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how do you carry DA/SA

This is a discussion on how do you carry DA/SA within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by 21bubba Hop, buying a P229 will make a new man out of you. Well, probably so, but the plan is to use ...

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Thread: how do you carry DA/SA

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    Hop, buying a P229 will make a new man out of you.
    Well, probably so, but the plan is to use it for my next range test and then formally (through an FFL) give it to
    my son. Its actually not the gun he needs as he'd be much better off with a 642, but he'll have to find that out for himself. And
    when he does maybe I'll get it back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YANG View Post
    When I had my Ruger KP95, I carried it in DA with Safety off. Being that DA is @ 10lbs, there is no way a ND could happen if its sitting in the holster.

    If you have a good holster, no matter how you carry and how light the trigger pull is, there is no way a ND would happen without you knowing it.
    Not to bust your chops or anything, but is there ANY way for a negligent discharge to happen "without you knowing it"?
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    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thephanatik View Post
    I responded cocked in single action because one of the guns I carry has a safety and is designed for either cocked and locked or decocked. I wouldn't carry one cocked without a safety.
    Ditto. I would never carry a gun cocked without the safety engaged. I took that as a given in the poll.

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    I don't own any DA/SA, only two SA pistols. One Hi-Power and one 1911a1. Both are carried cocked and locked, ie.. safety on. Would not ever carry SA without safety.

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    I am new to the forum, so first let me say "HI, YA'LL".
    I have a SIG 2022 that I carry, wherever it is legal. My model has a decocker and a thumb safety.
    I carry decoced and safety on (a little habit that I kept from my service in the forces). My thought is that if the pistol has a safety, I might as well use it. Is there ever a "too safe"?
    The rest is just practice. I practice every day... Draw and fire drill. It cost me $5 for the snap caps and 5-10 minutes a day, and it makes the whole process a simple muscle memory issue.
    To carry cocked with no safety is not the way to go, and I don't think that was the idea behind SA in the first place.
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    Only my 1911s are carried in condition 1. Others are carried in condition 2 if they have a decocker such as my Beretta PX4.

    I love my Glock 17, but I do not keep a round in the chamber since there is no way to decock a Glock without pulling the safety trigger. Call me old school. :>)


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    I carried a Walther PPK/S for three years. I carried it decocked with the safety off. That is just like a decocked SIG P226 is carried.

    The first pull was like a DA revolver. The rest more like a 1911.

    One of the things I liked about the PPK/S when I first started carrying was that I could load, unload, and clear the gun with the decocking lever in the safe position. My biggest concern is an ND while handling the gun. I now carry Glocks, LCP, P238 Cond 1, and the Shield with the safety off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoleShtr View Post
    Big difference between SA and a striker fired pistol. The firing pin is only partially cocked during the cycling on a striker fired pistol. The trigger has to then be pulled to finish the cocking then firing pin is released. On a SA pistol, if the hammer is cocked it only needs to come forward to fire the gun. The hammer coming forward doesn't mean the trigger needs to be pulled either.
    Not necessarily.

    I have 2 Walther PPQs, they’re SA striker fired pistols. The striker is moved to the fully cocked position when the slide cycles and there’s no de-cocker. The safeties are the trigger “dingus” and about .4” of travel, then there’s about a 5.5lb break.

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    To say that's not a good idea .. is an understament. The problem is that you might shoot an inocent person while handling a gun like that. If it were just you at risk, that's your choice. I believe in Darwin propossed a theory regarding behaviors such as this.

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    certain things are designed to operate in a definite fashion. we may use words to make it sound like there are different methods--change the parameters/ change the meaning if a word.....but---that does not change the manor the item was designed to operate properly, safely'

    DA/SA means the hammer is de-cocked on a chambered round and the triggers 1st pull has iit to operate as a double a revolver. after the 1st round is fired, the gun cycles and the hammer stays back like a 1911 with a round in the chamber. the trigger now operates as a single action 1911 and will continue to do so till you stop pulling it or the magazine runs out of ammo ( or it jams).

    a Sig P239 is a excellent example of this design

    to run this gun with a round chambered and the hammer back is begging for a ND and if a student tried it, id....
    feel rather threatened being near them and the words id use would be very certain.
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    Here are a couple of links to how a Glock and Beretta operate. Its interactive and you can see the different safeties and how they interact with the different parts of the firearm. I am a firm believer that if you carry you should understand how your firearm operates and functions. Knowledge is the key to firearm safety. There is much more to a Glock safety sysytem than a two piece trigger. Basics-Interactive Illustrated Glock Pistol Basics-Interactive Illustrated Beretta Pistol

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    Thank you cjacob316 for posting this question. As someone who is new to carry, with my DA/SA P239, I was curious if it was at all common to carry with a round chambered and the hammer back since the gun has no actual safety. Personally, I decided that it would be best to use the DA first shot as the safety, but I am glad to see this decision reinforced.

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    I will just say that I carry my DA/SA decocked, and my SAO with thumb safety engaged. I much prefer the SA/DA decocked.

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    On a DA/SA with no manual safety, I'm definitely going with the loaded chamber, de-cocked option. No way I'm putting my sig p220 in my appendix carry holster with one in the tube and the hammer cocked. (oh boy, the jokes we could insert here).

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