Single stack popularity

This is a discussion on Single stack popularity within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been away from here awhile so I haven't kept up on the new guns and such. I've been carrying a H&K P2000SK since ...

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Thread: Single stack popularity

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    Single stack popularity

    I have been away from here awhile so I haven't kept up on the new guns and such. I've been carrying a H&K P2000SK since I started carrying several years ago. I notice a trend of single stack guns that seem to be very popular. I was always under the impression that grip length played more into concealing than grip width. What do single stack bring to the table that I'm missing out on? The gun I have on my mind is the M&P Shield or something in that frame size. I realize something like the Kahr PM9 is smaller all the way around.

    Is it less weight that's desirable, are they easier to conceal?

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    In short it's a tradeoff. Smaller guns are easier to conceal but have less capacity and are typically more difficult to shoot.
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    just as accuracy trumps ( for the most part) placement, many are realizing that having some in a convienment package
    is better than having many and struggling with it. personal situations vary and there is always the wild card that BG's travel and may cross
    your path no matter where you go--or stay away from.
    what are the chances , how many will there be.....many are feeling that 8 (or 8+1) is enough life insurance.

    ---with the rise of flash mobs and the Z-factor, im still single stack (Sig C-3) and a secondary (332 or p380)
    cause weird is becoming the new normal. i like wearing a vest anyways. what with all the stuff modern man leaves the house
    with, id rather not overload my pants pockets.
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    Comparing, say, a Glock 26 to a PPS/Shield/Kahr/PF9/LC9 carried IWB...

    The single stack guns are probably going to be more comfortable for most folks, due to their thinner profile and lighter weight. However, their longer grip will likely print more, and they do suffer lower capacity vs the double-stack Glock.

    Then there is the issue of the spare mag - the single stacks are limited in their reload, while the double stacks can be reloaded with mags from their larger and higher capacity cousins.

    It is indeed a trade-off, like everything else.
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    It's all a trade off in one regard or another... You can carry a full size pistol, but you have to dress around it, you can pretty much put a small pistol or revolver in your pocket and not change the way you go about business. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with, you may feel your situation requires a full size pistol with two magazines, I may feel confident that a J Frame and a speedstrip is sufficient. You may like 9mm, I like 45ACP, etc.
    The single stack thing is appealing to the market that exists... Concealed Carry is hot now... It's the newest, bestest, new cool kid toy that fills a niche. Single stacks have some positives going for them, slimmer is more comfortable generally, if it's more comfortable you are more likely to wear it and have it when you need it, magazines are thinner and easier to carry, but you sacrifice capacity, it all goes back and forth.

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    Nothing wrong with a single column. Thinner for concealment and more comfortable for IWB. Gives an extra carry option. Just carry extra mags. Some states have a 10rd mag restriction so a single column could make sense there. Now carry a Glock G32 but miss carrying a thinner H&K P7. The P7 was heavier. I wish Glock would make some single column guns in 9mm, .357Sig and .40SW in compact and subcompact frame sizes.

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    I love my EDC GLOCK 19, but ask anyone here I've been whining about GLOCK not making a single stack 9x19 pistol for many moons. Seems like Smith & Wesson and Springfield have been listening.

    Another thing is the whole .380 pistol fad that has been stinking up the place. Sure they are cute and better than nothing, but most people want a freakin' 9 or 45. They know about the capacity limitations but want the better odds at that mythical one-shot stop.

    I have not found too many instances where my GLOCK 19 is not carryable, but there have been times I'd like to pocket carry a single-stack GLOCK 9x19 pistol for a quick trip to the stop 'n' rob for a chuckwagon or burrito or even as a BUG.

    I haven't been able to give any of the current single stack 9x19 offerings a test drive, but it seems like most of them are giving someone some trouble.

    Still wishing for GLOCK to jump on the bandwagon, just this once.
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    You will carry more if its comfortable and easy, single stacks are great in the comfort department. Extra mags are also thinner and easier to carry. Most folks I know that carry G26/27's don't carry a spare mag, that gives you 9/10 rounds on hand. If I carry my PM9 with a flush fit mag and a spare 7 round mag, I have 14 rounds on hand. But if your SK is working for you i would not replace it, but rather, add to it with a PM9 or other "Pocketable" option.

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    Thinner for concealment and more comfortable for IWB. Gives an extra carry option. Just carry extra mags.
    My thoughts exactly. The first gun I bought for cc was a Springfield XD (4" barrel) in 40 S&W. I didn't have to carry it IWB very much to realize the gun's thickness was a problem for me. I kept it, but it's now a "house gun." Now I alternate between a number of single stack guns, including 1911's (Commander and Officer's size), Kel-Tec PF9 and Kahr Cw45.

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    I'm like the poster above. My first cc piece was a 3in xd40 and it didn't take long for me to realize it wasn't going to fly in the summer. Now I have a kahr cm9 that I can pocket if necessary but I can wear it owb with a tshirt and it still won't be seen.

    I'd say it comes down to comfort and concealment

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    I don't hate single stacks. The only single stack I currently own is a 1911. Other single stacks I've shot or held just feel too skinny. I like the grip to fill my hand. Plus, the limited capacity.

    I can conceal a G19 or G30 just fine under a t-shirt in the summer. It prints a little but I couldn't care less. Single stacks just don't appeal to me. I will admit a single stack feels nicer IWB, but I really don't mind carrying double stacks.... I'm used to it.

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    Been a single stack fan 30+ years

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    I think single stack makes concealed carry so much more manageable. I have a Glock 23 that I love but it is so bulky in comparison to my Kahr CM9 and my Sig P238.

    With the glock I carry a spare mag so I have 27 rounds of ammo, but it is not the most comfortable to carry and I found I was concerned with how thick it is so it is only used in the winter. Also even with a good belt and a crossbreed holster I still find myseld fidgeting sometimes when it becomes uncomfortable

    My Kahr I carry with two spare six round mags in a cell phone carrier (19 rds) and when I carry my Sig I carry 3 spare mags in a cell phone carrier (25 rds). Both I can carry comfortably all day to the point it as if they are not even there. As long as my shirt is long enough it is very comfortable to carry iwb

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    It is more an issue with slide and frame width that grip width. Too bad someone hasn't come up with a single stack width frame and slide and a double stack grip. Not sure how the mag and frame would neck down to single stack width from the grip to frame.

    I have an XD40sc that has been my main carry piece for a while and occasionally carry my PT709. The width and weight difference of the single stack 9 is very noticeable. For me it is more a matter of what I'm wearing and where I'm going as to what I carry. Lots of options gives me no reason to ever go without.
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    I have a few single stack pistols that I conceal: P238, Glock 36, or Ed Brown Special Forces 1911. These are about the same width as a double stack 23/27, though. It becomes a stretch if I'm packing the Glock 30. It's a thick and heavy pistol when loaded completely.

    I love my 357s also but those are quite large and heavy and only accompany when I shoot outdoors. It's more of an open carry pistol.
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