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Thought I Was Buying a Glock 26 Gen4

This is a discussion on Thought I Was Buying a Glock 26 Gen4 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just an FYI, if you used something like Buds Gun Shop, it took them almost a month to get me my money back on a ...

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Thread: Thought I Was Buying a Glock 26 Gen4

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    Just an FYI, if you used something like Buds Gun Shop, it took them almost a month to get me my money back on a return after they had received it from me.
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    The Gen4 pistols and the Gen 3 pistols are equally good, it's all personal preference. In the G26, the only thing that has really changed with the Gen4 models is the frame texture, mag release button and a slightly shorter trigger reach with neither of the extra backstraps in place. If the Gen 3 fits your hand well and you like the texture, keep it.

    Personally, I have short fingers and would not trade either of my Gen4 pistols (a 19 and a 21) for a Gen 3. The texture on the Gen4 pistols is nice and grippy, and I love the enlarged mag release. In fact, I'm waiting for the Gen4 G30 to buy one.
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    I agree that if the Gen3 fits your hand well that you would be just fine in keeping it. I, myself prefer the gen 3 models as the new texture of the gen4's do nothing for me and the larger mag release does nothing either. Like was mentioned earlier, the duel recoil spring for the 26 is a non issue since both gen3 and 4 have it.
    Again, I say that if the texture and fit of the Gen3 makes your hand happy, keep it. It's an awesome weapon!
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    My EDC gun is a Gen 2 Glock 19. My wife's EDC gun is a Gen 3 Glock 26. If I was going to get a Glock 26 it would be a Gen 4, the smaller grip option is the reason for me.

    To the OP, it really is a personal choice, good luck and happy shooting.
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    26 grip size

    I will be going to check out a Glock 26 gen4 in the near future and from all the reviews ive read and youtube reviews ive seen i came up with a conclusion. I have a smaller hand and any glock grip is larger than other comparable handguns like the two XD's that i have so the 4th gen has three sizes, medium being the normal grip size so i can make it smaller and finally get my first Glock.

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    newer isn't always better. i like gen 3's

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    I didn't know very much about Glocks when I bought my gen3 G23. It was my first pistol purchase so its fair to say I was a handgun newbie. A few days later, I found out about the gen4 and at first I thought the same thing you did. I thought the gun store had some old models laying around and pawned one off on me. As time went on, however, after I had grown accustom to my gun and had learned more about Glocks - I realized that there wasn't anything wrong with my gen3. I'm now grateful the guy at the counter sold me the gen3 as opposed to a gen4. My brother has the gen4 and I like mine better. There's nothing wrong w/gen4s and maybe someday I'll get one but for now, I'm totally content w/my gen3s.

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    If I were looking to buy a new G26 I'd be looking for a gen 3. I've had both in front of me and handled both I don't care for the grip on the gen 4 so
    I'd have to change a back strap. In that case why would I bother with a gen 4. Both are great weapons. But I prefer the gen 3. Not enough going for the gen 4, the over size mag release I guess is something that some people would want. The gen 3 just works.
    Unless you paid gen 4 prices I'd be happy with it.
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    Either way you have an outstanding concealed carry pistol.

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    I would probably keep the Gen 3 and avoid the hassle, but I also understand that it's not what you thought you were getting so how that may be disappointed. I've shot Gen 3 and 4 Glocks, to me theres almost 0 difference whatsoever in the 2.

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    Just stick with the Gen 3.

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    Keep the Gen 3 and don't look back!

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    Is there a big price difference between the Gen3's and Gen4's ?

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    The Gen 3 26 is so small grip wise you don't gain much by it being a Gen4 in terms of Grip. I got a Gen 3 26 because it was going to get carry duty right away and they are more proven than the Gen 4's. My G19 is a Gen4 so I do have experience with a Gen4
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