Seriously considering adding a Kahr CW9: any other similar guns I should check out?

Seriously considering adding a Kahr CW9: any other similar guns I should check out?

This is a discussion on Seriously considering adding a Kahr CW9: any other similar guns I should check out? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As a long-time carrier of GLock 19 and a Glock 26, I am looking for a summer alternative, but keeping as many of the Glock ...

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Thread: Seriously considering adding a Kahr CW9: any other similar guns I should check out?

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    Seriously considering adding a Kahr CW9: any other similar guns I should check out?

    As a long-time carrier of GLock 19 and a Glock 26, I am looking for a summer alternative, but keeping as many of the Glock features as possible: polymer frame, 9mm, dependable and accurate, lack of safety levers/decocker levers, but single-stack for easier/lighter carry. The perfect choice will be sized smaller than the G26, but bigger than the DB380, as IWB will likely be my carry mode and I don't want to tote a brick inside my belt! Looked briefly at the S&W Shield, but it's every bit as big as the G26 with lower capacity!

    The Kahr CW9 seems to fit the bill, altho I have read of somewhat frequent issues with reliability. I no longer own or consider Taurus for the same reason. I purchased two Tauri-guns in the last 2 years and had to have them repaired/replaced then sold them due to Quality control issues/factory oversights and will not own another of their products.

    Are there any other "glock-ish" contenders out there? I do own a DIamondback 380, and do not want to consider the DB9 since I also had to return the DB380 to Florida for a repair and don't have much confidence in them either. I do have about 100 problem-free rounds so far, but have no desire to go thru the same exercise with one of their 9mm products. Not even sure I will keep the 380 even if it eventually fires dependably. Once stung, I stay away. Some may disagree, but I think there is no acceptable reason for a manufacturer to sell a product that does not perform properly. I won't support those makers that have those issues/reputations.

    Your suggestions are appreciated!
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    The cw9 is one of the best Kahr pistols. You read about less trouble with it than you do anything else. I just bought one I have fired 215 rounds thru it without any trouble. I paid 339 for mine on sale the regular price was 439. I have seen them as high as 459 so shop around. The trigger is very smooth and not to heavy but long like a revolver. If you get one buy an extra 8 round mag with the finger extension, that way you will have the same amount of rounds in your reload that you carry in your gun. Ck out KahrTalk Home also ck the faq at Kahr Arms - A leader in technology and innovation

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    My wife has the CW9 and I have the CW45. Both have been reliable and trouble free.
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    The CW9 is a very reliable pistol. Do the 200 round break in and you should have no trouble. It did take some effort on my part to learn to shoot the long double action trigger. It was worth the time. Thin, accurate and light weight, you will not be sorry.

    I also bought the smaller CM9. While you can cram them in a pocket, I think they are both big for pocket carry. I like the balance and feel of the CW9 better.

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    I had a Kahr CW9 and sold it. I still kinda miss it. I only had one FTF, but it was during the break in period. The gun was a little snappy and started to sting your hand after a bit, but it still made a fun little range gun. The trigger pull was long, but it was a very easy pull. Once I had it mastered, it was very easy to nail bowling pins at 25 yards. The main reason I sold it is that it wasn't that much easier to conceal than my Glock 19. Sure, it was definitely thinner, and the grip wasn't as tall, but I find that my G19 conceals just as easy (plus you get double the rounds in a mag).

    If I had to do it over again, I would have gone for the more compact CM9, or even a Glock 26. After all, these compact guns aren't really designed to be comfortable at the range.

    I believe Kahr has pretty much mastered the single-stack pistol market because of simplicity. The Ruger LC9, S&W Shield, and Beretta Nano seem nice, but the unnecessary safeties keep me away.

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    Since your going to be doing IWB, I'd say go for it. It's a good gun and a good size for that sort of carry. The longer grip makes it not so easy to pocket, but IWB should be fine.

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    Yep, CW9 (or it's pricier brother, the P9) is a great gun. I have over 1000 rounds through mine without a hiccup, and it's a favorite carry gun since it's so light and compact.

    If I had to pick on one thing to fuss about with my Kahrs (also have a K40), it's that the magazines are about the most user-hostile ones out there! The feed lips are sharp and tend to bite my thumb when I'm loading them up. Annoying, but tolerable.
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    I don't think you will see much difference in size between the G26 and CW9, have you looked at the CM9. I have the PM9 which is the same size as the CM9 and it is a lot smaller and easier to conceal, I pocket carry it and AIWB with a Remora Holster #4 I think. My Kahr has over 1,000 rounds through it with no failures, it is very accurate and makes up my summer carry most of the time.

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    i Have a friend that has bought more than one Kahr and he has had reliability problems with all of them. I carry a G26 during Spring and Summer wearing just a Tshirt and shorts. You might check out Springfield Armory's XD line of Autos. But I would never depend on anything made by Kahr for the very reasons you have stated.

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    o Clean and lube it and rack the slide a couple hundred times before shooting it is reputed to help the break-in.

    o Mine initially had to be sent back to the factory 3 times in the first few months, and has run great since then.

    o I've got around 8,000 live fire rounds and around 10,000 dry fire clicks on mine.

    o Probably because of all the dry-fire I've done the striker has cracked three times and needed to be replaced: I do it myself.

    o Spare magazines must be carried in a mag pouch with a diagonal bottom. With pocket carry the top couple of rounds work loose and pop off the mag. With flat-bottom pouches the top round works it's way forward such that the mag can't be inserted in the gun.

    o I love mine.
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    Never had a problem with my CM9, I doubt you will have any issues with your CW9. I think the "reliability" thing is just an internet myth. I can't count the number of people who told me (online anyways) that my Kimber would be nothing but trouble. So far, it is flawless after 325 rounds or so. I would buy another Kahr without hesitation.

    My only gripe with mine was the LOOONG DAO trigger. I know it is there for a reason, I know it isn't hard to get used to, but since my pea brain is used to my 1911's, it was tough to get shooting good (for me).

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    I've had my CW9 about a year and it's become the only firearm I carry. It is an excellent choice.

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    I had a PM9 and got rid of it when I had to send it back to the factory twice. The magazines wouldn't drop and at about 150 rds, it started with FTF nosedives. I liked the size weight and concealability of the gun. BUT, I did not like the trigger. If you like your Glock triggers, I don't think you will like the Kahr trigger. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!!! I wish it had worked better for me because it has an attractive form factor. One other problem was that, compared the the Glock, it was a bear to strip and clean. Lining up those little register marks with one hand while you pushed the takedown button with the other hand and pushed the slide with your third hand, was difficult. The other problem was that Kahr wants you to load the first round with the slide release not sling shot. The slide release is VERY sharp and, I found, difficult to operate.

    It just didn't work for me. I got a Glock 36 in trade for it and I'm much happier. The single stack .45 is an awsome gun.
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    Got some buckolas? Put yourself on the wait list for a Boberg XR9-S 😳
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    M&P Shield...
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