I finally had a chance to take my NIB Sig P-229R DAK in 357SIG
to my local range and start the break in period. Let me start right now
that I am not a Sig employee, but I sure wouldn't mind a little discount. So its a bright and sunny day hear in SW Fl, its about 90 in the shade. As usual the sig was great!, no FTEor FTF its digested a
full 200 rounds of wally world white box's and more.After a little more
break in period, this will be my new carry in a Milt Sparks 1H IWB and
as long as my arthritus in my hands doesn't get to bad i will keep to this setup. I know much has been said and written about this weapon
but I gotta say it, It for me doesn't get much more perfect, I highly
recommend this firearm. I am very pleased with the excellent advice that i got here on combat carry, and again my thanks to all.