This is why I can't go to gun shops.

Went in to a local shop because they carry Charters, and I wanted to see a Bulldog .44 Special in person (just because). Anyway, the Bulldog was okay, but I saw this old revolver in their used guns and asked to see it. It is a High Standard Sentinel MK IV in .22 WMR with fixed sights, three inch barrel, and 9 shot capacity.

The guy working the counter said that I might want to jump on it because it was a decent price for a plinker that would sell fast. I checked out the gun and the lockup was good. Price was 100 bucks cash, 110 for credit. I went out to my car and tried to read about this gun on my smart phone. What little I read seemed to indicate that this gun was decent, and was a good price.

I went back in and bought it. Hell, for the price, I figured I couldn't go wrong. The gun is in pretty good shape, but was quite dirty with crud pretty much all over it. The gun was neglected, but not abused. I gave it a quick cleaning, and plan to take it to the range tomorrow. I'll post a range report.

If anyone has experience with this type of gun, I welcome any comments because I don't know very much about them.

Anyone have one of these?-sentinel_mkiv.jpg