After going to our LGS and trying on several different guns for my wife who is working on her CHL, she decided on a .38 LCR a couple of weeks ago. I went and bought it last Monday and we finally went for some range time yesterday. She grew up around guns all her life but hadn't fired one in at least 10 years and was really excited to try it out.

We arrived at the range and as a warm up I got out my Beretta PX4 SC and let her have it. After we both put thru a full magazine apiece (She really liked the Beretta would have used it all day lol) we got out her LCR and loaded it up. Filled her up with a load of standard 147 grain FMJ and let her go. She stepped up, aimed and Bang. Immediately she turned to me with an awful look and said "Ouch". I said yep it is really light so you can expect that. I had her revise her grip slightly and finish off the load and then we loaded up her carry rounds (110 grain Low Recoil Hydrashok). After those 5 she said that was much more manageable. I proceeded to put 15 or so rounds thru it myself and do admit it does have a fair bit more recoil compared to the larger Beretta and my LC9 for that matter. Afterward she put 10 more of the target rounds thru it and after the initial shock she was much better with it.

We then split a half dozen magazines apiece thru my LC9 and both agreed it was easier to shoot by far than the LCR but weighs considerably more and the trigger is not as smooth. By the end of the session, the LCR had grown on her and she was much more confident in her choice.

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