Back in February, I started looking up info. on the EAA "Windicator" and posted some queries about user's comments. After thinking long and hard, I put off making a decision and, in the meantime, acquired and sold/traded three other guns that were not to my liking Then, about one week ago, there was a EAA .357 for sale on Armslist and I immediately contacted the seller. The gun is a lot like the SP101 but, at 28.8 ozs, is a little heavier than the Ruger(28 ozs.). This .8 ozs makes a real difference when shooting 38+P, as compared to .32 H&R mag. out of the .327 Ruger. Today, at the first time shooting the EAA, it was a SWEET experience! Handles 38 +P with no trouble at all and 38 sp are like shooting 22's out of the Ruger. All in all, I'd say I'm going to be very happy with this neat gun. On Bud's, they go for under $300-- blk version-- and I got the nickel(?) version for less than that. Thanks to all of you who gave good marks to this gun: you were the major factor in my deciding to get the "Windicator." P.S. When I took it to my gun guy to check it out, he said," Wow; this is a nice gun... and made in Germany!"