Two Primary's?

This is a discussion on Two Primary's? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does or has anyone carry two primary weapons, such as New York reloads? When? Why? Is it practical?...

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Thread: Two Primary's?

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    Question Two Primary's?

    Does or has anyone carry two primary weapons, such as New York reloads? When? Why? Is it practical?
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    Way too heavy, bulky, impractical to me.
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    In the winter, I carry my Primary on the right and Secondary on the left which use the same mags. They are not exactly the same but works for me. It is very practical and NY reloads are a good option. I like the ability to use either hand so that is why I do it. I also have a pocket holster gun for the right as a BUG.

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    When I wear a 5.11 shirt, vest or jacket I do for balance, but it IS heavy. I usually carry two Glocks (23 and 30).
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    I see little need for the average person to carry more than one handgun.

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    My primary 226 ST is full size and heavy - and it'd be rare I felt any need to ''double up''.

    That said - if I were to go that route I could add the 228 which will take same mags. Much more likely would be addition of just another extra mag, if it seemed prudent on the day.
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    Rarely, or often, depends on how you look at it. My G19 normally rides in my console or door pocket, plus the 5" kimber carried on-body.

    As for carrying two primaries on-body, not often. Okay, once. I can reload faster than I can transition to another handgun, or draw another handgun with my left hand.

    If I'm ever in a situation where I'd need two handguns, I'd be happy with an EBR.

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    I have no problem what so ever with a person carrying two equal primary weapons. I don't carry two primaries, but there are certainly advantages.

    Most of us trust our single weapon, are willing to bet the farm that nothing will happen to it at the worst possible time, or don't think about it at all. And, that's ok too.

    But the worst reason in the world to carry a backup is for a NY reload. This was discussed recently; I'm surprised Blackhawk6 didn't reiterate the history of this practice.

    The NY reload was developed in the revolver era as a way to speed up and make reloads more reliable. The practice of throwing away a perfectly good gun because it is empty makes no sense to me in any way. Learn to reload the primary, with semi-autos, it is as fast or faster than a NY reload.

    I also question the practice of carrying BUGs that are a smaller, less potent, weapon than the primary. If the BUG is an acceptable gun to defend yourself with, why not carry it as the primary and backup and have everything just alike - size, feel, balance, point, weight, ammo, etc.?

    I can see carrying two Glock 26s for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    But the worst reason in the world to carry a backup is for a NY reload. This was discussed recently; I'm surprised Blackhawk6 didn't reiterate the history of this practice.
    Thanks for picking up my slack.

    Tangle is correct about there being advantages to carrying two guns. There are disadvantages as well. There is risk being assumed whether you choose to carry one gun or two. I am unconvinced that many of the people who choose to carry a second handgun have fully considered the risk that accompanies the practice.

    Sometimes a problem requires a complex solution, but more often it does not. Simpler is almost always better. The addition of a second gun complicates the individual's personal defense system, almost always unnecessarily in my experience.

    Realistically speaking, the vast majority of problems can be solved just as well with one gun as they can with two. The manner in which they are solved may differ, but the result is not equipment dependant.

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    While I'm sure I'll now hear all the exceptions (Beverly Hills Bank Job, Miami FBI Shoot-Out, etc.) there's a statistical fact that we shooters (including myself) often forget. By a substantial margin, in the VAST number of civilian run out of time well before you run out of ammo. Yeah, I carry a high-cap pistol. Yeah, I carry an extra mag. But if the regular course of my regular life requires more than that, I should look more closely at my life. Not more deeply into my gun vault.

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    I really don't see the need to carry two for the most part - I'm usually carry a GLOCK 26 in the summer, and a Sig P229 in the winter, but not both.

    Occasionally though I'll carry two, but it's apple n oranges really - I'll have my little Kel-Tek P3AT in my rear pocket as a BUG, but it's like the gun isn't even there really, as small as it is.

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    Yes I've done that in the past.

    Not same handgun but did pack 2 fullsize pistols; a gov't model .45 and a 6" bbl Ruger Security Six. But the circumstances where not typical concealed carry.

    In fact it was pretty well open carry.

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    The main reason I carry two is because of my work and work dress. A pari of shorts and a polo shirt is not what I would call a real concealable method of dress. I know that there are options out there to deeply conceal a hangun under clothing of this type.

    I carry my AMT .380 while at work or in situations where covering my full size Taurus .40S&W is a larger challenge. I will have at least one gun on me, but it isn't for the NY reload. While at work my AMT is in pocket at all times, while what would normally be my primary is secured elsewhere on the property. When I travel or go about normal daily routines, my AMT is usually left locked in the vehicle and left on the seat as I drive, if carried at all.

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    I also carry a SIG P-226. No need for two guns, I don't even carry a BUG anymore, just a spare magazine or two.
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    impractical to me.


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