Need an M&P 9c for wife-bad thing....

Need an M&P 9c for wife-bad thing....

This is a discussion on Need an M&P 9c for wife-bad thing.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My liberal wife has decided she needs to get a permit and a gun. From her, this is staggering. She will get an M&P 9c ...

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Thread: Need an M&P 9c for wife-bad thing....

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    Need an M&P 9c for wife-bad thing....

    My liberal wife has decided she needs to get a permit and a gun. From her, this is staggering.
    She will get an M&P 9c next week.

    Got a call from the school today. Urgent. So I went down and found out that my 9 year old boy had been at a park two weeks ago. It's two blocks away and he and his running buddies go there all the time. Some guy with a couple of kids (his, from what we can tell) was there. They all got into this guy's car and went to their house. Once there, a smut movie was on the computer. At that point my son said that he didn't feel right with this and needed to go. They drove him back. He rode his bike back home and said not a word. Two weeks pass, and he tells the story to a teacher at school. Enter the principal, the police, and me. He cannot remember where the house is. All we know is that it was a red four door car. Police have nothing to go on.

    Wife went ballistic. I somehow kept it together. Still not real. But it will be forever now. We cannot believe it happened, after all the warnings, all the "what-to-dos". But it did. Right here in small town Iowa. And I certainly cannot believe that, other than a nasty movie for about one minute, he returned to us safe and more or less unscathed. And extremely grounded.

    My wife is a nurse, and has shown no interest whatsoever in guns, other than tolerating me. This changed, real fast. Got her signed up for a carry class this Sunday, and will pick up an M&P 9c in a day or two. I never thought that would happen. But I never thought any of this would happen. None do.

    Funny how the wheels come off that fast. Mods, if this is in the wrong place, my apologies.

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    Wow. While I'm sure it was traumatizing for your son, that is as about as good as the outcome could have been. A lesson he will never forget as well. Hopefully at some point, they catch the guy before he does any more harm.

    CCW is like the ounce of prevention, pound of cure thing. It seems that some don't see the purpose until a life changing event that makes it obvious that everything is not as it seems. The reality is that we live in a society with predators, but they don't look like the big bad wolf.

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    Bad yes. But at least everyone seems to be learning from this and moving in the right direction.

    I hope th catch the guy before things escalate with him.

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    Sounds like it's your son who needs a lesson there, but glad your wife learned one, too.
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    That is scary!

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    Most importantly, I'm glad your son is OK.

    My wife and I do not let our 8 year-old son go to the park unsupervised, period. We walk him to the bus stop, which is only half a block away. When the bus drops him off at the end of the school day, one of us is there to walk him home.

    None of the other parents do this. Maybe we are paranoid. Or maybe we have more of an understanding of what could happen. Either way, it works for us.

    When I was that age, I walked 8 blocks to school, alone. In a big city. I have to wonder what the heck my parents were thinking, looking back on it now. But that was the "norm" back then.

    I don't think things are more dangerous, but we are more aware. And I suppose that is a good thing.

    When I was about your son's age, I was walking around my neighborhood, alone. Looking at the toys on display in a shop window, some guy dropped a bunch of change near me. Being the nice kid that I was, I helped him pick up his change. This led to small talk - and the guy asking me if I wanted to go back to his place. Fortunately, I had enough sense to decline, and walk away. Who knows what could have happened. I don't think I ever even told my parents.

    I'm glad your wife's mother/protector instinct has gotten the better of her politics. Funny how that usually goes, isn't it?

    Good luck to you and your wife, and I hope your son realizes what could have happened - without getting too traumatized by it. Clearly, whoever that guy was was up to nothing good. Hope he gets caught. If the police have the resources, they should send an undercover to the park - can almost guarantee the guy will be back.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    This story almost made me sick to my stomach... Please give our best to you and your family.

    I have a two year old daughter and I can't imagine what you all must be going through right now. Although things turned out relatively better than they could have that had to be traumatizing to the whole family. I'm sure your probably seeing molesters at every corner now, I know I would be... It sounds like your wife is too. I hope that you all are able to gain your sense of security back.

    My wife is the same way yours was before the incident; she tolerates my firearms but she has no desire to carry one herself. Although I've walked her through plenty of scenarios I think some people just don't want to acknowledge that bad things can happen before they do. I've even asked my wife what she would do if our daughter were. Ring abducted, and I would get the response " I wouldn't let them"... But how? She's a very petite lady and isn't going to win a brawl with anybody, but at this point in the discussion it usually melts down and she storms off.

    As a child of the 80s like I was, I think she is still stuck in that wonderful place where bad guys don't exist except for overseas and in jail. Like other posters have said I spent a majority of my childhood on my own (latch key kid) as both parents worked. I rode my bike everywhere, camped out in the front yard (parents asleep inside)... My main rule was "be home before dark"... Boy how times have changed!!! There is no way on earth my daughter is camping out without me with her... But where do you draw the line? I don't want to ruin my daughters childhood (some of my best memories and life experiences were had with my friends as we explored the world) but when things like the OP just went through happened you don't want to let your child out of your sight. What a tragic world...

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    A few quick thoughts from an old dad.

    1) It is fine that your wife wants her chl etc. Let her choose her own gun. Her having a gun would have NOT prevented
    what occurred, or is said to have occurred.

    2) I qualified the what occurred thing because kids sometimes have amazing imaginations. He's a bit old to not know
    real from unreal, but many 7 year olds don't. They hear something at school about stuff like this and before you know it
    they believe someone did something. E.g., My son and his cousin came home from school one day with a big story blah blah
    about someone trying to lure them into a house. We knew the immediate neighbor well and the story really didn't
    seem right in the neighbor's opinion-- they had a kid the same age as well. Turns out the police had made a presentation
    at school and their little minds were a bit too imaginative.

    3) A 9 year old sure should know better than to do what he says he did. Stick him in Cub Scouts. Then Boy Scouts in 2 years.
    Both are important ways of helping to raise a boy.
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    I'm glad your kid is okay! God was watching over him for sure. Maybe your wife sees that there is no white Knight to protect y'all when you need it there is just us and our responsibility to protect ourselves. Good for her.

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    Glad your kid is OK. Did the other buddies leave with him?
    I used to be the kid who was alone everywhere(except for my golden retriever, she followed me constantly), and I went all over the place. I got very lucky that nothing like this ever happened. Small town like yours sounds.

    While I completely support your wife getting a CWP, and think it's a good idea in general, like others have said, it wouldn't have helped this situation. Unfortunately, once your kid is out of eyesight, your physical control has ended, and the only thing that matters is how well he knows "should-do" from "should-not-do". Hopefully this is something that he remembers for a long time, and it sounds like you're doing the right thing in punishing him. From a guy with an awesome dad, who grounded him a lot, keep it up, it does work.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

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    I was having a hard time connecting the incident with your wife wanting her CHL. I assume she was so upset that she was ready to go get the BGs, I am not sure anger and retaliation? is the best kernel to initiate getting a concealed carry weapon, but since there is a built in delay in obtaining one there is plenty of time to cool off. Maybe there was some undertones that I don't comprehend, and I mean no offense.

    The smut might have been an HBO series movie, they are as bad as an xx movie at times.

    I understand the unapproved traveling with a stranger, we all dislike our kids going someplace with someone we don't know. When my kids were little they were not to ride with a stranger without our prior approval/knowledge and we had a code word just in case of an emergency that someone unexpected might need to pick them up.
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    I'm getting from your story that your kid and some of his friends all got in the car with the guy and his 2 kids,I would be asking all the kids questions,possibly including hypnosis to try to uncover things in his subconscious like a house number.Guy sounds like tomorrows ugly headline
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    Some safety expert was on one of the evening news programs and showed how he could lure almost any kid into his car at the shock and horror to all their parents who were watching the video of it happening.

    It was all done with the permission of the parents as a demonstration using hidden cameras, and all the parents were shocked and horrified because they thought they had trained their kids well enough that something like that could not happen.

    They were adamant about stressing to their kids not to talk to strangers. Don't accept gifts or candy from strangers, and don't get in any strangers car. They all thought their kids would do the right thing. Yet this guy was successful in luring all but one or two of the kids to leave with him.

    The expressions on the faces of the parents were rather dramatic. Shock, anger, frightened. All those emotions, and very dramatic.

    Scenarios ranged from kids in the park, kids at the mall, kids being lured away from school property or kids riding their bike in the neighborhood. This guy was good at what he did.

    I don't think 10thmtn needs to feel paranoid about the routine he and his wife have. You've got to keep your eye on them all the time, and don't assume they will do the right thing just because they've been told what to do.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I'm getting from your story that your kid and some of his friends all got in the car with the guy and his 2 kids,I would be asking all the kids questions,possibly including hypnosis to try to uncover things in his subconscious like a house number.Guy sounds like tomorrows ugly headline
    I can't agree more. I presume the police interviewed the other boys for more info. Time for some cameras in the park.

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    I'm happy that everything worked out as well as it did........I'm sure you're considering this a "wake-up call" like most parents get from time to time.
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