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This is a discussion on Walther PPK Pocket Carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Gene, No worries - your posts included specifics I was looking for. Its not really a must have, its certainly a cool to have. I ...

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Thread: Walther PPK Pocket Carry

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    No worries - your posts included specifics I was looking for.

    Its not really a must have, its certainly a cool to have. I will head over to the Walther Forums and talk with them but I have now heard to get an older PPK from a number of other people.


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    agree i would get a SIG P232 instead. i also wanted a PPK because of bond.
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    Had the ppk/s and couldn't wait to dump it: serious bite to to the thumb web and no fun to shoot.I agree: worst gun I ever bought!
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    PPK has pluses and minuses

    I've owned a blue Interarms PPK in .380 for about 12 years, and I rather like the gun. On the plus side it has these advantages:

    1. Very thin - about 0.85 inches thick - conceals extremely well in a belt holster, inside or outside the waistband.
    2. Reliable and accurate, in my experience over 12 years.
    3. Single action trigger is excellent.
    4. Great looking gun with historical interest - dates back to 1928 or so.
    5. Small enough to fit in a pocket, but all steel and a little heavy at 21 ounces empty.

    On the minus side, it has a very heavy double action trigger and the .380 caliber is slightly puny compared to 9mm and above. But I have carried the gun on occasion and shoot it at the range every so often. As you can see by the picture below, it compares favorably in size to a J frame revolver.

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    I often carry a ppk .380 in a desantis "nemisis" pocket holster. It is a great gun to carry when you run to the store, etc.

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    I've got a Smith PPK not PPK/S. I've had zero problems with it. The size isn't too bad for pocket carry it's the weight. I carry a Smith airweight J frame instead or my LCP but I caught your opinion on those.
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    I too took the "Bond" plunge.
    I found a beautiful Interarms PPK and bought it.
    It's a great shooter, watch your grip and it won't bite.
    But.........pocket? No.
    It's a .380 and so much heavier and larger than a lot of other choices.
    If you want a .32 for pocket carry, get a Seecamp.

    If you want a .380, the Sig 238 is tough to beat, although the Kahr P-380
    might give it a run. (I don't have the Kahr, so I can't comment, but it's small.)

    If you want to carry the PPK, get a IWB holster.
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    I like my Interarms PPK/s, but pocket carry a G26 instead. Better caliber, better capacity, better trigger...and not that much bigger at all. The all metal PPK/s is HEAVY, too.

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    I currently carry a S&W PPK in .380. At 21 ounces, it's not that heavy in my IWB holster. Certainly there are lighter weapons out there, but I have an issue with polymer frames. I like a steel gun much better. Just my preference.

    As others have said, it's not a good option for pocket carry, but it's a great option for concealed carry in a holster. There have been a some issues with the S&W version. Those issues are probably a combination of actual malfunctions due to quality control and/or incorrect grip and limp-wristing. You never know. A gun that has a FTF or FTE for one shooter may work flawlessly for another. I'm drifting from the subject, I know, but I wanted to put in a good word for the S&W model. I have had mine for some time and have yet to have one single issue with it. It has never failed to feed or eject one single round.

    Mine is the stainless steel version and was NOT one of the recall serial numbers. So, if you run across a used one, be sure to check and see whether it's on the recall list or not. That's available at the other Walther forum or you can Google it. Easy to find.

    Sorry I don't have any other suggestions for you for a pocket pistol other than what's already been mentioned. Good luck.

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    I've pocket carried a ppk, did so for quite some time. I found the Sig 232 was actually lighter and easier to pocket carry, though its overall dimensions were bigger. The PPk's the right side, just a touch heavy in the stainless version..

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    Its a heavy gun and kicks like a mule because of its blow-back action. Still a pretty good looking gun!

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    The PPK was designed as a pocket pistol for police detectives. It was usually carried in a suit coat pocket or in the pants pocket. Clothes were were made of more substantial material and roomier in those days and seams were a whole lot sturdier. (They weren't making their clothes in China or Bangladesh then!) European plain clothes policemen never carried guns in a holster in the 30s and 40s, try to find a holster for a small pistol made in those days. Even American detectives carried their Brownings and K-Frame Snubbies in their pockets until after the war. It isn't that the PPK is too heavy, it is a pocket pistol, remember? The problem is that our clothes are made too flimsy these days. i pocket carry a 642 and I have all of my right front pockets lengthened and reinforced by a seamstress to accomodate the revolver and a good pocket holster safely.
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    I bought my PPK new in 1967. It stovepiped like crazy until i bought or handloaded hot ammo (.380). Then it was 100% OK. I could have modified, or bought another recoil spring but hot ammo was a better option. This PPK was my primary carry gun until the mid 1990s when I upgraded to a KelTec P11 in 9mm. In the late 1970s I bought a Thad Rybka leather pocket holster. That is how I carried the PPK from then on. The holster's size and shape spread out the weight nicely.

    All that being said. You have lots of better options now. Personally, If I were in the same situation as I was in 1967, I'd opt for a Kahr (probably the MK9, although the PM9 is lighter). If you like mouse gun calibers - the Kahr .380 in a Nemesis pocket holster would be hard to beat.

    Circumstances have caused me to change carry guns again. I find that most any reasonably sized gun carried OWB with good holster and belt under Hawaiian shirts will not be noticed by the general public and most cops. My issued gun (yup, i'm a LEO) is a compact .40 and I carry it all of the time.
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    If you want quality pocket carry get a LCP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gdm320 View Post
    Hey Everyone,

    I've been thinking about eventually getting a Walther PPK. While I've thought about the SIG P238 and Colt Mustang Pocketlite for pocket carry, I just don't really think I have too much need for one since I 1. Don't pocket carry much and 2. Have a S&W 642 for that use when I need to.

    So enter the PPK, .32ACP. Yep, I like it because it's the Bond gun. Just something cool to have in the collection. Now to help me justify it in my brain, I'd like to know if anyone carries or has carried a PPK in pocket. Just wondering how it has worked out for you or if you have any thoughts you'd like to share.

    Thanks everyone!
    I carried one for some time in a pocket holster. I also carried a P232 for a while. The ppk was not that hard except in tight jeans, but it still worked, just looked like a wallet. Depends on the pants, your size, etc. it is heavy for the pocket when loaded, but very doable.

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