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xdm 3.8 is not amazing me, switch to a 3" barrel 1911?

This is a discussion on xdm 3.8 is not amazing me, switch to a 3" barrel 1911? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by cjacob316 I hear 3inch 1911's have issues I've heard the same thing. But I'm sure glad my Colt Compact is deaf, and ...

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Thread: xdm 3.8 is not amazing me, switch to a 3" barrel 1911?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjacob316 View Post
    I hear 3inch 1911's have issues
    I've heard the same thing. But I'm sure glad my Colt Compact is deaf, and can't read. While I'm not a big fan of the newer Colts (as in series 80 anything) this little guy just keeps on chugging along. I shoot it one handed, with either hand, rapid and slow, and it has never FTE'D or FTF'D. Doesn't seem to be too picky about ammo either. I keep it oiled and dirty, and oiled, as I do with all my 1911's.

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    I have the xdsc 9mm and was looking at the xdm 3.8. But I couldnt see the cost of it over regular xd's for what you get. I think the added cost is for the xd gear crap which I never used. I went with an m&p9c I think its just as good a gun and I got mine for about $100 cheaper.

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    I have several of the guns in question. Assuming that your trigger fundamentals are solid, I'd recommend some trigger work, or even better, an aftermarket trigger, on your Springer before plunking down seven, eight hundred bucks on a new baby 1911. My first XDm, a 3.8, has a much better trigger than the two 4.5s that followed. It shows during rapid fire drills too, but that's okay with me, as I'm not really into making pretty patterns on paper anyway. I figure with time the new comers will come around as their round count grows. OTOH, if your looking for a reason to enlarge your family by one, then by all means, have at it!
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    Looks like you have a good excuse to go to your local gun shop and rent and shoot a bunch of 45 pistols. I have a Colt LW Commander, but have never carried it. Love the looks of 1911's, but don't like the manual of arms. I don't want to start a discussion about the merits of 1911's. Hey, I like to shoot them, love the history and how they fit my hand. I just have a problem consistently depressing the grip safety while riding the manual safety so I've moved on to different platforms. If you're open to other platforms I'd go rent some other pistols and do a little shooting. I've done a lot of research on 45 pistols and my favorites are: Sig Sauer P220 family (including the Carry and Compact versions), Glock's Models 21, 30sf, 36, and Heckler and Koch 45 series (HK45, HK45c). To me, these three companies make the most reliable and dependable 45's out there. Each has strengths and weaknesses...... I love the simplicity of the Glock pistols. No safeties, very reliable, high capacity, light and easy to maintain and reasonably accurate. Sigs excel at inherent accuracy. For me, more accurate than my Glocks, but heavier and larger. Also very dependable, beautiful pistols, classic design....... I don't own an HK, but have shot them. Rented a HK45C, very accurate pistol, light and I understand dependable. If I were starting from scratch looking for a carry 45 pistol and new I didn't want a 1911, I'd rent a Sig P220 Compact, HK45C and Glock 30sf and shoot them side by side. I'm pretty sure you'd find your favorite carry pistol from these three. Just a suggestion.......

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    No problems with my Ultra CDP/LG in over 1K rds. One of my boys likes his Compact, too. Just hold the little lightweights tight, and they won't burp. It's thin, light, easy to carry in a CBST, MTAC, or CTAC, and a tack driver for me. The 3" comes out of the holster fast, and you can get a full finger grip on the compact or ultra.
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    3 inch 1911 experience...

    I like my 3 inch 1911, which is a Colt Defender. It has never failed to fire and eject, has an excellent trigger, and conceals very easily because it is thin and short in barrel and grip. It holds 7+1 rounds with the right magazine and is quite accurate. The gun weighs about 24 ounces empty, so is relatively lightweight compared to most 1911s. I also have a 4 inch Kimber Pro but prefer to carry the Colt for better concealability.

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