RP springs for S&W J frame

RP springs for S&W J frame

This is a discussion on RP springs for S&W J frame within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those of you who have replaced the stock springs in a S&W J frame, which weight springs did you use? I don't want light ...

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Thread: RP springs for S&W J frame

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    RP springs for S&W J frame

    For those of you who have replaced the stock springs in a S&W J frame, which weight springs did you use? I don't want light strikes, but I want a nice easy trigger pull. I use Speer Gold Dot ammo and have heard the CCI primers are rather hard. What setup are those of you who have replaced the springs using? Thanks.

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    Well, the first thing that I would do with your J-Frame (if it's a new revolver) would be to dry-fire it a few hundred times.
    Naturally you would check to make certain that your revolver is not loaded.

    The factory standard J-Frame hammer spring weight is 8# - If you don't want light primer strikes (and none of us do) then you can leave that spring alone.

    That HEAVY trigger pull is determined by the Trigger Rebound Spring.
    The factory Trigger Rebound Spring weight is 18#

    The lighter Trigger Rebound Spring weights are 11# 12# 13# 14# 15# & 16#
    That Trigger Rebound Spring is a bit heavy as supplied by the factory.

    You should be still able to purchase a lightweight Rebound assortment pak from Wolff Gunsprings.
    I have a 13# rebound spring installed in Mrs. QKs J-Frame but all of the internal parts have been stoned and polished (by me) in her "J"
    If you have a factory stock revolver my best guess would be to go with a 14# Trigger Rebound Spring for a lighter trigger pull which should give you a lighter pull and still keep everything functioning as it should.

    Do remember though that there are other things involved in getting a super light buttery smooth custom trigger pull than just switching out springs.
    AKA the internal mating & contact surfaces are stoned and polished - the posts are polished - the rebound slide is carefully stoned & Internally polished) and everything is de-burred in general.
    Obviously that is why it costs $$$ to have a professional trigger & action job done.

    But, you CAN improve on a heavy DA Trigger pull by simply moving to a lighter weight Trigger Rebound spring.

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    Whatever you decide be sure to shoot it a fair amount before you decide to carry it. I installed the Apex kit in mine and I just
    wasnt pleased with it. I dont remember which but one I went back with the stock spring and have been happy since.

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    I put a set of Wolff springs in my S&W 442. I used the 8# hammer spring and the 14# rebound spring. I did a light polish on the rebound slide. The trigger pull weight reduction is very noticeable, I would guess about 2-3 pounds. I do not have a trigger pull scale but would put it about 9 pounds now. I have fired several hundred rounds since the spring change and it still has 100% reliability for ignition and the trigger return is still fine even when firing as fast as possible.

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