Please help me debate my next gun purchase

Please help me debate my next gun purchase

This is a discussion on Please help me debate my next gun purchase within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi all, I currently own 3 handguns, a full size M&P9, a Kahr CM9, and a KelTec P32. I love the M&P and the KelTec, ...

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Thread: Please help me debate my next gun purchase

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    Please help me debate my next gun purchase

    Hi all,

    I currently own 3 handguns, a full size M&P9, a Kahr CM9, and a KelTec P32.

    I love the M&P and the KelTec, but I have concerns a out the Kahr.

    I had many reliability issues with the Kahr, but I think those may be worked out now, so let's put that issue off to the side.

    Pro's for the Kahr include:

    The smallest size & weight possible for a 9mm

    Con's are:

    Only 6 rounds, is this enought for SD situations ?

    I am not accurate with this gun, partly because it is so snappy

    I don't like the sights

    So, I am considering replacing the Kahr with either a M&P shield, or an M&P 9c. Changing to the shield doesn't make much sense to me since it only holds 1 additional round and is significantly larger than the Kahr. The M&P compact seems nice, but it is quite a bit bigger than the Kahr and I feel like I might just as well carry my full size instead of spending the money on the compact.

    Anyone out there have some thoughts that might help me with my decision ?

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    6 rounds is enough. I carry a 5 shot Ruger LCR and I don't feel under prepared one bit. Lots of people are comfortable with a 5 shot revolver, so yes, 6 rounds is enough. When I'm not carrying my LCR, I'm carrying my Kahr PM9. In most SD shootings, only 1 to 3 shots are fired.
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    First off, comparing the Shield to the CM9 is off the mark a bit; the Kahr P9/CW9 is more directly comparable to the Shield based on height (grip length), barrel length, and capacity. The CM9 is a pocket gun, the Shield isn't. Your poor accuracy and the snappiness of the gun are likely due to not getting additional support from your pinky, which is just one of those compromises when you get something small enough for pocket carry. My CW9 is nothing I would remotely describe as "snappy."

    The M&P in either full-size or compact is a blockier weapon, which I think is why the Shield was so well received - the single-stack grip narrows it down, but all the controls and the grip angle remain the same.

    I would argue that you have a need for a gun that falls between your full-size M&P and the pocket-sized CM9. There's some merit to sticking with a platform you already know, so I'd check out the Shield and a CW9 to see how they work for you. The Shield seems to be in high demand right now, so you may have to search a bit. (Although this weekend there's a Shield promotion going on at a local gun store/range where you can shoot it first - maybe there's a similar promotion going on in your neck of the woods).
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    I currently own an M&P 9c and a CM9. I love and shoot both well. I considered replacing the CM9 with the shield when it came out but decided against it because the CM9, being smaller than the shield, lent itself better to situations when the 9c might be more difficult to conceal (like when riding my bike.) If you're unhappy with the CM9 I would go with the Shield over the 9c in your situation because, as you mentioned, the difference between the full size and compact M&P is not as great. As far as 6 rounds being enough, my best guess would be "probably/maybe." You really never know what a SD situation will require. When I carry my CM9 it's 6+1 and and extra magazine handy. That's my $.02.

    Edit: As mentioned in a post above mine, your accuracy issues might stem from not having a full grip on the CM9. I've put the pinky extensions on my CM9 mags and they have improved my experience.
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    One thing you should not do is rotate between different trigger pull types for CC. If you want to like the kahr better leave the others home for a while and shot the kahr. For many of use that grew up shooting DA revolvers the kahr is just so natural. Add a pinky extention or buy a 8 round mag as backup and for range use. Your worried about only haveing 6 rouns, that would be 6+1 and then carry a backup mag and practice reloads. Any firearm can be learned ,just takes time on the trigger. Any time you deside to shoot a short trigger pull handgun allways finish up with a mag or 2 from the kahr to tune those fingers back up. Or sell it. Maybe the new M&P single stack would be better for you.

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    I won't carry anything I cannot, with practice draw quickly and fire accurately. Early on, I bought a Kel-tec PF9, which quickly came to be a gun I did not like for many reasons, and never carried regularly. Next came a Kahr PM9. Despite many of hours of practice with it, I was never able to take it to a speed and accuracy level I was comfortable with. It was simply too small. Eventually, I settled on my Glock 19 as the smallest pistol I carry. It is reliable, easy to operate, accurate, has plenty of capacity and is simple to comfortably carry and conceal.
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    I own both the M&P9c and the Shield in 9mm, personally I would say either of these would be a great choice for you. However since you have the full size m&p already, I think the logical choice (IMO) would be to go with the Shield. I think you will feel comfortable with it since you have the full size.

    I personally think the Shield is a great carry gun for a IWB holster, especially if using a tuck-able holster, it conceals very nice and still adequate firepower.


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    The Shield isnt that great of an improvement in my opinion. I would go with the 9c. It will take the larger mags of the 9 FS and has capacity all over the Shield.
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