J-frame trigger pull?

J-frame trigger pull?

This is a discussion on J-frame trigger pull? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Whats the weight of the pull of most newer S&W J-frames? Specifically the 360 series. I have gotten used to the DA trigger on my ...

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Thread: J-frame trigger pull?

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    J-frame trigger pull?

    Whats the weight of the pull of most newer S&W J-frames? Specifically the 360 series. I have gotten used to the DA trigger on my Sig 220 so I bet it wouldn't be too much more. Also will the performance center do a trigger job on the Airweight series?

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    No replies yet I see.

    I can't add much of use but am thinking you'll be in the 11 to 12# area for DA. Of more importance tho IMO is how smooth that pull is. I have no real problem with poundage per se but sure a sheck - hate any creepy/gritty feel to a trigger.

    Most Smiths are pretty smooth out the box whereas Rugers need some use and/or dry fire to smooth out. Not sure if Performance Center does trigger jobs but feel they well might - hopefully someone can add their experience on that.

    Of course - Gemini Custom will do a nice job I believe.
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    A, 'long throw' 8-10# trigger is common to most Smith double-action revolvers. Using it properly is an art form that I'm presently trying to teach my wife.

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    I have one of the newer 638 J Frames. Out if the box I'd say the trigger was 10 to 12# and not very smooth. At the end of the pull is a "hard spot" in the pull that many use to index their shots. I talked with my local gunsmith about a tuneup and the possibilities of a lighter trigger. It seems J frames are set up differently then other Smiths and he could only lighten it a small amount. While I didn't like the hard spot in the pull he reccomended I put in some range time before we got too carried away. After 500 rounds or so I now am comfortable with the trigger and like that hard spot. The action definetly needed a break in and is much smoother now. You can rapid fire away or pull out the slack, hit the hard spot, steady up and know where it's gonna break. A very different trigger from my 1911 or my vintage 6" K frame which probably has the finest DA trigger I've ever pulled.

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    About 10.5 lbs.

    Quote Originally Posted by '75scout View Post
    Whats the weight of the pull of most newer S&W J-frames?
    Smith & Wesson, unlike Sigarms, does not seem to disclose the trigger pull weight of their handguns on their website. So you usually have to go to secondary sources outside the company to obtain this information. Here is a link to a recent review of the 342PD J frame revolver which measures that gun's DA trigger pull as 10.5 lbs.:

    Gunblast review of S&W 342PD revolver

    I own a S&W model 642 J frame .38 that is about 8 years old, and I believe that its trigger pull is also in the 10 to 11 lb. range, based on my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by '75scout View Post
    Whats the weight of the pull of most newer S&W J-frames?
    A 10yr old 442 Airweight I just sold had a ~13-lb pull. Very long, very smooth ... but very heavy. Yes, there are shops that will do trigger jobs to lessen the weight of the pull. Can't imagine the S&W performance shop wouldn't do this service.
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    There should be a post on J-frame trigger springs, do a search on it. I switched the springs on my 340PD; I haven't measured the weight of the new trigger pull, but is way lighter than the original pull and it will still work on my carry loads (Federal).

    I got my kit from Natchezss; I have an extra kit they sent me by error (they still charged me for it and I was too lazy to return it), if anyone is interested on it let me know and we can come to an arrangement.

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