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Do have a saperate home defense gun from your carry gun?

This is a discussion on Do have a saperate home defense gun from your carry gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Tayopo welcome to the forum. Not everyone practices point shooting or trains at all. To say that point shooting will work in all circumstances in ...

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Thread: Do have a saperate home defense gun from your carry gun?

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    Tayopo welcome to the forum.

    Not everyone practices point shooting or trains at all. To say that point shooting will work in all circumstances in the home is far from true. In my home it is approx. 17 yards from my bedroom door to the far hallway door across the living room, point shooting won't quite cut it for most at that distance.

    I train to fire reactively at contact distance all the while creating distance, bringing the gun up and fighting my way to the sights.
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    Primary Home Defense Handgun - Taurus® Mdl 617SS2 357 Magnum w/
    Buffalo Bore® 38 Special +P 158gr LSWCHCGC
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    Having to clear my house at 3:00 A.M. to make my way to the ADT panel in the kitchen to silence the mind numbing siren... I'll tell you my Remington 870, 12 ga. pump is not my weapon of choice anymore.

    After leaving the bedroom with it I soon went back an grabbed my S&W 686+, .357 w/laser sight. I found out first hand a shotgun is too awkward and cumbersome to clear my house because of all the corners and confined areas.

    Living in the country I still keep it at bedside in case I hear something outside trying to get my chickens or something.

    From my experience I would also suggest keeping a set of electronic ear muffs next to your HD weapon. Not only to protect your hearing if you have to go BANG in the night but, to drown out the loud burglar alarm siren if you have one and enhance your hearing to your advantage.

    Just my thoughts.
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    My EDC S&W 9mm Shield and my Mossberg 500 12 gauge
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamSean View Post
    I know that id the best choice for home defense. I am referring to handguns.
    Might want to read some of the more well known "gun guys" opinions on the matter. Guys like Mas Ayoob say if you can only have one gun for home defense it should be a handgun. Multiple reasons for this, mobility being the main one. But anyways my carry is a 1911 and it is also my nightstand gun. Her and I have a special relationship and in a firefight I know what she'll do and how to use her. I see no reason to mix that up.

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    G19 or HK USPc usually travel with me...G21 pulls nightstand duty, but the AR is not far away.
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    No, I don't have a dedicated house gun. I edc either a Glock 30sf or a Sig Sauer P220 "Carry". Carry all day and when I go to bed, I place the pistol, spare mag and holster on a table near my bed. I alternate between carrying one of the two pistols depending on my mood. I keep the one not being carried under my bed in a single pistol safe with numbered touch combination. In either case, I have my primary 45pistol at the time on the table and the other easily accessable under my bed. That comes to a total of 38 rounds of 45acp easily available. I also keep a Browning 12 gauge in my closet loaded.....just in case.

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    642 or 637 for carry and a 686 for Home Defense..
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    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    642 or 637 for carry and a 686 for Home Defense..
    I see a theme. Good choices.

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    Well, there is one handgun, a Ruger Speed Six, stashed in a certain place that either my wife or I might grab in an HD scenario. Really, however, I am likely to use a carry gun for HD, if I cannot get to a shotgun.

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    Yes I do and the reason is the HD weapons stay put where they belong. So in the rare case they would be needed they are right where they should be.

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    My EDC gun goes on from the time that I get up, until the time that I lie down for bed. Then it goes on the nightstand next to me. (My EDC is a Glock 19)

    All other guns are stored in the safe.

    Same exact situation for my wife. (Her EDC is a Glock 26)
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    Bedside gun: replica 1861 LeMat grapeshot revolver in 20 ga. and .44 (9 shot .44 caliber... one shot 20ga. grape shot.)

    Do have a saperate home defense gun from your carry gun?-lemat.jpg

    nah... but if I could have one that fired cartridges and shells... might be fun, yet deadly.

    pain to load...

    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Not any more. All my pistols can be carried. The Beretta p x 4c 9mm is the largest I bought, it carries 16, and it is very concealable.

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    My carry piece is a Glock 23c and my home defender is a Smith and Wesson Model 66, 2 1/2" barrel (38 +P loads).

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