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What does your Wife or Significant other like to shoot?

This is a discussion on What does your Wife or Significant other like to shoot? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Her mouth off. LOL...

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Thread: What does your Wife or Significant other like to shoot?

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    Her mouth off. LOL

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    While my wife is not an avid shooter, she always does exceptionally well with a 1911. Her stance and grip aren't perfect, but she has found something that works for her. Her trigger control is near perfect. I have proudly witnessed her shoot sub-2 inch groups at 5-7 yards. It is not unusual for her to out-shoot the guys next to her, and not by a small margin.

    My experience is that women tend to do well at the shooting sports. Maybe they just go into it without all the pre-conceived notions that guys have when it comes to marksmenship?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gwhokie View Post
    my wife also has a very hard time running the slide on a semi. so when it came time to buy a gun for home defense, we went with a wheel gun - a 4" GP100 stainless. she can shoot that rather well and the recoil is no problem for her.
    i then purchased a smaller wheel gun for my EDC - the ruger LCR in 38. special. she fired that during our most recent outing to the range and was initially surprised by the stronger recoil, but quickly got used to it. by the end of the session, she was shooting it better than me. for her, recoil is not an issue. being able to run the gun by herself is the most important factor.
    it's all in what the person feels comfortable shooting.
    My wife had the same issue with racking a semi, so she was pretty much depending on a revolver for HD. She favored my Charter Arms Undercover, but I encouraged her to go with a bigger gun; 4" EAA .357 shooting .38's, for reduced recoil & the extra round of capacity. Not for carry, but just HD.

    I got to looking real hard at just how hard (or easy) various semi's are to rack, and I determined that my Ruger P-85 was the easiest that I have in a major caliber. She can work the P-85 fine, and took her CCW course with it. She wasn't real keen on the SA/DA with decocker & all, though, so I kept looking. Found that the S&W M&P 9 is also pretty easy to rack, and got one a few weeks ago. She can run that one fine, too. After a little practice with the P-85 and the M&P 9, she discovered that she can work the slide on my Kahr CM9, too, and she announced that she wants it! Since she's taking over the CM9, I decided to replace it with an M&P Shield. Fortunately, she finds the Shield a little too tough to rack for her liking, so I guess I get to keep it.

    She does like the Charter Arms Undercover, although she's only shot very mild loads in it. She does not like the P3AT.

    Bottom line is it looks like the M&P 9 is her HD (nightstand) gun, and she'll have the CM9, or possibly the Undercover, when she's outside alone. It's been an interesting learning curve for us, and I (WE) have gotten a couple of new guns in the process!


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    My most recent ex loved my Marlin 882.

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    Mrs never saw a real firearm, except on TV.
    Scared TO DEATH, of the Daisy Red Ryder (shoot your eye out mentality)
    Coaching, teaching, CCW, and don't want to admit it
    She shoots better than me (don't tell anyone)

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    My wife likes to shoot. When we lived on the farm we both used to hunt deer (she hunted with her family since before I met her). As for handguns, she likes her Colt Govt. Model .380.

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    148 grain full wadcutters really turn a lightweight snubbie into a comfy shooter. I think anyone who recommends a lightweight snubbie for a newbie should automatically recommend starting with these rounds. And they are a reasonably effective round for self defense, too.
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    My wife likes the S&W 686 snub with 38 specials.

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    The Mrs. keeps a S&W Model 642 for personal defense. Around the house she prefers a 1911.

    She doesn't care for shooting the Model 642 but recognizes the need to maintain familiarization.

    Firearms are my hobby, not hers but she'll tag along on occasion. She enjoys shooting a full-sized 1911, Hi-Power, any 2-inch or 4-inch K-Frame Smith & Wesson .38 Special, and a Colt Woodsman .22 automatic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RubenZ View Post

    How would rate recoil of the G26 compared to 19?
    I don't have a G19, so I can't compare... it's only slightly more than the full-sized M&P9 though. Very manageable, very accurate.

    When I first started shoooting, I had trouble handling the M&P9. But range practice and a little hand strengthening (gripping a hand-exercising ball) made a huge difference.

    I'm 5'5", average build and not terribly big hands.

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    I got my wife into shooting in January. She bought a Ruger sr22 pistol. After a few months she wanted a nine. Took her to a gun show and we came home with a Sig p226r. She loves it and shoots it very well.

    This was her first mag. 10 rounds at 6 yards.

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    My wife went to a range and rented a few different handguns and also shot my Kimber and a friends Glock .9mm before she chose what she wanted. She picked a Beretta PX4 Storm in .40S&W. She picked what "felt" best for her and what she wanted. She also shoots my 1911 quite well. My youngest daughter loves my Kimber and wants one for herself. Right now, she and her husband have a S&W M&P .9mm, but when she can afford it, she wants a .45 Kimber like my Custom TLE II. Like Limatunes says, let the women pick their own guns! Don't try to pick one for them!
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    When my wife finally decided to get her CHL, I took her gun shopping. She picked out the Sig P238. She loves to shoot it and it's very reliable. However, after taking our CHL class, she wisely listened to the instructor and decided that there was no reason she couldn't shoot/carry a larger caliber. Her current favorite carry guns are the Glock 23 Gen4, and the Glock 27 Gen4 (with a Pearce +2 mag ext.). She loves to shoot them both.

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    My wife, lord she loves shooting more than I do.
    From wrist rocket sling shots to .50 cal muzzle loaders
    and every thing in between.

    But her favorite thing to shoot is her tricked out 10/22. and her G19.
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    Snubbie lovers if you like the 158 grain wad cutter the 38 special? I can tell you even full house 125 personal protection rounds are easy as you can get our of the Rhino. My wife can handle double action 158 grain 357 mag full house no issue and she is a little gal. Do not over look this gun for your significant other they shoot accurate are easy to control and double action breaks in so smooth she will be hammering the center out of targets with it. I know it is unconventional looking but the benefit of the lower barrel to grip is so beneficial you will not believe it till you shoot it. That and my 1911 are the two most most carried guns i own and my loves to shoot hers.
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