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why the constant cleaning?

This is a discussion on why the constant cleaning? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by bmcgilvray I impose a rule on myself to clean each firearm after each use even though I'm not a huge fan of ...

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Thread: why the constant cleaning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I impose a rule on myself to clean each firearm after each use even though I'm not a huge fan of gun cleaning. It's too easy for too many dirty guns to get ahead of me if I don't have a plan to return them to the safe squeaky clean after each and every use, whether a single shot or 500 shots have been fired. All firearms have to be usefully sighted in as well. This is especially pertinent to rifles. It's annoying to know a firearm has yet to be sighted in or else is "on the blink" over some issue. Even the oldies need to stand ready.

    Lots of reliability issues and gunsmithing bills may be avoided by attention to maintenance.
    I agree, I have two rifles in my safe that I have'nt fired yet and it bothers me every time I think of it! The only thing that may bother me more is to have no rifles in my safe that I have'nt fired yet. Go figure
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    It's annoying to know a firearm has yet to be sighted in or else is "on the blink" over some issue. ...
    I put a new front sight on my M4gery a few weeks ago, but haven't had time to take it to the range. It eats me alive, knowing it's not ready to shoot.
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    deep cleaning

    Did The monthly clean, bought some S&W stinky smelly stuff in an aerosol can. First time I have ever used this stuff, last time I will ever use this stuff. I thought Hoppes was bad, but this is really terrible. How do I get rid of the kerosine (or what ever) odor that floats from my pistol? I'm walking aound in a cloud of it. If I can smell it, so can every around me. I'm almost ready to soak it in lysol.

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    I enjoy cleaning my guns as long as I'm not being pressed for time. But with a carry gun, you want to make sure dust, lint, etc hasn't built up over time.

    Military Arms Channel Blog: The Importance of Proper Maintenance

    Also, firearms are an investment to me. I'd like to make sure I'm doing what I can to prevent carbon build up and rust issues down the road.

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    Two reasons for me:

    #1. Habit - I spent enough time in the military that a field strip and clean after firing was trained into me.

    #2. Habit justified - last time I field stripped on of my AR's after firing, I found that one of the bolts holding the gas key on top of the bolt carrier LOOKED like it was staked properly, but in truth was not. It was just beginning to work it's way loose. The other bolt was properly staked and was just fine....so everything probably would have been fine if I just squirted some lube on the side of the bolt carrier, pulled through the barrel, and stuck it back in the safe...but I'm not a big fan of "probably". I tend to prefer "definitely".
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    The only gun I own I haven't cleaned is my G17 and that is intentional.

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    I clean and oil my guns everytime I shoot them. But for my carry pistol, I oil it once a week since it is exposed to sweat and other elements. Whether it is after cleaning and/or oiling, I always wipe down the external parts of the it and the mags before I put them away.

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    I'm not a big fan of "probably". I tend to prefer "definitely".
    Lots of great comments in this thread, but this is the one that gets my +1. Knowing how to break your gun down and inspect isn't like riding a bicycle. Different guns have different manuals of arms. Some you have to pull the trigger at some stage, some you have to press a lever forward before re-affixing the slide, etc. Regular cleaning helps you remember whatever unique procedures apply to a particular gun.

    Sometimes I can go shooting every week. Sometimes it will be a month or two before I can go. Having my guns cleaned and in "like-new" condition means (to me) that they can endure being stored for as long as needed without concern.

    I like my guns feeling and running in perfect condition.

    But regular maintenance may not be a good thing if your handling procedures are improper. If you are over-oiling, forcing parts, using the wrong tools, you could be introducing problems that needn't have occurred. So the benefits of regular cleaning only accrue if you know what you're doing and are very careful about it.
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    I don't detail strip. Field strip, yes. Clean after shooting, pretty much every time. It's easiest to clean then. Most of the time, I'll just hit the bolt face, bore, and chamber. It's less work if you clean it while it's still hot, versus dealing with a few weeks/months of built-up carbon.

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    As a public service to those who love Hoppe's #9 (I've posted it before)

    here you go:

    Hoppe's #9 air freshener:

    why the constant cleaning?-p125852b.jpg

    buy your own from Hoppe's: here
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    'cause our Daddys raised us right! That's why!
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    My carry gun is usually cleaned and lubed after a range visit,my range guns get shot until they start having FTE,then they get some lube and keep shooting,about once every couple of months they get field stripped and cleaned.My range guns probably average around 1000 -1500 rounds between cleaning,including a few 1911's I got
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    Quote Originally Posted by genauwiedu View Post
    I clean after every outing mainly because I enjoy it.

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    Same reason that I start up my generator and let it run 10-15 min once a month. Peace of mind.
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    uh, OCD?

    Well, that and I take care of my stuff... clean my guitars, bass, fiddle after playing them. Clean and oil my landscaping tools after work. Seems natural to clean a gun after shooting.

    And of course there's the lint/dust/sweat thing from IWB CC....

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