Problems with Glocks?

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Thread: Problems with Glocks?

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    Problems with Glocks?

    I stopped by a LGS last Friday looking at their new selections. They seems to carry mostly the SA XD line. I asked if they sold Glocks and was met with a "Hell No". He proceeded to tell me the many problems with Glocks.
    On the barrel where the cartridge is supported in the chamber, the round is not fully supported or surrounded (near and around the head of the cartridge, particularly the bottom). He had a blowup to show me. He also had pictures of rounds that have been bursted near the head of the cartridge as well. Along with injuries of hands, even using factory rounds. Told me, that shooting reloads (I am aware of no shooting cast) was a big no no and could easily lead to failure. According to him main reason, is that Glocks are designed by an aircraft company, not a gun company?
    Any truth at all to this? Bunch of bunk? Perhaps this old timer has a beef with Glock as a company, or a selling point to sell more Springfield XD's?
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    Sorry, just had to get that out of there.

    What he's telling you is half truths, I'll leave it to those more familiar with Glock debunk all this, lunch is about over.

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    Your second sentence should be your first clue; they are getting paid to push the XD line. While I am not a Glock fan (personal hand fit issues), Glocks are fantastic firearms and while they have their occasional issues, they are one of the standard guns against which, all other polymer guns are designed and marketed. You can find pictures of XD's that have blown up too, its marketing. The guy sounds like a standard gun shop blow-hard.
    If you want a Glock, buy one with confidence. Personally, I would go to a retailer that is willing to help you get the gun thats right for you, not them.

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    One really big problem with Glocks; they're UGLY.

    But, realistically, I haven't hear a whole bunch about problems with them other than people having made modifications that didn't work out quite right. Glocks have (almost unfortunately) become a favorite among many police/military organizations as well as the 'average citizen', and they've done that due to an almost revolver-like reliability and durability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hinkleid View Post
    .... Bunch of bunk? Perhaps this old timer has a beef with Glock as a company, or a selling point to sell more Springfield XD's?
    Yup. He regurgitated the bubba b.s. that he heard at the bar.
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    Picture worth 1000 words; you can find the same for almost every make/model out there.

    The only problem with a Glock is that we don't all own one! *slight sarcasm*
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    If that OF was even half-right out of the millions of Glock owners in the US alone thousands would be walking around with one hand missing. Why isn't this big news? Maybe I'll ask Bigfoot or one of my Martian friends.

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    They're ugly and their plastic and they have a trigger that is "yuck" in my view but they may be used to advantage. They are even respectibly accurate in my hands. To tell the rest of the story, the Glock isn't the only popular design that leaves the cartridge not fully supported. The hoary 1911 has a goodly measure of the cartridge "hanging off into space" as it were.

    Glock does not recommend using cast bullets in their barrels. There are aftermarket barrels that are suppose to be suitable. I'm not keen on a factory gun with such a proviso attached and wouldn't wish to be required to purchase separate barrels but that is only one opinion.

    For a gunshop to fill up a potential customer with such a load of rubbish is unprofessional. I'm no Glock fan personally the design doesn't deserve to be condemned in such a manner.
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    I have 3rd & 2nd generation Glocks and they have been 100% reliable.
    The lack of case support: I shoot handloads in my Glock 29SF 10mm; I loaded the Hornady 155 gr. XTP HP to match factory 155 gr. Hornady ammunition. The issue with "reloads" may be related more to using previously loaded brass, or hot loads. I have only used new brass for my 10mm handloads, so they are the same as factory ammo. After shooting, I can see a slight buldge at the rear of the case, exactly the same as with the factory load. My 2nd generation model 23 in 40 S&W does the same thing. I have not reused any 10mm or 40 brass in my Glocks; maybe the kabooms are a result of the case being weakened from the first go around and the 2nd time is more than they can take. I'm not sure and not in a hurry to test and see if my theory is correct. I think the chamber leaves the rear of the case unsupported to maximize feeding. (If I'm incorrect it won't hurt my feelings to learn otherwise) I do know that my Glocks feed any factroy hollow point I've tried. I love Glocks.
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    If any of that is true, then my Glock must be defective.
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    Wow... I'm not a Glock fan and I do own and prefer an XD-40, but now way I could talk that much smack about Glocks with a straight face.
    I may not be a fan, but Glock makes a hell of a good pistol.

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    Bull Crap! would never shop at a place that trashed any brand like that. If you don't want to sell it, don't! But don't insult our intelligence and make stuff up.
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    Some have claimed unsupported chamber issues in the .40 S&W pistols, which could have adverse effects on the emptied brass which can be anegative factor when reloading.

    GLOCK originally designed shower curtain rings and other mundane items made of polymer, I think.

    The polygonal rifling is subject to lead build-up from non-jacketed bullets which can lead to problems, but can be avoided by regular cleaning.

    The early 4th generation pistols, even the GLOCK 19, had some issues due to the new recoil spring which GLOCK has corrected to the best of my knowledge. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation GLOCKS are pretty much good to go right from the box.

    I personally avoid reloaded ammunition in my EDC GLOCK 19 (3rd generation) because I don't reload myself and I've seen too many shooters have issues with their own reloads, nothing catostrophic and not necessarily in GLOCKS. I will buy Winchester White Box, Remington UMC, Federal Champion, or just about whatever I can get at Wal-Mart for range, competition, and practice. The only ammo I've had the slightest issue with was Tula, which was simply a little harder to load into the magazine. Rounds fed, fired, and ejected just fine.

    The XD, M&P, and lots of other polyner pistols were designed to compete with the GLOCK. While I think the XD and M&P are fine pistols (I don't own either) they still don't beat the GLOCK when it comes to the most reliable, most durable, simplest, ugliest, most built to show your enemies, pistol on the market.
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    Perhaps this old timer has a beef with Glock as a company, or a selling point to sell more Springfield XD's?
    Ya think?
    Be reasonable. See things my way.

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