Glock Mag And Last Round?

Glock Mag And Last Round?

This is a discussion on Glock Mag And Last Round? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a g23 and a g19 both gen4. i can get the last round in my glock 23 but its hard as ****. my ...

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Thread: Glock Mag And Last Round?

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    Glock Mag And Last Round?

    I have a g23 and a g19 both gen4. i can get the last round in my glock 23 but its hard as ****. my g19 mags are weird. when using the speed loader i get 14 in and when it comes to the last one theare is no room! i am using the glock speed loader. Somthing i have noticed is when pushing down on the mag with the loader (last round) and relaseing it because it wont fit the bullets seem to shake in the mag. if i remove the last round i replace it the shaking goes away. this is on all 3 by the way! anyone else not able to get that last bullet in?

    EDIT: I GOT IT >> WOW.. WHy dont the numbers on the mag match?

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    Don't wory, you're not the only one. Those last rounds in a doublestack mag can be a real bear, especially with Glock mags. Once they have been used a bit it should become a bit easier but I just use a uplula to save my thumbs and speed things up a bit even on the older mags. Feel free to call me a wuss but loading mags gets old real quick.
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    Load them up and leave them that way for 2 weeks and it will loosen the spring a little

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    Time will loosen them...this will easily load them. UpLULA Pistol Mag Loader Unloader Polymer Black
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    Yup................gotta get the Lula.

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    I switched my G23 magazine springs to the Wolff replacements, I'm probably 9+ months into them, still can only get 12rds in... It's common, they will break down enough to allow the extra round in, I gave up on trying to force them in.

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    There is kind of a trick with the Glock loader. Push it down, put the lip of the last cartridge just barely in, then let up on the loader. Round should slide right in.
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    I give up one round rather than have any in a bind. But mine are well broken in so I fill the mags usually without counting.

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    You'll get used to the Glock mags after a while. There are a few tricks you can use like smacking the bottom of the mag against the palm of other hand. Do this after five rounds have been loaded, then after ten have been loaded. I used to hand load mine at Steel Challenge matches 2-300 rounds in 4-5 hours. I never have used the Glock loading tool much. I also have an Uplula loader which works good. Staggered magazines rely on the case rim for placement and proper stacking.

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    When I purchased my G 19, I had a hard time loading the 15th round into the magazines. Now, the spring has loosened and I am able to load all 15 rounds with no strain.

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    Ihave a G-17 and I used regular Glock magazines and I never had any issues loading to full capacity.Granted, Iam not shooting the number of rounds you are
    probably putting down range in a day of competion.

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    I had the same problems with my Glock mags and again, after time, if will be fine.
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    My 9 round magazine for my Glock 30 were tough to squeeze the last round in, very tough, but the 9th round is in there. :)

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    As with most new mags, whether double stacked or not, the last one can be a pain to get in. It will loosen up over time, it's completely normal.
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    I've never* had a problem getting 15 rounds in my GLOCK 19 magazines using the GLOCK supplied loader, could do it without but it saves the fingers.

    *had issues loading the TULA brand ammo (steel cases I think), I was able to get 15 in but it was more difficult than with UMC or WWB. The magazines and gun worked flawlessly even with the TULA ammo.
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