, ever discount the fact that co-workers, secretaries or other folks won't go pilfering around and snooping through your stuff while you're out of the room. I've seen and caught people take huge risks running in an office real quick and looking through desk drawers and stuff when the occupant is out of the room for just a couple minutes.

    So for a daily work environment, office environment or otherwise, on body carry of any weapon is much preferred. Pocket carry a tiny LCP, snubby, whatever. Chest mounted bellyband type holster or other "underneath the shirt" type carry is an option too.

    You're not looking for an IPSC / IDPA type speed draw capability in most work type shootings. Incidents which happen in a workplace almost always affords you the opportunity to perform a more controlled and surreptitious draw if something goes down at work in most work environments.
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    My choice was LCP in my pocket. The last thing I'd want is to be killed trying to make my way to my gun.
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    On body by all means. And as others have pointed out, there are ways to carry "on body" that will allow you a weapon quite different from the LCP. With that being said, LCP is certainly better than nothing. JMO
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    Ummm.... Both? If I can't conceal my M&Pc on-body, it goes to my backpack & my LCP is in my pocket. The LCP will either serve as my primary during an engagement or the means by which to provide cover for me to get to my M&P with 49 rounds waiting.


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    Not a fan of the LCP nor of off-body carry.

    But if I had to choose between the two , I'd go with the pocket carry until I could get to the Glock.
    ~ Sigsi Paige

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