Shooting well with poor eyesight – 4 days after LASEK…

Shooting well with poor eyesight – 4 days after LASEK…

This is a discussion on Shooting well with poor eyesight – 4 days after LASEK… within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First, just a word about LASEK. LAS E K is correct – LAS I K is a completely different procedure. Recovery from LAS I K ...

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Thread: Shooting well with poor eyesight – 4 days after LASEK…

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    Shooting well with poor eyesight – 4 days after LASEK…

    First, just a word about LASEK. LASEK is correct – LASIK is a completely different procedure. Recovery from LASIK is about 3 days; recovery from LASEK is about 3 weeks. I’m 8 days into recovery now and can’t see worth a hoot. Soooo…..

    I thought it would be interesting to see how well I could shoot under the current conditions. The ‘current’ conditions (4 days after surgery) is out of focus eyes and a fog/cloud in my right eye (my shooting eye of course).

    As bad as I wanted to shoot my Kimber Super Carry Pro, I chose to shoot my Sig 226R Elite Enhanced SRT. The reason? I could put a laser on the rails and try that too. I didn’t have a laser I could use on the 1911.

    I could hardly see the sights at all and few details on the target. I used a reversed B-27, i.e. a white target with black scoring rings. Even at 3 yds, I had a hard time seeing the X. A couple of times I had to drop the gun down, blink and squint to get my bearings a bit better.

    I could see blurred ‘hints’ of the sights and at 5 yards and beyond, I could see no details on the target. I shot my standard eval drill of 5 shots each at 3, 5, 7, 10, & 15 yds. However, I did reduce the round count from 5 shots at each range to 4. That would leave me with 10 rounds for sighting in the laser for a second 20 shot eval using the laser.

    Here’s the first eval with the sights. This is shows all 20 shots throughout the ranges:

    On to the laser. First, due to RK surgery many years ago, and now LASEK on top of that, and a 0 power contact on top of all that, here’s what I see from a laser. I checked – other people see a single, nice round green dot. Here is a pic that depicts what I see as close as I can get it; BTW, right now, 8 days after surgery, I see four full moons. Also the pic includes the first three shots shown at 9:00:

    So, what do I aim with? Well, I used the middle of the horizontal line – not sure why, I guess I figured to ‘split the difference’.

    So I mount the Viridian C5L green laser. I set the target at 7 yds and fired three shots to see where I was. You see that shot group in the above pic.

    You won’t believe this, but I made one adjustment to the windage and got these three shots:

    I then did my modified standard eval drill, i.e. 4 shots at 3, 5, 7, 10, & 15 yds and got this:

    I so need to say a word about the shot placement. The laser was sighted in at 7 yds. If you move the target beyond 7 yds, the bullet impact will be low. You can see this effect at the 10 and 15 yd range. The effect is explained in this video – converged sighting, which is what I used starts at about the 3:00 mark in the vid. BTW, that really low shot was just me. Don’t know if I was tired, jerked the trigger or just couldn’t see well enough to do any better. Don’t forget – I can barely see the 3” dot at 15 yds:

    Anyway, I think this does show that a laser sight is a viable solution for weak eyes.
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    I guess if you can identify a threat then you can whack him.Just off hand did you try any shots just point shooting out to 10 yards to see how you did without using any aiming devices
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