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Another satisfied Shield customer...Wow!

This is a discussion on Another satisfied Shield customer...Wow! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The Shield really is a sweet little gun. I love the safety on it. It stays off when you want it off, and on when ...

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Thread: Another satisfied Shield customer...Wow!

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    The Shield really is a sweet little gun. I love the safety on it. It stays off when you want it off, and on when you want it on. Carry it either way you choose and be confident nothing will change.

    I got the first one off freight at my LGS a few weeks ago (9mm). I was back ordering a 4.25" M&P 9mm the other day and they were saying that they have a huge waiting list for them. Glad I got mine right away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    More like a failure of the operator and not a failure of the gun.
    Any weapon that has unnecessary "safety" features that render the weapon inoperable due to the lack of a perfect grip is a failure from the start, in my book.
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    The local dealer got in two last Thursday near the close of business. A .40 and a 9. I called him Friday not knowing that to ask if he had any by chance. He did. I asked him to hold the 9mm for me.

    I arrived with my check book, looked it over. I almost didn't buy it because I have a Glock 26 that I really like, a lot. But it's almost a 1/4" thinner than the Glock and otherwise about the same size as the Glock with the Pierce +0 pinky grip extension. The Shield also has a decent trigger. Not a long soft drag a rake through the yard waiting for it to hook on something trigger like the LCP, but a trigger that comes up against a hard stop after takeup and from there trips more like a single action trigger than a striker fired pistol.

    I took it to the range today. It is a very pleasant gun to shoot. Bottom line, it is what I had hoped the LC9 would be and wasn't. I owned the LC9 for all of two weeks.

    The Shield is accurate, has way less percieved recoil than the CW9 and PF9. It's sort of like my P238 in that regard. I never expected the P238 to be so sweet to shoot. Same with the Shield. My 70 year old hands wouldn't be able to shoot 56 rounds from a CW9 or PF9. I wasn't tired or fatigued, I left the range because I needed to drive my wife to an eye doctor's appointment. I had a pint of ammunition with me (I reload, store the cartridges in plastic screw top horse supplement containers that hold about a pint of liquid and big plastic 3lb peanut jars).

    I need some practice with it doing double taps, but they ranged in spread from about an inch to 4 inches which isn't bad for the first time with the gun at the range. Like with the Glock 26, they were closer together when I pulled the trigger faster. 1/4 second splits seem to be about perfect for either pistol. I just need to get used to the reset on the Shield's trigger. After thousands and thousands of rounds out Glocks, the new trigger needs some practice time.

    Next step, holsters. Gotta get me some holsters for this skinny little 9mm. (Don't mess around with slim?) I think I'm going to be able to carry it in the summer. That would be huge. I'll carry the Glock when I can wear a sweat shirt or clothes that will hide it, but this new Shield will be easier to hide in the summer.

    Bottom line: Highly Recommended.

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    My Shield 40 cal came in yesterday, soooooooooooo I'll pick it up tomorrow (saturday) and put it thru the paces this weekend. Got it for 350.95 out the door after my emplyeee discount (the 40s are selling for 389.95 at the Store with the 9mm guns retailing for 419.95) at Kittery Trading Post. We have seen several 9s come it and fly out, but only a couple 40s so far. I'll keep you posted.
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    My 40 has been a great performer so far. Surprisingly, the typical muzzle flip that a 40 can deliver is minimized. I really don't notice it. Sure there's recoil, but the flip just doesn't make itself apparent or distracting. No issues after a few hundred through it. The trigger is getting better but I don't like it much. I'll probably do some trigger work on it if it proves out. I'm going to keep putting it through it's paces for awhile before dropping the money on Apex. I've grown cautious of failures in auto's so I'm working this one over to make sure of the bang factor. So far....happy.
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